Chiron into Aries: Healing a Whole New Way

April 2018 astrological outlook

April opens in the afterglow of the Full Moon on March 31st.  As with all Full Moons:   life, circumstances, relationships, our work, are seen completely at the brightest visibility.  If you ever want to announce something of importance, the Full Moon is best.  Conversely, don’t even try to hide anything during a Full Moon.  It will be seen.

Catalyzing energy abounds the first part of April, despite Messenger Mercury’s retrograde motion.  We really feel the push to move forward with three planets in fiery Aries:  the Sun (our will/identity), Mercury (how we communicate) and Uranus which calls us to change it up and be open to anything new and different.  This feisty troika challenges three planetary heavyweights in pragmatic Capricorn:  Pluto (the transformer), Saturn (taskmaster) and Motivating Mars.  On April 1st, smack dab in the middle of these two trios is the Full Moon in Libra.  This is a balancing act extraordinaire.  Relationships are on the line.  You will feel the push and pull, tug-of-war either within yourself or externally with others.  Most likely:  both.

All Full Moons carry extra emotional ballast; however, this full moon is ripe and rife with potential conflict.  Tread lightly.  Aim for grace and consideration in all facets of living:  mental, emotional and above all with our actions.  If possible, be measured and centered.

With Spring Fever upon us, the inclination to rush ahead full tilt, frustrations abound.  These will take the form of delay, rejection and worse…no response at all, often leaving us in limbo.  A helpful reminder now:  Divine timing knows best; delivers what we can handle when we can handle it.   There is a reason for delays and lack of response.  How many near misses can you recall in your own life if you had left earlier, or later…?

Remember, until April 15th, we are in the midst of Mercury retrograde.  Anything started now will have to be re-done.  Until mid-month, RE member those RE words:  rest, restore, relax, renew, recycle…This will serve you in very good stead when Messenger Mercury does move forward.  Mid-month is when all the cosmic activity revs up.  Before then, your hours and days may feel like pre-dawn dreams.  You know the kind:  where you are half awake, half asleep, aware of light in your room and all the tasks that lay ahead of you but you are still so tired and reluctant to launch your day.

Such are the first two weeks of April.  Best to use this time to prepare for the springboard that awaits on the 15th.  Dig deep and do your RE search.  Line up all projects, vendors, estimates, ask the relevant questions, obtain RE ferences.  From April 1-8, Saturn and Mars are tightly conjoined in practical Capricorn.  The work horses of the zodiac, this duo demands crystal clear honesty, integrity and responsibility in all we say and do.  They demand the job be done correctly, efficiently, on time and on budget…the first time.  Lay the foundation of your future carefully with solid facts and materials.  Motivating Mars is super comfortable in businesslike Capricorn and drives our efforts on.  While our minds (Mercury in Aries) may race impulsively ahead of us, Saturn-Mars puts one assured foot in front of the other, steadily climbing the hill.

Recall the fable of the tortoise and the hare?  We are living that during the first part of April. Just remember:  err more toward the tortoise.  Focus mightily on your goal, never losing sight, no matter how your rabbit-like mind may jump to and fro, eager to get out in front, across the finish line.  The minds of others may froth too, telling you to hurry, hurry, hurry lest you lose out.

Stop.  Just stop and take a breath.

You will be fine.  Listen to your higher self now, especially in our world of immediate reactions.  Your goal is in sight waiting there for you. It doesn’t ask when you are going to get there, but rather how.  With honesty, the right tools, solid relationships, the necessary resources and funding, you will arrive at the right time. 

Fostering our intuition now, our higher self and knowing is Generous Jupiter’s exact alliance with transformer Pluto.  This is a cosmic power couple if ever there were one!  Wow.  Jupiter in Scorpio sharpens our x-ray vision.  We assess situations and know precisely what to do; while Pluto in Capricorn sets the wheels in motion:  rolls up our sleeves and gets to work.  This pair assures that a firm structure and framework must be in place before any relationship or business can take root for a permanent, strong foothold.

