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February 2023

Although still deep in midwinter, February is a breath of fresh air cosmically speaking.  Since September 2022, we have been moving through incredibly heavy energies, pushing and pulling us to clean and purge what no longer is relevant.  Much of this time was rife with monumental shifts, both internal and external.  However, the planetary retrogrades challenging (or plaguing) us to review our path forward are done now. Every single planet is moving direct motion for the next two and a half months.  This crystal clear planetary pattern invites us to press forward with any ideas, plans and procedures.  An energetic red carpet rolls out before us to make our case, speak our mind and do that thing we’ve always intended to do.

            Will you?

Take advantage of the cosmic freedom afforded us now.  Use your initiative.  If ever there were a time to throw caution to the wind and GO FOR IT, February 2023 is it.  Let’s look at why:

First, not only is every single planet moving forward motion, not a single eclipse stirs the ether until well into April.  In other words:  the universe has our back now in a major way.  As February begins, both Venus and Neptune hold us in their cosmic embrace.  Venus and Neptune are the planetary younger and older sibling (lower and higher octave) of love, money and relationship, the fuel of our very lives.  Who doesn’t want more of these?  Cosmically cradled in a starry Madonna’s arms, it is safe for us to stretch ourselves in ways we either never had the opportunity, didn’t think to take advantage of, or just plain old resisted.  Just because we are adults of varying ages never means that we stop learning, whether spiritually, intellectually, psychologically, physically…

What makes February additionally favorable is that four key planets align in air signs connecting us to the right people, ideas, networks and technology at the right time.  Think seamless synchronicity.  While the Moon moves on into water sign Cancer, the Sun, Taskmaster Saturn and Motivating Mars remain in Aquarius and Gemini for most of February.  The air is literally ripe with possibilities and opportunities.  We hold the cosmic equivalent of a Harry Potter Magic Wand in our minds.  Where you point your wand you shall receive.  Which calls to mind:  be careful what you wish for. For if ever there were a time to bring your goals to fruition, the beginning of February is it!

Enter the Full Moon in Leo on Sunday, February 5th.  As Full Moons go, they hardly get any more creative.  Opposite the Sun in Aquarius, the Leo Full moon is laden with ingenuity, spark and spunk.  Eureka moments abound.  Artists and scientists alike benefit from this breakthrough energy.  Stubborn problems we’ve wrestled with now find solutions as both Sun and Moon challenge Radical Uranus in Taurus.  Uranus rules Aquarius where the Sun now cycles prompting us to break out and break free of anyone or anything holding us back.  Think jail break.  We feel impelled to march to our own drummer, answer our true calling, and heed our soul. 

To thine own self be true and Thy will be done are having their moment now.

Mars exactly challenges Venus at the time of this Full Moon; so a word of caution here:  while following our heart and soul, others may feel crushed by our choices.  Although it can feel like we’ve been building toward this moment for a very long time, to many, our actions may feel impulsive or abrupt.  A good thing then that Messenger Mercury and Powerful Pluto respond with pragmatism.  In realistic Capricorn, our words and thoughts are measured, helping us and others understand our decisions, step by step.  This Full Moon does not suffer any fools.  It bears stark reckoning and heralds the dawn of a new me, new you, a new us, a new world.  The New Year 2023 chronologically began on January 1st.  However, energetically, the New Year 2023 begins now. 

There is no turning back, no returning to old paradigms or programming.  The message of this Full Moon is clear:  we are all in this together. Separation is an illusion. 

By the end of the week, Saturday, February 11th, Messenger Mercury enters the sign of brotherly love Aquarius, underscoring the illusion of separateness.  In Aquarius, Mercury is considered exalted, meaning:  it thrives in this inventive, boundless sign of ideas.  Here, our minds are endlessly innovative, curious and full of wonder.  Any concept is valid, no matter how far out. 

Leading into the New Moon, Mercury aligns with Jupiter in Aries and we know no limits.  Leap and the net will appear between Wednesday, February 15 and Sunday, February 19th.  Fiery Aries Jupiter is fearless, brave and pioneering, refuses to take no for an answer, and initiating the new and bold but asks questions later.  Aquarian Mercury conceives the impossible and asks:  why not?  Together, these two create a formidable duo, climbing over and around any perceived obstacles. They form the very definition of moxy, chutzpah, balls.

By far the busiest planetary stretch occurs from February 18-20th. The Sun rolls into dreamy Pisces, followed by the New Moon on Monday the 20th, and only minutes later, Valuable Venus enters courageous Aries.  Dream then take focused action says this New Moon.  What better time to set bold intentions?  Consider the brazen energies packed into this otherwise go-with-the-flow Pisces New Moon.  Hand write three to five goals or intentions that you seek to manifest over the coming month, season or year.  Then set safely alight in a fire pit or fireplace or bury in the earth if you are in warmer climates.

We are now one month away from the Spring Equinox and change is clearly afoot.  In only two weeks, Taskmaster Saturn will join the Sun in Pisces; but for the remaining week of February, it finishes its two year cycle in avant garde Aquarius.  Saturn will not return to this sign for 28 years.  It has now moved on from its epic two-year clash with change agent Uranus. One planet pushed us to awaken to new values, worth, uses of our skills, talents, resources and time while the other held us to account:  collaborate and innovate, or else. 

The clash of these titans ensued as both Uranus and Saturn cycled through stubborn and resistant fixed signs Taurus and Aquarius.  Battle lines were drawn and heels dug in.  Traditional paradigms and conditioned customs were shaken and stirred.  Now that the clash is over, what have we learned?  Hopefully that perceived barriers are merely illusions of our minds, mental constructs that we may alter and adjust as we integrate new information, ideas and understanding.

At the end of Saturn’s passage in Aquarius, its culmination is like the pounding crescendo of a great symphony, the final movement emphasizing the attributes of this last air sign:  brotherly love, humanitarianism, innovation, ideas, technology, connectivity, friends and groups.  In short:  what benefits the collective? The greatest number?  The whole?  In these last two weeks of Saturn’s Aquarian tour, we cannot help but feel drawn to reach across what divides us.  To invent and stretch our minds and ourselves.  Because by now we definitely know what does not work well.  Time to try what we have not done before.  The worst that can happen is we add to our knowledge.  Saturn in Aquarius reminds us you can never know enough, have enough information.  How we use that information is up to us.

               Of Special Note: 

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               Mystical Messages Podcast:  tune in Friday, February 10th to hear my conversation with author and healer Anu Dayal-Gulati.  Her book, Healing Your Ancestral Roots, will be released this spring.  We discuss her journey from academia to her work with Bach flower essences and assisting clients to heal generational trauma.  This is one episode you do not want to miss!

                                                         “Mingle the starlight with your lives and you won’t be fretted by trifles.” – Astronomer Maria Mitchell













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