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April 2022

For a while now, we have known that these are not ordinary times.  I try to avoid hyperbole; but I find myself all too frequently using words like historic and unprecedented to describe the moment.  Most of us are incredibly fortunate to witness the epic current events from a safe distance while knowing many people suffer the consequences of drastic decisions made from afar.

Bureaucracy and government usually churn at a snail’s pace.  Not lately however.  Given technology, impacts are felt immediately.  The ripple effect is stark:   we learn how others are affected and responses are quicker than at any other time.   So too with our personal lives.  We feel the results of our decisions as well as those of others instantly.

Likewise, with a cosmic urgency, the New Moon occurs on Day One of April 2022, offering an opportunity for a clean slate and fresh beginnings.   The New Moon occurs in fiery Aries closely tied to healer Chiron and Messenger Mercury; meaning:  we are in the cosmic emergency room.   It is time to try any and all new strategies.  What is broken must be fixed. Now.  Strap on your warrior gear and get going.  We feel the urgency to be brave and bravely forge into difficult terrain.  We might ask:  how did I get here?  Why oh why is this happening? 

But the time for reflection is done.  And in our deepest heart, in our soul, we know how we got here.   Asking “Why” is useless and doesn’t help matters in the emergency room of life.  All that matters is what are we going to do about the situation now?   How are you going to go forward?  Pondering that:  set your intentions on the April 1st New Moon. Hand write three to five goals you intend to manifest over the coming month or season.  Be sure to include an intention for world peace. 

Often, when dire need occurs, the best of humanity, our better angels and higher selves emerge. Unifying forces are at hand as Valuable Venus turns into inspirational Pisces on Wednesday, April 6th.  Over the course of the month, Venus gradually joins Generous Jupiter and Soulful Neptune forming one tremendous angelic wave of love.  Together, this trio spreads and shares compassion and blessings with everyone.  And boy do we need it. 

For the past month, Generous Jupiter has inched toward Spiritual Neptune. These two conjoin exactly on Tuesday, April 12th.   The last time this pairing occurred in Pisces was 1856… so please take note!  Jupiter is the titan of abundance and Neptune rules faith, trust and yes, pixie dust.  Combined, they form a formidable force allowing all possibilities to unfold when we believe.  The key to unlock the opportunity this force presents is unshakeable faith, belief and certainty in ourselves, our ideas and potential.  So be sure to avail yourself of their energetic boost and guidance.   This is not a time to be shy about asking for what you need.  Look around.  Prayers are answered at such a moment.  Ask and you shall receive.

As Jupiter-Neptune form a tremendous energetic wave, ask, what do you want more of in your life?  What course do you want your life to follow?  Focus on that.  You can create your own personal heaven or hell now. You decide.  Because Pisces rules both faith and fear, aka, False Evidence Appearing Real.   At their best, this duo unifies and showers love over all; delivers joy, abundance of every kind beyond our imagination, and crystal clear insight.  It is incredibly cleansing, artistic, musical, spiritual, and even transcendental.  At worst, their combined force washes away hope and drowns us in ever-deepening spirals of fear and despair.   To be very clear:  how you direct your energy now is key.  Focus on what you DO want, not what you do not want.  Be sure to align your mind and heart with purity, good will and your sacred dreams.  Avoid toxic people, situations and influences. For what you emit grows tenfold now.

There are no coincidences, cosmically or otherwise, as Messenger Mercury enters earthy Taurus on April 11th, the day before the Great Jupiter-Neptune conjunction.  Its passage underscores what you plant and sow, you will grow.  The big advantage of Mercury’s shift is that it helps to ground our thoughts and mind, otherwise carried away by Piscean fantasy.  Mercury’s passage into pragmatic Taurus helps soak up all of the water energy right now.  In short, our dreams take practical turns.  We look for resources and to our talents supporting Jupiter-Neptune’s inspirations.

