Harley Holistic Healing offers astrology classes for groups and individuals. Expand your knowledge about the zodiac signs and astrological houses and learn how to configure and read natal charts. You’ll also come to understand the varying roles of the sun, moon and each planet in your own developmental path.

Introduction to Astrology

Astrology is an exciting metaphysical modality, equal part art and science. Deepen your connection to the stars in an astrology class. Hilary created an online Introduction to Astrology class for beginning students that you may download and take at your own pace.  This three part course covers the basics:  planets, signs and houses.  Enroll in my Introduction to Astrology Course by clicking the button below.

Creativity and the Moon Cycles

The Moon is the “Mother of Invention.” Where she is located in our horoscope, she inspires. She emotionally connects us to the wider world via problem-solving, or creativity and innovation. By looking at the Moon’s chart placement by sign, house, and phase, we understand how she is the source of our creativity. This webinar looks at Moon placement as the font of why we create what we do.

To study astrology privately with Hilary or to schedule Hilary for group events such as parties and fundraisers, please contact Hilary directly.


Hilary offers one-on-one life coaching that integrates astrology and the Akashic Records.  Together we will chart a course for you based on your soul blueprint.   By distilling decisions through collaborative guidance and resonant certainty, you will be able to move “confidently in the direction of your dreams.” Sessions are $75 per hour. To book a coaching session, please contact Hilary directly.


Are you a Lightworker and don’t even know it?  Lightworkers are those who serve others in ALL walks of life and socioeconomic branches.  Discovering whether you are on the path of service can be challenging and often isolating.   If you feel called, driven by purpose or mission to serve others, but perhaps may not know how to direct your drive or turn your interests into a life path, Hilary offers one-on-one mentoring for novice Lightworkers. Sessions are $75 per hour, with a free 30-minute discovery call to learn if the mentoring process is the right fit for you.  To book a free discovery call, please contact Hilary directly.


Need an answer to a quick question?  Wish you had an astrologer on speed dial?  For current clients who have had either a natal chart, solar return, or current forecast read by Hilary, she offers astrological guidance for short-term concerns.  $2 per minute/20 minute minimum.


Receive a free transits & forecast reading with any natal chart or solar return reading.