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April 2024

Aries is the first sign of the zodiac. The Great Initiator, it is the spark igniting our fire to begin fresh, or anew.  As such, this month we may feel we are in the cosmic forge being hammered, bent and twisted into form like a hot piece of iron. No, the weeks of April do not make for an easy time.

Our work started at the end of March, with the lunar eclipse on the 25th, in Aries and Libra, focusing on relationship, asking where we end and where others begin.  How do we bring ourselves into balance, our needs, wants and agenda in relationship to everything else:  our work, family, friends, and community?  Are we in sync and centered? Or are we out of kilter and in need of realignment?

This is an especially fragile time.  The Spring Equinox invites us to charge forth, energetically bursting ahead with plans and projects. But the eclipse gives pause, stirs up the ether, often throwing curve balls into our best laid ideas.  And then, giving us ample opportunity to make the best use of this cosmic pause, Messenger Mercury slows to a halt and shifts into reverse gear on Day One of April. 

You might think this an April Fool’s prank; but alas, no.  You read correctly:  Mercury retrograde starts on Monday, April 1st.  Try as we might to push forward with our life, this April has other plans.  You can fairly hear a giant collective groan…, “but I don’t want to slow down. Not now just as the days are getting warmer…” 

Yet here we are. 

A reminder:  the best use of Mercury retrograde time is to use the RE words:  Rest, Research, Restore, Refresh, Relax, Renew, Rebalance, Reflect, etc.  I know, I know… It’s springtime and I want to get going and get on with my life too.  But for the next three and a half weeks, until April 25th, cosmic energy invites us elsewhere and otherwise.

It is especially helpful to know this in advance in the event that your plans don’t go as exactly as you hoped; particularly the first week of April when we may feel like our wheels are spinning in mud.  We can’t get any traction.  Please know that any details you lock into place between April 1-24th may need to be re-worked or revised down the road.

So it is best to hold off on major purchases now:  cars, homes, booking big travel arrangements, appliances, and definitely wait to buy communication devices such as laptops, cell phones and tablets.  Of course, if yours happens to break and you need to replace it, make sure to get a warranty as this is one time you may need it. 

It is also to your advantage to wait before signing significant documents and contracts. This is doubly emphasized during the first week of April which is particularly dicey; not only is mercury retrograde but we are between eclipses which is a notorious energetic black hole. 

Our urge to get on with life is underscored by Valuable Venus turning into Aries on Friday, April 5th.  Can you say impatient?   Artistic Venus is not at her beautiful best in this brash, fiery sign.  We want what we want and we want it now.  We feel like our lives are on fire (and in some cases they are); that we cannot wait for cosmic timing to get things done.

So how are we to BE instead of DOING, while urgent, emergent fires burn under our feet?   Just because it is Mercury retrograde doesn’t mean we have to put our lives on hold or sit in meditation all day.  Rather, put the most active RE words to work for you: 

Research:  Research your plans, compare prices, products, vendors, practitioners. Ask questions.  Be open-minded and willing to explore and learn. 

Renew and Refresh:  April is spring cleaning time!  Open your cupboards, closets and windows and let the fresh air in.  Feel how good it is to clean out and organize just one drawer, one room or get the car detailed so you can make way for the new season.

Rebalance, Replenish and Restore:  Time to fill up your cup and do something for you!  And I’m not talking about getting your hair cut or routine exercise.  Try learning what you’ve always been curious about, or exploring somewhere you’ve never been before.

These are active uses of an otherwise wonky stretch culminating in the New Moon total solar eclipse on Monday, April 8th in, you guessed it:  Aries.  This is one strong eclipse highly visible from Texas straight across the Northeastern United States.  With both Sun and Moon in trail blazing Aries, our engines are LIT and rarin’ to go.  So please take caution with fire or heat-born appliances:  stoves, electrical tools and outlets, heaters, dryers, over exposure to the Sun, barbecues, fireplaces, and firepits. 

Aries is impulsive and impatient; wants to be done already, to cross the finish line but uninterested in any how or why, directing others to work out the details.  Remember:  Haste makes waste.  The risk now is rushing into commitments without thinking through impacts; or worse, violence in the wake of not accomplishing the desired results.

So it is imperative to take your time.  There is no hurry.  The more others push your buttons and flip your trigger, the greater the need to take a breath, sleep on it, or go on that proverbial walk around the block to cool off.  While you are doing so, contemplate what your desires are.  Then, hand write 3-5 intentions and either plant in the ground or set safely alight.

Because we are only just getting started! 

For the last two months, Generous Jupiter and Radical Uranus have been moving toward each other.  The Great Jupiter-Uranus conjunction occurs once every 12 years and during April, they meet up in Taurus adding to the already complex energy.  Jupiter rules all of the good stuff: learning, travel, abundance, prosperity and expansion.  Meanwhile Uranus is the rebellious child of the galaxy, favoring upset, re-direction, surprise and shock.

So imagine what these two have in mind when they come together around the third week of April, from the 17th to the 25th.  This is one gargantuan cosmic stretch so fasten your seat belts.

In earthy Taurus, we may expect one heck of a ride for the stock market, along with earthquakes, truly profound eureka scientific breakthroughs, and sudden changes of fortune both in the plus and minus columns.  Anyone off-path, as in:  not following their soul blueprint will be realigned and redirected now.  This stretch will be most notable for fixed signs Taurus, Leo, Scorpio and Aquarius.

Breakdowns and breakthroughs are the watchwords.  Keep in mind:  you have to break down in order to break through.  This is especially vital to bear in mind as we approach the Full Moon in Scorpio on Tuesday, April 23rd, when we will be feeling ALL of the feelings.  Make sure to ground yourself:  get outside into nature; plant and play in the soil; wear grounding crystals:  hematite, obsidian, onyx and tigers eye; and walk barefoot on the earth. 

The release of this Full Moon is particularly immense.  Feel the tension subside or pop.  And as the cosmic clock would have it, immediately following the Full Moon, Jupiter starts to move on from Uranus just as Messenger Mercury turns direct motion on Thursday, April 25th.  Thank Goddess!  You will feel one giant collective sigh.

Take a beat.  Count to ten. Look around and assess where you stand amidst the post-cosmic upheaval. 

You made it through.  Now where to go from here?

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