Two wonderful colleagues and I have joined forces! Together, we are offering a brand new on-line community dedicated to sharing the WOO! The spiritual connections we all have in common. The community is called, “Three Wise Women and You!”

Dr. Cathy Ripley Greene

Dr. Green is a psychic medium living in Massachusetts, complete with a Boston accent!

Veronica (Vee) Drake

Veronica is an intuitive and life coach, our Pennsylvania pal who shows up just as she is, and it’s so refreshing!

Our collaboration offers a forum for the intuitively curious to meet, discuss, share, and learn. With more than 70 years of combined metaphysical experience, the 3 Wise Women community offers “one-stop shopping” for questions about how the realm-beyond the veil really works. Whether intuitive, psychic, mediumship, astrology, karma, Reiki, the Akashic records, or personal coaching, we get it—and we got YOU!

Our new community offers an opportunity for you to join a monthly Zoom session where you can ask questions and get them answered. You will also have access to an exclusive member’s forum, where you can ask additional questions, converse with fellow seekers, and read Hilary’s, Vee’s, and Cathy’s regular blog posts.

Join us for only $10/month—or get a month free when you sign-up for a one-year membership!

We are hosting a FREE “beta test” on Tuesday, April 30th—there is limited space available, so please contact us to register. Beginning on May 7, 2024, monthly meetings will occur on the first Tuesday of the month at 6pm ET.

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