Do the Thing You Think You Cannot Do

July 2023

June’s clear, cosmic pattern stays with us as July begins.  This steadier, sturdier and stable energy continues to serve us especially after the tumult of 2023’s first five months.  Surely, a welcome relief. The party atmosphere stirred up by Venus and Mars in festive Leo continues well into July, summertime’s peak month.  Time to play like you mean it!

Invitations to play abound as we head into the Full Moon over the July 4th holiday weekend.  Fireworks are off to an early start on Saturday, July 1st with the heavily waxing moon in adventurous Sagittarius aligning to the Leo Venus-Mars. Can you spell F-U-N?   If you are hosting a party, getting married or simply vacationing, this is your day!  We will all feel the larger than life, go big or go home aspects.

It may take a day or two to recover; but we have help getting our legs beneath us as the moon shifts into practical Capricorn on Sunday afternoon where she turns FULL on Monday, July 3rd.   Aligning to Generous Jupiter in earthy Taurus, reality reigns with this Full Moon. Opposite the Sun-Mercury pair in sensitive Cancer, this moon makes warm memories with family or friends who feel like family.

Radical Uranus in Taurus challenges Venus-Mars during the holiday weekend, encouraging us to lean into new patterns and replies favoring your evolving values, those which are more financially sound, long-term and grounded rather than fleeting, momentary fixes.  There is a maturity and wisdom about this Full Moon. It is grown up and proud to wear big boy and girl pants.  In its best expression, this Full Moon says, “you can count on me.  I am here for you.”

How refreshing.

The beginning of July marks a changing of the guard of sorts, sober yet playful.  It says:  you can have a fun, a really super, awesome time without spending a ton of money, right in your own back yard, enjoying the simplest pleasures, and without using recreational substances.  It can be done! 

Grounded, reality-based and efficient energy rises further when Motivating Mars shifts into hardworking Virgo on Monday, July 10th.  For the next six weeks, Mars gradually aligns to the Lunar North Node, Jupiter and then Uranus giving us fertile soil to plant our dreams and the ambitious muscle to get the job done.  If you have a large task to accomplish, this is your window from mid-July through August.  Time for the heavy lift!  You’ve got this!

As Eleanor Roosevelt said, “You must do the thing you think you cannot do.”

The caution here is that the very next day, Tuesday, July 11th, Messenger Mercury turns into festive Leo, challenging the lunar nodes.  At mid-month, watch for impatient toddler tantrums, whiney resistance, in yourself and others.  Your work will get done but not without others testing you, questioning you, or perhaps, you harboring unrealistic expectations or placing demands on some who might otherwise be helpful.  Avoid drama, drama queens and definitely do not create unnecessary scenes.  In short:  check yourself.  Pause 1,2,3 before replying.  These are pivotal days indeed that test our versatility and adaptability.  You may feel life pushing your buttons, that you are auditioning for the reality TV show Survivor, that every day is one big survival of the fittest competition.  So it is vital to remain focused on your goals and your bedrock values, during mid-July.

Fortunately, this energy dissolves heading into the New Moon in nurturing Cancer the Crab on Monday, July 17th.  The comforting and compassionate Cancerian Sun-Moon align helpfully to spiritual Neptune:  we KNOW the way to go, the answer, if only we listen to our deepest self.   Awakener Uranus aligns to the Sun-Moon as well, bending our will toward what feels most loving and caring for ourselves, and ultimately others as well, whether they realize it now or not. If you are not in the habit of radical self-care, this is your New Moon.  Time to embrace what feels right for you, regardless of what others say, think or do.

Enter the Aries Lunar North Node.

For the past 18 months, our evolutionary calling, directional true north indicated by the Lunar North Node, has been cycling through earthy Taurus.  Now, the day after the New Moon, the North Node shifts into Aries the Ram, on Tuesday, July 18th.  It is critical to note the difference in energetic quality.  For the past year and a half, the Taurus north node focused on our individual and collective values, whom and what we value, in ourselves, others, and life. This includes moral and spiritual values (right to life vs. right to control our own bodies; banning drag shows vs. parental rights); as well as more material worth:  the everlasting bottom line, ROI, show me the money.

At mid-month, a shift occurs when the north node moves into Aries.  The primal spark, the initial sign of the zodiac, Aries is action-oriented, up for anything, pioneering and trail blazing energy.  Unlike Taurus which deliberates, chews slowly, considers, Aries RUNS.   By the end of July, you will feel a different energy pulling you, to get a move on.

Initially, we are still so acclimated to Taurus’ plodding pace that a period of adjustment with the fiery new developmental energy at play.  Like dipping a toe into foreign waters, we are not so sure how this energy feels.  Whether we like it or not is irrelevant….it is here to stay for the next 18 months, through the end of 2024.  So rather than deciding if we like it, we’re better off figuring out how to use it to our advantage. 

Many will resist and push back, especially when the sun enters Leo on Sunday, July 23rd.   Opposing Powerful Pluto and challenging the north and south nodes, we might feel stuck in a rut, face stiff head winds or confused about which direction to go, strong push me-pull me syndrome.  Whenever this occurs, heads up.  This is our cosmic cue to pay attention.  Hit the pause button now.  You can dig your heels in and try to force a situation or relationship that is just not meant to budge.

OR:  surrender to life’s current.  Use this pause and moment wisely and well; because Venus turns retrograde on the very same day.  From July 23 to September 4th, Valuable Venus cycles in reverse gear, inviting us to review our relationships, our worth, whom and what we value.  She tells anyone in a hurry, “not so fast, just wait one minute now…”

Venus rules all of the yummy aspects of life:  love, money and relationships.  During its six-week retrograde cycle, how we manage this energy is key.  Here are some basic Dos and Don’ts:  DO take vacation; relax and unwind; review your relationship to yourself and others; reflect on how you earn a living and manage money; reconsider your skills and talents and how you might tweak these to earn more; reunite with old friends and people from your past.

What to avoid or DON’T’S:  starting a new job, career or financial venture; romantic relationships; buying expensive items, especially luxury goods, real estate, cars, boats, jewelry and accessories.

Venus retrograde cycles are notorious for temptation…over buying or over spending; also returning to unhealthy former romantic partners or relationships, investing in something or someone without doing due diligence.  So it is especially important to pay attention to how you spend your time, energy and resources while Venus cycles through Leo, a fire sign known for its generosity, extravagant and gambling nature.

With Venus in Leo for an exceptionally long stretch, June 6th to October 8th, due to its retrograde cycle, make sure you watch your wallet as well as your heart.  Be careful not to throw money, time and attention at what you already know does not work or truly do not need. Instead, employ the RE words, similar to mercury retrograde:  review, research, reflect, relax, renovate, renew, remember, etc.

Fortunately, Messenger Mercury comes to our aid several days later when it enters down to earth Virgo on Saturday, July 29th.  Gradually conjoining Motivating Mars over the following week, Mercury steers our minds and words toward grounded and efficient systems and practices.  Yes, the sparkly jewelry is lovely, says Mars-Mercury; but if you splurge, how will you pay your utility bills?  Guilt tactics much?  You bet.  That is Virgo’s forte.

So before you reply to an old lover, or press the buy button on line, ask yourself if this is a worthwhile remedy for the temporary hole you are attempting to fill.

Of Special Note:

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