Ring of Truth by Hilary Harley

Ring of Truth
by Hilary Harley

Paperback | 366 Pages


Was it a ballet company or brothel? Dancer Martine Raymond wanted to know exactly that as she pursued her dream climbing the ranks of the Paris Opera Ballet during La Belle Epoch. However, Martine fears breaking free of the corrupt ballet company and its director, who falsely promotes dancers in exchange for money. Then, on the same night that a famous ballerina goes up in flames on the Opera stage, Martine is magnetically drawn to a wealthy patron, Alain Mourot. Captivated by a pervasive sense that they have crossed paths intentionally, the two reach through past lives to honor a timeless vow to liberate one another. Days after their meeting, Martine discovers Mourot’s exquisite drawings and an enormous ring buried in a hidden drawer. In the hopes that Mourot will one day offer her the ring and marriage, Martine becomes his mistress – until, she learns that Mourot has betrayed her. Racing against herself, Martine is forced to choose between a glamorous lifestyle overlooking the Seine and conquering her fears to break out on her own. Ultimately, Mourot seeks redemption. Using his exceptional artwork and the buried ring that Martine had discovered long before, Mourot honors their ancient vow to set them both free.

In times like today, when fear is used to mobilize faith, Ring of Truth reminds us that fear is an illusion and faith in ourselves is the only thing that is real.