Fertile Ground

May 2023

May gently invites us into her month of Taurus.  The more softly and considerately we step into her rays, the better.  Think Audrey Hepburn, a famous Taurus, a dancer before she acted, and consummately light on her feet.  We are between eclipses now, with Pluto and Messenger Mercury are turning retrograde; so treading gently eases us into this deliciously inviting month.

There is also a real-deal cause and effect rationale for moving into May with grace. Mercury has two more weeks of its retrograde cycle giving us pause to consider, reflect and review where we stand in our lives:  our relationships, our employment and how we spend our days.

Taurus the Bull is particularly occupied with ROI:  return on investment. Outcomes, results and yield.  No wonder then that Taurus rules the stock market…remember the term:  Bull Market?  Taurus follows bombastic Aries, the fire starter, and says “now that your projects are moving forward, how are you going to manage, tend to and help them grow?”  This is practical, grounded and down to earth energy.  As the first earth sign of the zodiac, Taurus gives life and form to our ideas, dreams and visions. She reminds us that what you plant, you shall grow.  The corollary is: you reap what you sow.  No small matter, this.

So it simply makes sense to step lightly into what is beginning to take form in your life now. We have a lot of divine guidance as we shift into May.  Spiritual Neptune in Pisces aligns with Motivating Mars in caring Cancer to steer us toward more meaningful and resonant pursuits.  Follow your intuitively guided internal GPS. Four planets and the lunar north node in earth signs keep things real to put your dreams into action.

It doesn’t get a whole lot more real than the Full Moon on May 5th.  The second of two eclipses in 2023, this eclipse occurs at attention-getting degrees of Taurus and Scorpio.  The Full Moon lunar eclipse means business, and serves as a veritable kick in the pants, wake up call.  If you are out of alignment, or off path in any way, you will be re-directed and course corrected now as the Sun tightly conjoins Change Agent Uranus. 

Here’s why:  Taurus (the Sun) rules values.  It is the original show me the money sign. Scorpio (the Moon) rules power, transformation and our very own psyche itself.  With the Sun conjoined to Awakener Uranus at the time of the eclipse, we are shaken up and made to pay attention.  Opposite the Scorpio Moon, we are stirred to the very bottom of our beings.  To transform, change, be and do life differently than we have before.

Because of the hyper-strong degree at which this eclipse occurs, this is one giant alarm bell going off in our lives.  There is the potential for all we thought we knew or possessed to turn upside down nowThis includes internally (our mind) and externally (our actual possessions).  It is VITAL to note that this eclipse energy may be immensely positive as well:  a dire prognosis turning around, landing a coveted position at work, buying our dream home, and of course:  winning the lottery, either literally or in some way that feels like we hit the jackpot. 

This is particularly true and relevant for anyone with planets or chart angles between 14-16 Taurus, Leo, Scorpio or Aquarius. Key questions to ask now are:  what do I value and WHY?  What do I stand for? How do I want to use, INVEST my time, energy, resources, power and yes: money, from now on? 

There’s no more foolin’ around, says this eclipse.  It is high past time to live purposefully, on purpose, with purpose and for a purpose.  If you have been looking for a reason, something to devote your time and attention to, this is your eclipse.  You will know with absolute certainty why you are here now on planet earth.

A good thing then that Valuable Venus (ruler of Taurus) turns into nurturing Cancer the Crab two days later on Sunday, May 7th.  Come home to mama, she says.  Eat home-made comfort food; snuggle under a blanket; hand make your favorite pastime and hobby.  Soak up the warm and cozy rays of Venus in Cancer, especially in the wake of the roiling eclipse energy.  With Mercury retrograde for one more week, use this time for the RE words:  refresh, reclaim, research, etc.

Because one week later, on Monday, May 15th, Messenger Mercury turns direct motion in Taurus conjoined to the lunar north node:  the message is perfectly simple.  The meaning is clear: sign the contracts, book the travel plans, purchase the large ticket items, invest in yourself.  As if the message couldn’t be any sharper, Generous Jupiter joins the Taurus collective two days later on Wednesday, May 17th

The delicious ripening earthy soil is waiting for you.  What do you want to plant?  What do you want to grow more of in your life?  What do you want to leave as a legacy?  To share with others?

A word of caution here:  The Jupiter-North Node duo clashes with Powerful Pluto in Aquarius now through the rest of the month.  The dominant Taurus energy wants to stick to tried and true paths, doing what it knows will work while Aquarian Pluto pushes us out of our comfort zone to change things up, try new ideas and methods.  In short, there is a clash between old and new. 

To be clear:  we are just getting a taste of the New Order with Pluto’s brief trial run in Aquarius.  Soon he will cycle back into venerable Capricorn in early June.  Still, for now, we are given a heads up, a window into shades of life to come in 2024 and beyond.  So stepping out of your old routines and practices will help you prepare for next year through 2043 when Pluto will be in Aquarius. 

The struggle between old and new is embedded in the New Moon on Friday, May 19th.  With five planets in Taurus, we could not ask for any more fertile ground to plant our desires.  Deliberately hand write three to five goals or intentions that you seek to grow over the next month, season or year.  Then bury in the softening earth or safely burn. 

With Mercury now turning direct and the energy of the New Moon drawing us forward, we’re ready to get on with life.  Especially as Motivating Mars turns into fun and feisty Leo on the same day the Sun shifts into communicative Gemini, Sunday, May 21st.  While Mars and Sun align helpfully to each other, the following week holds some tricky energy as Mars and Pluto square the lunar nodes.   When pushed to the edge of yourself about any given matter, pause and ask is this the hill you want to die on?  Where can you find common ground, be flexible and adaptable?  It is OK to give an inch or two without giving yourself completely away?

This is our collective challenge now:  how to retain the good stuff, what gives meaning, purpose and substance to our lives while adapting to a rapidly changing world. 

 “Mingle the starlight with your lives and you won’t be fretted by trifles.” – Astronomer Maria Mitchell


Of Special Note:

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