August 2017: Fully Loaded

August 2017 astrological outlook

I will come straight to the point:  August 2017 is simply a fully loaded month.  Rarely do we have the volume of significant celestial events in such a short time frame as this August bears.  It is actually breathtaking. Amid all of the sturm and drang, you will feel these gear shifts now. Remember to breathe.

I’m not a doom and gloom astrologer.  When describing the push and pull of cosmic forces, I try to strike a balance between the positive and negative energies at play, brought to bear on each of us:  how best to deal with the light and dark.   Yes, we must go about our daily lives to make the most of each day.  However, this next four week stretch is so incredibly bumpy that if there is any way you can lay low, hold off on major decisions, take a stay-cation or leave on holiday, even if only for a few days, that is the best option.

August’s twists and turns are dramatic.  Here’s the skinny:

From the outset of the month comes the first event:  change agent Uranus turns retrograde motion on the 3rd.  Radical and rebellious, Uranus rules earthquakes, lightning strikes, anything sudden, shocking, surprises both good and tricky.  When this major player shifts direction, it sends a message.  So pay attention.  Uranus’ nickname is the Great Awakener.  In retrograde motion, we are often abruptly found in unexpected situations.  Most often we have no idea why we are suddenly thrust into seemingly alternate realities.  Some of us will learn over time exactly why and how these steep shifts occurred in our lives.  The wisest among us learn to integrate the lessons taught by such changes.  However, many may feel victimized for months and perhaps years to come, refusing to adjust to altered circumstances.

If you are in the midst of dramatically changing life landscapes my words are harsh at worst, and cold comfort at best.  But please know, try to remember, with time and effort, what seems impossibly difficult now will soften then grow into something perhaps infinitely better for you and your life path.


Human beings do not like change and will resist and fight against change with everything they have.  Uranus has other plans.  Especially for resisters.  The ultimate lesson it teaches is trust.  To trust what comes next, even if this is totally unplanned.  Have faith that there is a reason, a method behind the current chaos.  Believe. 

Trust, have faith, believe. 

What makes this particular Uranus gear shift especially dramatic is that it not only occurs just days before a Full Moon but this Full Moon is a powerful lunar eclipse.  The degree point is 15 Aquarius, a gigantic flashing light for astrologers.  Why?  Fifteen of any fixed sign (Taurus, Leo, Scorpio, Aquarius) is STRONG.  A real attention getter.  Add to this that the lunar eclipse occurs with the Sun in Leo, the original drama queen.  Listen for whiners squealing to kingdom come this first week of August.

A suggestion:  Grace.   Find it, practice it, use it, from August 1st-9th, every day in every way.  Give people the benefit of the doubt.  Try not to overthink.  Read between the lines.  Grace is the finest antidote we have to mediate all of that drama.  The world is in tremendously short supply of grace just now, a quality on the brink of extinction.

Where grace runs low, we do have some cosmic help underlying this otherwise tumultuous time.  The on-going grand fire alliance between the lunar North Node in Leo, Uranus in Aries and Saturn in Sagittarius.  This troika sources solutions to complex problems.  The very day Uranus turns retrograde, the Moon joins the mix pairing with Saturn in Sagittarius.  WATCH for:  emotional breakthroughs, the highest we can aspire to.  But be aware of:  emotional breakdowns, the most challenging we may experience.  Remember the old adage, we sometimes need to break down before we can break through.

The drama of the Lunar North Node in Leo with the on-coming eclipse at such a powerful degree point makes sure we get the message in no uncertain terms.  You will know without a doubt after this passage what needs to stop, change or continue growing in your life.

This said, bring on the lunar eclipse of August 7th Full Moon on the Aquarius-Leo axis.  Aquarius is ruled by guess who?  Right!  URANUS!  The double message is:  change and change now.  Aquarius is the sign of invention, non-mainstream and alternative everything.  Ruled by Uranus, the earth may very well move beneath us now.  Watch for Eureka! moments this week.  Everything from little “Ah-hah! Now I get it!” to vivid astonishment, wow-holy-cow discoveries both personally and professionally rendering you speechless.  Uranus and Aquarius can really knock you off your feet.  So exercise some caution while driving, walking, exercising, using kitchen knives, etc.   Accidents may happen.

In the days that follow, guard your decision making.  Act when necessary, with a mind to Messenger planet Mercury about to turn retrograde motion as well on Saturday, August 12th.  Now is a great time for vacations, holidays and taking breaks in general from the usual routine.   With all of the planetary upheaval this month, take heed of the RE words during Mercury’s inward turn:  RE lax, RE turn, RE view, RE generate, RE new, RE search, RE store, etc.  You get the picture.  So for the RE mainder of August, BEING rather than doing is the operative word.  Lay low.  Be still.  Plan.  Do your homework for prospective projects.  But acting now on major fronts will yield reversed or unpredictable results.

