Judgment Day

October 2023

A very gentle Taurus moon greets us on October 1st and boy, do we need all the calm resolve we can use.  With the tumultuous Full Moon in Aries only just past days before at the end of September, it is important to take a beat, take a moment to gather yourself together.   Even for just 10-15 minutes, find an outlet such as walking in nature, cooking nutritious food or working on a creative project; these will help you face the coming month ahead with a steadier mind and heart.

Cosmically, we move into smoother waters during October. Life is indeed, finally, moving forward again; unlike the planetary fits and spurts stopping and starting (let’s be honest, there was not much starting going on with six planets retrograde in September), it felt like spinning our wheels in heavy mud.  No more.  You will feel the wind behind your back encouraging you to get going now.

What is it you are called to do?  Where are your talents needed most?  Be discerning so that you do not spread yourself too thin.  Your time is a very precious commodity.  And the Taurus moon conjoining Uranus-Jupiter on day one and two of October reminds us to use our resources wisely. 

Only several days into the month, on Wednesday, October 4th, Messenger Mercury turns into Libra joining Mars and the Sun.  Seemingly endless decisions and choices face us.  We are indeed at a cross roads.  There is no going back to the way life was.  The structures we knew so well, for good or ill, continue to crumble.  There seem to be very few rules any more.  Chaos and creativity abound.  Opportunists and optimists alike know that out of chaos comes order; that creativity when done right, is incredibly messy. So it is now: a time of infinite possibilities.

One everlasting rule continues to reign:  the principle of love.  Going forward, our decisions must be heart-centered and rooted in love.  So when facing multiple choices, ask yourself which path makes you feel calm, peaceful, relieved, excited (even if a little nervous)?  That points you in the right direction, toward the answer you seek and your best path forward. If a choice elicits dread, feels dull, stagnant or spikes fear, your intuition is guiding you in another direction.  Suffice it to say, it is not selfish to make choices that are in your own best interest or for your own well-being. 

Assisting our decision-making, Valuable Venus moves into analytical Virgo on Monday, October 9th.  This is no small event.  After a very lonnnng run in Lively Leo, from early June until now, Venus played and partied hard.  Moving into Virgo, she doesn’t shine quite as easily in this efficient, work-oriented sign.  The upside of this energetic combination is Venus’ ability to prioritize, how to make the most of what we have, to help us arrive at the best decisions for our future.

Just two days later, Powerful Pluto turns direct motion.  Generally, we do not feel this cosmic gear shift; however, it occurs as its younger sibling Mars moves into Scorpio, the sign Pluto rules.  Desires emerge.  Sexuality sparks and power plays evolve.  We feel much more deeply.  We yearn to get to the bottom of the matter; we want to know, to be sure of the whys and the hows scratching at us. The gloves are off and the veil is pierced. There is absolutely no pretending any more.  We must be our purely genuine selves.  If we do not know who that is yet, we must own up to our innocence and be clearly honest about our unknowing.  No fakers allowed here.

It is OK not to have all of the answers.  Better to ask and learn than be a fool pretending to know something you do not. Instead, ask those wiser than you.

Authenticity is the basis for the New Moon solar eclipse in Libra on Saturday, October 14th.  The more sincere, honest and real we are with ourselves and each other will serve us well in the long run.  With Messenger Mercury, Sun, Moon and the lunar south node all in Libra, prudent judgment is on the table. We can disagree about the facts all we want; the questions is:  where do we go from here?  How do we get there based on the reality of our situation?  In the maelstrom surrounding many of us, aim for common sense.

By all means, avoid making rushed decisions or allow others to pressure you into making choices you have not fully thought through. Take your time. Ask thoughtful questions:  what’s in it for you?  Does this feel healthy?  The more sound and reasoned our judgment, the better.

Careful, deliberate consideration is essential as you hand write three to five goals and intentions on this potent New Moon.  Understand your motives:  why you want what you desire.  Feel into your desires.  Allow yourself to tune in to Mars’ exact alignment to Saturn in Pisces.  Together, they inform our intuition and offer absolute clarity.  You will be drawn to the best choices.  Even if others do not understand or call you crazy, it is imperative to follow where you are led.

“I am who I am because of the choices I made yesterday.” – Eleanor Roosevelt

Then plant your goals in the potent autumn earth or set safely alight.

Just days apart, both Messenger Mercury and the Sun move into Scorpio, joining Motivating Mars.  On Sunday, October 22nd, Mercury forms a powerful pairing with Mars.  Mercury guides our thoughts and words while Mars rules our actions.  Together, they unearth what must be seen and recognized.  Expect a lot of dirt to be dished up, the good, the bad and the ugly. We drill down further when the Sun rolls into Scorpio on Tuesday, October 24th.  Along with a whole lot of muck and mire, treasure will also be revealed.  For anyone in scientific, healing or research fields, this is a highly productive stretch as Venus aligns with Jupiter in manifesting earth signs:  think prolific results and beneficial, useful outcomes.  It is harvest time in a major way and all of us profit.

We move toward a Full Moon lunar eclipse during the final week of October.  The last eclipse of 2023 occurs on Saturday, October 28th.  Sun, Mercury and Mars in Scorpio oppose the Full Moon tied to Jupiter in Taurus.  Full Moons are markers of culmination and completion.  As a lunar eclipse, this Full Moon signifies the ending of all endings with limitless opportunity for transformation and reinvention.  Our focus is drawn toward resources:  our time, energy, money, skills, talents, power and influence. How will you make the best use of yours?

Our journey takes us to the bottom of ourselves, to the heart of our situation where we unmistakably see it all:  the grime, the grit and the glory. We cannot look away now.  There is so much work still to be done. Taskmaster Saturn prepares to turn direct motion in a few days.  In Pisces, we are called to have faith even where there is very little reason to believe. Which is precisely why we must.







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