Fate and the Furies

November 2022

To say that these are extraordinary times is undoubtedly an understatement.  No one alive has ever seen the seismic shifts now occurring on planet Earth.  The depth and breadth of changes occurring are indeed difficult to find comparison in the history of mankind. A colleague of mine captured it best when she said, “we are evolving from homosapien to homoluminous.  It is the equivalent of going from Neanderthal to Cro-magnon” stages of human development.  No small feat that. Simply put, this is an immense heart opening.  Man shall now lead from his heart rather than his mind.

This month, the gateway to this evolution swings wide open marking a distinct closure on the old.  November drops us in the crucible of Scorpio time, ruled by Pluto god of the underworld. Life’s layers peel back from the surface with an intensity that is hard to pierce. We see the underbelly and dirty crevices lurking beneath whether we want to or not.

Thus opens November. 

Day One gives us a taste of how the month will unfold, a preview of coming attractions.  What gives?  On November 1, the moon pairs tightly with Taskmaster Saturn in Aquarius.  On its own, this is not an easy duo, as the soft and nurturing moon chafes in detached Aquarius and even more so up against hard-nosed Saturn dictating the rules and calling the shots.  Together they challenge Radical Uranus and the lunar north node.  In short:  the huddling masses will be heard now.

Deepening the intensity of the moment, the planetary trio challenges Venus in Scorpio, making for one ugly love triangle. The usually lovely Venus is not so kind in seductive Scorpio.  Here, she’s more like a woman scorned and bound for ruthless revenge.  Feel the burn?  If things weren’t dicey enough, Motivating Mars just turned retrograde on October 29th.   In Gemini, we Rethink, Revisit and Reflect on the decisions we’ve made that brought us to the present day; we also stew about the decisions of others that impact our lives.  The proverbial rubber hits the road, searing the scalding pavement and churning up acrid smoke.

“The Furies that under earth take vengeance on men, whosoever hath sworn a false oath,” – Homer, The Iliad.

When we tune into our self, stop and quiet the invasive noise in our minds and all around us, we feel our truths.  But this takes some effort. It may feel like bumbling around in the dark, as the Moon-Jupiter-Neptune trio in Pisces duel with Mars, creating an enormous smoke and mirror effect.  So practice discernment during the first week of November, because a cosmic Spin Doctor is hard at work.  It is up to us to decipher who and what is real.  Take care that you don’t fall for any con artist and flim-flam scam.

How to manage this energy?  Ask questions.  No matter how uncomfortable the questions are to ask or how you think your questions makes the other person feel, the time for politesse is over.  Your questions reveal volumes of information.  Sit with the answers you uncover. Check how your new knowledge resonates with your soul, because your soul never lies.  Do you feel content, honorable, clean?  Or heavy, stagnant, unclear?  Remember:  Truth does not mind being questioned; while a lie does not like being challenged. Follow your conscience accordingly.

By Friday, November 4th, the Moon enters fiery Aries and she’s looking for a fight. The Aquarian masses stewing under the Scorpio Sun are triggered by the raging Aries Moon makes for one troubling cocktail. We are primed and teed up for the Full Moon lunar eclipse on Tuesday, November 8th which also happens to be Election Day in the United States.   If all of this sounds dire, it is.  Pluto’s daughters, the Furies, are ready to roll.  Consider laying really low the weekend of November 4-6th.  Definitely plan to be home before midnight. Nothing good ever happens in the wee hours stoked by such cosmic energy. 

Then KABOOM!  Around breakfast time on Tuesday, November 8th, the Full Moon in Taurus opposes the Scorpio Sun, conjoining the north and south lunar nodes.  On its own this eclipse is very strong, getting the whole world’s attention at nearly 15 degrees of Scorpio and Taurus.  Anyone looking for revenge, to send an unmistakable message, or to have their day, will. 


The Sun (our will), Messenger Mercury (communication) and Venus (relationships, values) oppose Uranus (rebellion, change) and the Moon (emotions). Shaken and stirred, the ingredients energetically push the eclipse over the top. Every one of us is put on notice at a minimum; many are deeply triggered.  Mr. Putin may have his say and the women of Iran, not to mention the United States, certainly will at the ballot box. 

Tangible values and intangible rights are front and center, dominating what is up for grabs.  Scorpio (intangible, the unseen) rules sex and sexual organs.  Venus rules women. Taurus (tangible, money) governs kitchen table concerns, fomenting heavy issues at our polling stations:  the government inserting itself into our private parts, inflation eating away our cost of living, mortgage rates through the roof, and a flailing stock market diminishing retirement funds. Vote Your Conscience or Vote your Wallet do not have to be mutually exclusive; BOTH ARE TRUE especially when long-term consequences are factored in.

Scorpio and Pluto rule death and regeneration, the veritable phoenix rising from the ashes.  There is no escaping this transformative process as death is the great equalizer, either physically or psychologically. In the aftermath of a storm, there is an inevitable wasteland to be faced and eventually cleared away. It has taken a very long time to reach this day, and here we are.  Whether a career, our home, a relationship, or treasured endeavor, what is done, is now totally over.

We may feel at an utter loss the week after the eclipse between November 9th-16th.  During the immediate time rolling in its wake, self-care is essential.  At a minimum, try to follow basic maintenance:  sleeping and eating right.   Do what you can, when you can, even for just 15 minutes a day to revive and refresh yourself with exercise, meditation, music, hydration, or being in nature.  When we allow for this, it fosters a necessary soulful cleansing and clearing to occur.  We can hear our own beings as we have not before, or for a very long time. 

Then, following a rhythm older than time, the light dawns.  The night is over; whether the trial of hard learned life lessons or the dark night of the soul (or both), light breaks on the horizon, heralded by the planets. First Venus, then Mercury, move into Sagittarius bearing truth and knowledge on November 16th and 17th.  The torch by which they shine allows us to see, perhaps for the first time, what has been kept from us or we’ve intentionally ignored.  The resources that Venus and information that Mercury bring remind us that we are free.  We always have been and will be.

Sagittarius rules freedom and truth born from all knowledge, both book learned and hard-earned experience.  As the light of dawn grows stronger through mid-day, watch for an unmistakable expansive understanding while the Sun joins Venus and Mercury in Sagittarius on November 22nd.   

It is no accident that the New Moon in Sagittarius occurs on the very same day that Generous Jupiter, titan of abundance and knowledge and ruler of Sagittarius itself, turns direct motion on November 23rd.  We live, we learn.  The storm has passed and we survived.  We gained a remarkable and unforgettable education from our experience.

Be sure to take a moment to reflect on your incredible journey, especially given that the timing occurs on the day before Thanksgiving.  On the surface of it, your Thanksgiving travel plans should be smooth.  On a broader, deeper level, use the pause afforded by the extended holiday to realize and acknowledge all you have accomplished and yes, what you have to be grateful for.

New Moons signify new beginnings. Find a moment over the holiday weekend to set your intentions. Hand write three to five goals and wishes to work on over the next month, season or year.  What we think, what we say, what we intend, we do indeed become. It is never more important to take care with the words we use now.  For what you put out into the cosmos, you inevitably receive back.  We didn’t create the laws of the universe, but we must surely live by them.  As above, so below. Sagittarius season reminds us if not guarantees that.

The more we consider ourselves modern and beyond the rules of natural order, the more we come to terms with how alike we are to the ancient mariners of old with only the stars to guide our way.


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