Pisces rules water, as mythologically, Neptune is god of the oceans.  Water is of particular concern with four planets in Pisces when Motivating Mars joins Venus, Jupiter and Neptune on Friday, April 15th.   That’s a whole lotta deep water friends.  For the remainder of April, a big caution is the potential for flooding especially in low-lying and coastal areas.  A heads-up to install safe-guards and protections in advance where possible.  If you do not have flood insurance, even if you think you do not need it, consider buying it!

The upside of this energetic Piscean foursome is music.  Whether you play an instrument, compose lyrics or melodies or love attending concerts, the latter part of April is a musical wonderland.  If possible, enjoy music when you are on or around water, floating away to your favorite tune is the ultimate use of this energy.  Anyone who has ever attended a symphony or giant concert understands how music unifies otherwise disparate people.  It is a spiritual experience that is both powerfully cleansing and healing. 

Although April is the astrological month of Aries, the dominance of Pisces planets may either inspire us to further our intentions sparked at the New Moon; OR extinguish our dreams in a flood of despondence.  This is the paradox of Pisces…distinct polarities:  faith vs. fear, dreams vs. despair; spirituality vs. mass hysteria/cults.  Water, like Pisces, knows no boundaries.  It seeps through and permeates everything.  Watch that you are not swallowed whole by a spiraling vortex of escapism, fear or grand delusion.

Better to lean into Pisces’ superpower:  selflessness.  Channel your inner volunteer.  What have you done for someone else lately?

Through directing our attention to how we can help, it is particularly useful to have Messenger Mercury, ruler of communication in realistic Taurus to sop up overflowing emotions and bring us back to earth, especially as we head into the Full Moon in Libra on Saturday, April 16th.  The Libra Full Moon seeks to bring us into balance and strives for equilibrium amidst all the external turmoil.  Get a grip, she says.  Be reasonable.  Aligned helpfully to Saturn in humanitarian Aquarius, this Full Moon reminds us of how interdependent we are.  The trick is to remember where you end and everyone else begins.  Relevant now is the age old premise:  For every action (Aries Sun) there is an equal and opposite reaction (Libra Full Moon); what is good for one is good for ALL.  Or, in case you’ve forgotten:  do unto others as you would have done to you.

The Sun joins Mercury and Radical Uranus in down-to-earth Taurus on Wednesday, April 20th.   Our focus is drawn toward honing our skills and talents for real world, practical applications, and yes, to earn money.  Sure, go ahead, dream big as the four Pisces planets suggest.  But how’s it going to work down here on the ground?  Can the every-day man put your ideas and dreams to use?  The Iphone was once a terrific theoretical concept.  Just a dream in one man’s mind.  Now, it connects everyone to each other.  That’s real-deal dream work.

Enter the second New Moon of April.  The occurrence of two New Moons within a 30 day period does not happen frequently.  Such are the times.  On Saturday, April 30th, a New Moon Solar Eclipse in Taurus happens.  If ever there were a moment to seed intentions for harmony and peace to grow, this is it.  This is a particularly auspicious New Moon, not only because it coincides with an eclipse, but also the day before, Powerful Pluto turns retrograde motion.  Since the beginning of February, all planets have been cycling forward motion.  Now, on April 29th, this uninhibited, free-wheeling pattern comes to an end. 

Typically we do not feel the gear shifts of an outer planet such as Pluto.  However, poised at pivot point in the lunar cycle, Pluto, god of the underworld and shadow side of life invites us to include those pieces of ourselves that we’d rather not acknowledge, the secret, dirty underbelly parts we don’t want anyone to know about.  Dirty is exactly right.  Your ugly bits inform and comprise the whole of who you are.  Out of the mud, muck and mire, rises the lotus flower.  So on this earthy Taurus New Moon eclipse tied to Pluto’s inward journey, a whole new you is only possible when you include equal parts sunshine, water and yes, mud.

Of Special Note:   

Tune into my podcast Mystical Messages on Friday, April 15th to hear my interview with author Brandon Wainwright.  A former law enforcement officer, Brandon is now a writer and Reiki master.  His book, Tyson’s Gift, reveals how animals awaken our hearts, humanity and greater gifts to be shared.









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