If you are experiencing rejection, perpetual no, no and NO, or frustrating delays the first part of April, remember that rejection nearly always equals protection.  Adults rarely think they need protection, (from what, you ask?!); but many times we need to be protected from others, circumstances we don’t fully understand, and yes, protection even from ourselves.

Knowing this, planetary movement starts rolling and fast.  First, Messenger Mercury turns direct motion on Sunday, April 15thin feisty Aries.  All those plans and initiatives you’ve been patiently harboring can get going now.  Sign the contracts, buy the big ticket item be it a car, appliance, etc.  We are ready.  The very next day on April 16th is the Aries New Moon.  With Messenger Mercury now direct, what a terrific time and opportunity to hand write five or so goals, wishes and prayers to manifest.   Use the full thrust forward power of Mercury coupled with Uranus (change), the Sun (our will) and Moon (our emotions).  This is a whole lot of Aries fire power and some may feel they are shot out of a cannon.

Not only that, but healer Chiron changes signs on Tuesday, April 17th.  For the past eight years, since 2010, newly elevated planet Chiron has cycled through mystical Pisces.  Now on the 17th, at a critical degree of 00 Aries, Chiron catalyzes us to approach our individual and collective wounds in a whole new way.  The best example of this are the youth leading the March for Our Lives.

Children are spearheading a whole new day, new agenda and strategy toward solving gun (Aries) violence in America.  This generation says we are done with the old ways. Welcome to Chiron in Aries.  It rules pioneering initiative, bravery, battle in addition to guns. Youth rule the day.  They are here to awaken us, teaching adults what they should have done long ago:  to value human lives more than anything man-made.

What wounds do you carry from the past that require a completely new approach?  You know what has not worked.  What haven’t you yet tried?  What have others perhaps suggested, or you’ve thought about but dismissed?  Chiron at this flash point of Aries catalyzes us to get moving, be fearless and self-starting to heal our wounds with new techniques, methods.  Children are leading the way now that is for sure.  Out of the mouths of babes. 

We best listen.

On the heels of Chiron changing signs, both Saturn and Pluto turn retrograde motion, on April 18 and 22nd.  These are outer planets so we do not feel their effects as readily as say, Mars, Venus or Mercury.  Saturn is the taskmaster and Pluto the transformer.  Retrograde in Capricorn they invite us to deep dive to review the functional and practical aspects of our lives where they fall by house in our charts.  With Pluto especially, we take a look at how we operate collectively as a whole, whether by nation, culture or society.  These planetary heavy hitters push us to examine what works and what does not work in our lives and eliminate any habits, processes, people or situations that do not serve us.

In the midst of this, the Sun shifts into earthy Taurus on April 20th.  For the last ten days of April, the Sun (our will) aligns with Saturn (our karmic work) to build and create our vision.  This aspect is vital, key manifesting energy so apply generously to what you seek to accomplish now.

Leading into the Full Moon in Scorpio on April 29th, Venus (love and money) enters talkative Gemini.  Flexible and versatile in Gemini, Venus is the ultimate salesman.  Great for seeing both sides (and more) of any situation, be mindful that while you may be able to talk your way into or out of anything, so can others.  Gemini Venus does not easily take no for an answer.  Be sure of your needs and goals.  Then set Versatile Venus in Gemini in hot pursuit.

Anchoring us to reality, earth energy abounds now.  The Taurus Sun at Full Moon lights up the aforementioned troika (Pluto, Saturn and Mars in Capricorn) while the Scorpio Full Moon has us feeling all of the feels.  Trust your gut instincts and intuition. From April 15th through the end of June 2018, we are blessed with incredibly potent manifesting energy.  Our dreams are tangible now more than ever. Point your eyes on the horizon and steer your boat straight ahead.

Of Special Note: 

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