A few days ago I received a two part recorded astrology reading…. both my solar return for the upcoming year starting on my next birthday, and also a transit reading to show me what is happening now and in the near future with all of my progressed planets versus my natal chart. These specific types of astrology readings are fantastic tools to help guide you and provide clarity in both your business and personal endeavors. I’m still processing all of this information, but wow. All I have to say is, if you’re
looking for insight of that kind, please do yourself a favor and reach out to Hilary Harley Astrology. Hilary dedicates so much time and attention. She has an innate ability to deliver the information in a professional yet incredibly personal as well as PALATABLE way. Her mix of professionalism, humor and compassion, as well as her deep commitment to her craft, is so incredibly evident in her readings. Listening to these recordings felt like I was in conversation with a friend. Thank you, Hilary, for all that you do.

Nicole Henley

Moksha Moon Holistic Wellness, Quincy, MA

Hilary is a game changer for those in search of purpose, direction, or at pivotal life moments. Her power pack includes astrology, reiki, and akashic records. I ADORE her vibe and worldview and could talk astrology with her all day!

Jaime B.


I have been an astrological client of Hilary’s since 2002. Her readings are always replete with useful information and invaluable perspective. Her style is frank and her language accessible. Hilary’s pragmatic interpretations allow me to make more informed and skillful choices in my day to day life. She gently invites me to be my best self. She is consummately professional and a joy to work with. I could not recommend Hilary more highly.


Reading, Mass.

Hearing your voice explain, untangle and guide that which is mysterious to me is very comforting. It made me feel as if we were sitting together in big comfy chairs with a hot cup of tea! Your expertise is so impressive and it is clear you love what you do – enjoy and sense the importance of sharing whatever it is that you see in the chart. I was taken aback at how the themes you were seeing are themes that have been percolating in my thoughts already. I feel lucky that I now have this reading as a resource throughout the year to refer to on so many different topics. It really was enlightening and affirming that while I (the collective ‘we’) try to figure ourselves out and make our way, there really is a ‘blueprint’ for each of us that comes from our core.

Boston, Mass.

Meeting Hilary has truly been a blessing. She has a unique way of positively sharing information from Spirit. The charts she has done for me personally have always been right on and have shed light on many important happenings in my life, whether I knew it at the time or not! Hilary’s monthly blog continues to blow me away! The messages help to explain so much about the current state of the Universe and how it applies to us individually. I am fortunate to continue to be inspired and guided by her spiritual insight.
Cara Russell

Hearts & Stars Healing, Plymouth, Mass.

When I read Hilary’s astrological blog I feel as though she has written it personally for me. She is an excellent writer and I always look forward to learning more about astrology as well as getting information on how best to deal with these amazing times we live in.

Weston, Mass.

You are so gifted and awesome! Thank you so much. I do not know of any other astrologer who gives insights and information quite like the way you do! I have had charts read, various interpretations by others who are really good but I always learn something in addition or something else on another level from you. I highly recommend your readings too!!

Jamaica Plain, Mass.

Hilary has been reading my charts for years and I find myself wanting to listen to them over and over again. Her voice and style is so positive and comforting. I look forward to each and every reading.

Boston, Mass.


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