December 2016 Astrological Outlook

After all of the tumult, sturm and drang of the US election, there is a collective sense of:  So now what?

What, indeed, will happen?  Will the hopes and dreams of Trump supporters be realized?  Will the nightmares of Clinton supporters manifest?

Whether you are a US citizen or not, one thing is for sure:   a whole lot of hard work is ahead of us.   The reality of just how disparate our global landscape is has vividly emerged.  What is not yet clear is how to work together to achieve common goals.

The good news is that we have a lot of help this month to begin the work ahead.  Opportunity abounds at the start of December.  The month opens with Messenger Mercury changing signs on Saturday the 3rd.  Our thoughts shift from truth seeking and truth telling to creating a grounded, realistic task list.  Now that we have uncovered the truth (with all of its warts and fangs), how do we apply our knowledge in practical and useful ways to move forward?

More immediately, with the holidays upon us, we may lean toward giving ultra pragmatic and essential gifts this holiday season rather than decorative, playful toys.

How will you wrap up 2016, letting by gones be by gones, and kick start your 2017?  Mercury in Capricorn wants to know.  Prods you to decide in no uncertain terms, black and white.  What will you build?  How will you reach across the great chasms that divide our country, communities and families to build bridges?

Consider this extraordinary cosmic gift:  we are being handed a magic wand.  Literally.  Serious Saturn forms an increasingly harmonious angle with change agent Uranus, both in fire signs.  In whatever area of our chart these two fall, task master Saturn demands raw truth while Radical Uranus creates from thin air.  Watch life change on a dime.  If you are feeling (or have been) stuck or mired in seemingly impossible situations, relationships, blocked either at home or at work, this month is groundbreaking.

Nothing like a little FIRE to get things going.  Stir the pot.  Because not only are these two planets drawing together, flaming higher, higher and higher, Saturn continues to be complemented and enhanced by Generous Jupiter all month long.  Additionally, Motivating Mars in Aquarius forms immensely helpful angles to this trio from December 1-10th.  Both in air signs, Mars and Jupiter fan the flames, pumping oxygen into our relationships (whether with our selves or others).   And we know, understand, that relationships are the bedrock, the foundation of any world in which we engage.  Relating and relationships.  Getting along.  Reciprocity.  I’ll scratch your back if you scratch mine.  This is the stuff of bridge building.

I cannot emphasize enough how opportune December is – both for those who have prepared and waited for the tide to turn in their lives as well as those who may have prayed so long yet lost hope that life might deliver better times and outcomes.  The trick in all of this is certainty.  Because possessing and wielding the cosmic magic wand is incredibly powerful.  With Transformer Pluto challenging both Jupiter and Uranus, we have raw, catalytic energy in our hands.  What you incite now comes to fruition.  Truly, be careful what you wish for.

Be sure of exactly what you desire.  Understand why you want what you want, the underlying source reason(s).   Know that what you want is actually what you need, in your highest and best interests.  This is vital.  Because the New Moon of November 29 challenged Neptune, elusive master of disguise, layering our emotions (the Moon) and our will (the Sun) with fog and delusion.  If you haven’t been working decisively toward a goal before now, Neptune will easily sidetrack you here.

Beware of buying into something that is too good to be true; if however, you have been patiently and diligently chipping away at your dream, with pristine clarity and steadfast faith, you may watch it all unfold this month and manifest.  The actress who has patiently waited landing her big break comes to mind as does the scientist who has toiled and searched for years for a breakthrough in his quest to find a cure, a solution to a vexing disease.  The hour is nigh.  Big break and break through:  that is the role of Uranus, the Great Awakener, rule of earthquakes and lightning strikes, dramatic and sudden shifts that blind side us for good or ill.

For those who have lost faith or feel generally lost, Messenger Mercury’s move into down-to-earth Capricorn draws attention to the bare bones, the essentials, our focus toward what can be done, what implements, facts and tools we have to work with, use to build something better, move us out of our rut, be it unemployment, addiction, abusive relationships, etc.

For all of us, no matter what our circumstances, Mercury in earthy Capricorn is just plain smart.  Down to business, driving toward the bottom line.  It directs our thoughts and words (ultimately our actions) efficiently and wisely, if not gracefully.  And the Messenger planet gathers strength as it gradually aligns with the Lunar North Node in grounded Virgo.  Need to deliver a message that everyone will not only hear but relate to?   The second week of December 6-11 is your time.  The ongoing Lunar South Node/Neptune pair adds pure intuitive insight to the Mercury-North Node duo, guiding our thoughts now most effectively.