Self care now is ours for the asking.  We are encouraged in the next few weeks by Venus (relationships, love and money) and Ceres (nurturing) in caring Cancer aligned with Neptune in Pisces.  Cancer and Pisces are water signs.  Water conducts and magnifies.  Think about that for a second.  An unwatered plant dies.  That same plant watered regularly grows.  What do you want to grow in your life now? For the next few weeks, keep in mind:  water and music; music and water.  Soothing yourself and loved ones on sun and sand will do wonders for the spirit.  Listening to music you enjoy, any tunes that feel right will go far to soothe the savage beast and change the energy and mood (yours, a group, a room), instantly.   We, each of us has much control now.  It is all about how you control, steer and direct your energy.  Worry now and you will get greater worry in return.   Laugh and the whole world laughs along.

Mid-month is a wonderful time to get away, love yourself, flow with what comes, dance and dream, escape.  Above all, follow your intuition.  Do what feels right for you.  Remember to BE rather than DO; but if you must do something, feel your way rather than think your way through.

And then, there is the August 21 solar eclipse.  The Great American Eclipse this event is so called.  Why?  The eclipse path will cut a swath from coast to coast across the United States, slicing the country virtually in half from Oregon to North Carolina.   Talk about metaphors in motion!  For a nation ideologically divided and a populace and culture so bitterly torn politically and socially, the eclipse speaks with gut-wrenching accuracy.  Hotels and inns 40 miles deep along the eclipse path have been sold out for months in advance as stargazers seek to catch a glimpse of this phenomenon striking the USA.  This is something else.   

Then there this vital fact:  the eclipse degree of 29 Leo exactly sits on the Ascendant/rising sign and Mars of Donald Trump. The effects of this astrological “hit” to the President’s chart cannot be overly stated.   The Ascendant rules the physical body, self and identity.  Mars rules motivation, energy and yes, war.  Clearly, Trump is already feeling the effects of this eclipse with the on-going investigation into his Russian ties dogging his administration.  Watch for dramatic (Leo) shifts to Trump and his administration now and well into the fall of 2017.  As of this writing, he has directed two key administrative changes (White House communications director –twice– and chief of staff).  Expect more to come.

Two days later, the Sun (our will and identity) moves into Virgo.  Exacting, precise, efficient, Virgo rules health and work.  We find our energy steered toward work that is healthy for us, considering health-related choices, perfectionism and attention to detail in all things.  Virgo is the work horse of the zodiac so it is good to know that with the Sun’s departure from Leo, there is still plenty of festive and creative energy around.

Venus, planet of love, money and relationships moves into Leo on August 26th, gradually joining Motivating Mars and the lunar North Node.   These latter two are tightly conjoined now the final week of August, inciting us to create, make life FUN, take a chance where we would otherwise refrain, and pursue our passions, even a little romance…

Underscoring the power of possibilities and our potential now is the alliance between Mars, North Node, Saturn and Uranus in fire signs.  That is a whole lotta fire going on.  In addition, Generous Jupiter is exactly aligning with Saturn now to help us all on the relationship and decision-making front.  We are afforded tremendous opportunities now.  Really focus on what you DO want, not what you DON’T want.  Formulate and make your plans; rev your engines, prepare like cra-a-zzzzy.  Because once Messenger Mercury turns direct motion on September 5th, this incredibly helpful fire energy still abounds:  GO FOR IT.

The very same day Venus enters Leo, sagacious Saturn turns direct motion in Sagittarius.  The cosmic task master in the sign of The Law will see to it that justice is done, in your own life and the world at large.  With Saturn’s key alignment now to Jupiter in Libra, the scales of nature on all fronts will be balanced and how.

As we wind down summer and the final days of Mercury retrograde, take stock:  where are you out of alignment?  Not others, but you?  Assess and formulate steps to right your world, bring yourself to where you want to be with a specific action plan.  We have all the planetary forces working for us now through the fall to proactively create the world we need as well as want, to serve our highest and best potential.

August 2017 is truly a fully laden month.  Our souls and spirits are working over time, even if we may not be actively “doing”.  So breathe, allow for play time, fun, dreaming, and a petite holiday.  I’m not much of a “Star Wars” fan, but heading into the following weeks I feel compelled to say:

May the Force be with you.


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