This same week finds Venus switching into airy Aquarius on December 8th.  Not exactly the warmest, cuddliest of signs for Venus; here she acts as an observer from a distance. Though if you need to stand back from a relationship(s) or group, whether at work, home or community, Venus in Aquarius is your gal.  She exercises cool detachment rather than in-depth involvement.  Distance and detachment help off-load some of the fiery steam generated by the Sun’s conjunction with Saturn in Sagittarius on December 10th, adding super power to its continuing alliance with Uranus.

Cooler heads are always necessary as we approach any full moon.  Inching toward the December 13th Full Moon in talkative Geminii, put on your listening hat, your expert, mature filter.  A little less know-it-all and a lot more curiosity will serve you, all of us, well.  The Geminii Full Moon wants to share, exchange, chat.  Pull up a chair.  Discuss amongst yourselves.  This moon glides comfortably on the surface rather than plunging into deep, soul-searching conversations.  The energy is great for company holiday parties and neighborhood gatherings happening this month as it forms harmonious angles to Jupiter, Uranus and Mars.  So make full use of this force to steer deftly in and out of conversations and situations that would otherwise ensnare and entangle.

There are two rather special formations as part of this Full Moon.  One is a grand air trine and the other, a mystic rectangle.  What you need to know:  both are immensely beneficial and highlight change agent Uranus.  This is the week to make your big move, pop the question, be blindsided by blessings and breakthroughs.  This moon guarantees huge visibility.   If you are seeking a promotion, raise, notice of any kind, December 10-13 is ripe for promise.  Go for it now!

Especially so because the following days leading into mid-month winds the energy down substantially.  Both Messenger Mercury and Uranus are slowing to a crawl, to eventually halt and reverse course.   On Monday, December 19th, Mercury turns retrograde until January 10th.  Then ten days later, Uranus shifts direct motion on December 29th.

First Mercury.  A wee review of Mercury retrograde DO’s and DON’Ts:

DO:  any RE-words…reflection, review, renew, replace, research, restore, relax, reading…

Assuming you booked your travel plans before the retrograde phase, 12/19, the next three weeks is a terrific time to enjoy a much needed holiday.

DON’Ts:   purchase anything major now including cars, appliances or sign any contracts of significance.  Once Mercury turns direct after January 10th, proceed purchasing and signing as usual.

The very same day Mercury turns retrograde, Mars moves into dreamy Pisces.  This is not the most comfortable of signs for fiery, Motivating Mars, where it will reside through all of January.  The best use of this combination of fiery planet in the deepest and most sensitive of water signs is to dream.  Allow yourself to believe, practice faith over fear, meditate, do yoga, write, dance, play or enjoy music either live or recorded, surrender what you cannot control.  These actions will make you feel productive and soothe the savage beast beating beneath our surface.  Mars in Pisces is terrific for artists and pursuing spiritual endeavors.  For those tuned in, it can be divine. 

Two days later the Sun moves into Capricorn, gradually joining Mercury and Pluto for the remainder of December.  This troika aligns our will, thoughts and desires along ever increasing practical measures.  At the same time, the Sun also aligns with the Lunar North Node in pragmatic Virgo.  The earthy realism of this earthy combo cannot be underscored enough.  And we will need every bit in the coming week as Radical Uranus changes direct motion on Thursday, December 29th.  Hold on tight as this shift often brings sudden, dramatic news events.

2016 has certainly had its challenges, especially politically in the United States and Europe with Brexit.  For those who prefer the status quo, resist change and progress, growth and development (both personally and globally), please know that 2017 holds surprising and often unsettling shifts.   Uranus the Great Awakener’s turning direct on December 29 jolts all of us, particularly those who want to sleep through change.  Let’s be real:  this just isn’t possible now.   Think of being tossed out of bed and heavy slumber by an earthquake in the middle of the night.  Uranus in warrior Aries aligned exactly with Saturn, planet of dharma and karma, delivers a potent dose of cosmic justice.

We are charged to begin the New Year on a wildly different and alternative front.  Return for a moment to January 2016:  who could believe (even among Republicans) that Donald Trump would be the nominee of a major party, let alone win the US election?   The sleepy, lethargic citizens of the United States will have to engage now, become active in civic life if they want a different political landscape.

So:  join hands, look into each other’s eyes, start a dialogue of equal exchange, actually listen, hear your neighbor, their perspective.   They are not so different from you after all.  Begin with one shared goal:  good health and well being.    Imagine a New Year’s Day of radical peace.  Imagine that.

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