Karma Speaks

June 2022

Following May’s cosmic maelstrom, June begins with an abundance of grounding Taurus energy and the Moon in her own sign, nurturing Cancer.  After being tossed about like a toy boat in a hurricane, feel the soft landing, like crashing on a giant foam pad after being hurled over the pole vault bar.  Wow. Soak up the kind, if momentary, energetic waves offer.

It only gets better.  Friday, June 3rd, Messenger Mercury turns direct motion.  Unleash all of your pent up energy.  Sign contracts, book travel plans, purchase big ticket items, namely cars, boats, houses or appliances.   It’s GO time!  Take advantage of the forward thrust to move projects ahead and plow through your to-do list.  Not often a well-known aspect of Mercury, the messenger planet rules commerce:  exchange and trade.  I’ll give you this for that.

Mercury is transactional.  For the past three weeks we had the opportunity to reflect on the value of our transactions, the ROI (return on investment) for our time, energy and money. With its turn forward in earthy Taurus tightly joined to the lunar north node, Mercury makes one powerful statement.  We take a stand. Dig our heels in. Speak up, loudly. This is no pushover moment, in no minor way either, especially as Mars and Jupiter are bound together in fiery Aries.  No holds barred. Think of someone who has been sidelined, dismissed or overlooked (possibly abused) for way too long.  Three-two-one:  BOOM!  Another voice is distinctly heard from now.  Your time to shine has arrived. Enjoy.

Watch impulsive moves and rash behavior.  We are rarin’ to go now after the energetic slog of May.  But check yourself.  Look before you leap and think before you speak.  Also:  use caution with fire.  Take care with engines, stoves, fire pits and fire places, smoking materials, barbecues.  Make sure any fire or heat related matter is extinguished before heading out or turning in.

When used impetuously, the energy at the beginning of June is explosive. Truth bombs abound as well. Hopefully these are the only kind of bombs dropped as Taskmaster Saturn turns retrograde on Saturday, June 4th.  Most of us do not feel the gear shift of planets beyond Mars.  However it is worth noting that the Lord of Karma shifting direction the day after Mercury turns forward underscores the importance of this moment.  For anyone off track or not doing their soul work, the impact of this one-two gear shift makes them go sit in the corner and think about their actions, words and deeds. 

You can hear the wails seeping from every quarter but particularly from those who do not understand the law of cause and effect:  that actions do indeed have consequences.  “For every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction,” states Isaac Newton’s third law of physics, whether physical or metaphysical,  So…what have I done to deserve this? Why me? And woe is me statements during the first week of June will not supply easy answers; rather, in response, age-old sayings come to mind:  the chickens have come home to roost; and, most certainly:  what goes around has definitely come all the way back around.

As Saturn continues to challenge the lunar nodes, pushing and pulling our attention (in fixed signs no less, stubbornly dug in), each of us is called to reach deep, and deeper still than we have ever allowed or wanted.  Aquarian Saturn demands focus on what is needed, what is best for all.  What has the greatest beneficial impact for the most?  While the Taurus north node asks:  how are we going to pay for it all, are we getting the best bang for our buck and is it aligned with our current values? OR especially:  what exactly are our values now?   Meanwhile, the Scorpio South node purges what is no longer relevant, including power struggles of a sexual or financial nature.

We bump into truth at every turn.  It waits for us around each corner as we head into mid-month and the full moon in Sagittarius.  Sagittarius rules truth, freedom and the law. It is no accident that the Supreme Court of the United States (the law) always renders its rulings during the month of June when there is a Full Moon in Sagittarius. Earthly and cosmic law are the same; even if they are known by different names, the meanings and definitions are identical.  As above, so below…  If you think you can out run the law, any law, think again.  And the glaring spotlight of the Full Moon on Tuesday, June 14th shines everywhere; the Sagittarian moon light gets behind the darkest crevasse.  Emphasizing communication, Messenger Mercury enters Gemini precisely on the same day as the Full Moon.  Even if you want to contain (or hide) information, chances are that around June 13-15th, whatever wants to be known will find a way out through leaks or mishaps.  

Mercury rules Gemini, its home sign of information gathering and sharing.  We know Gemini by its glyph, the twins but I tend to think of this glyph also as antennae: such as on a radio or old television set with the “rabbit ears”.  What often gets lost in modern, western living is the equal duality of Gemini.  Information sharing, talking, and especially social media, dominates our culture, often to our detriment. Whereas Eastern cultures place more value on the information gathering aspect of Gemini: listening, hearing, thinking, and contemplation. 

A gentle reminder that words once spoken can never be retracted.  Even the deepest, most sincere apology may not undo words that cut like a knife. So it is vital under the bright light of the June 14th Full Moon that we actually think before we speak. Think about your audience, who exactly will hear your message, whether one person or a cast of thousands.  Think about how your words might land on their ears or in their hearts.  Be especially mindful of vulnerable listeners:  children, elderly, the sick, infirmed or disabled.  Tip the scales toward listening and paying mindful attention rather than speaking.  Follow radio talk show host Bernard Meltzer’s advice:

“Before you speak, ask yourself if what you are going to say is true, is kind, is necessary, is helpful.  If the answer is no, maybe what you are about to say should be left unsaid.”

The Summer Solstice and the longest days of the year are upon us Tuesday, June 21st, marked by the Sun’s passage into maternal Cancer the Crab. Within her embrace, those in the Northern Hemisphere lap up warmth and extra hours to play or make hay.  Two days later, Valuable Venus shifts into Gemini, loosely pairing with Mercury for the rest of June.  The duo gives us maximum versatility and adaptability to what life brings. Our messages and relationships are on point, especially for those in the sales, marketing and media fields. 

The tide turns on Monday, June 27th when inspirational Neptune turns retrograde.  Generally speaking, we do not feel the gear shift of such far away, outer planets of our galaxy. Although, it is worthwhile to note that you may feel more soulful around the end of the month.  Water and music activities (any) are helpful.  The shift of Neptune always sparks a reminder that we are not in fact our jobs, nor our assigned or chosen roles in life either; but rather we are souls who have come to learn and hopefully master lessons in the school house called Earth.  In the crush of running around checking off our to-do list items and climbing the ladder of accomplishment, Neptune’s gentle ebb says there really is, actually, far, far more to life.  Ask yourself, what that might be.

Carefully hold potential possibilities close to you as very next day, very late in the day is the New Moon in Cancer.  She invites us to set intentions on Wednesday, June 29th.  Hand write three to five thoughtfully considered goals, then plant them in the softening earth; or set safely alight and scatter the ashes to warm summer winds.  Nurture your dreams, your soul goals.  Neither tough nor fluff but rather, dreams are the actual stuff of which life is made.

Of Special Note: 

I am thrilled to share that SPIN Magazine invited me to write their first astrology column.  Included each month is your personal astro-sign forecast.  Check out:   www.spin.com;

Tune into my conversation with the inimitable Cathy Ripley Greene on Mystical Messages podcast, Friday, June 11th.  Cathy returns for another insightful discussion; on this episode we discuss the higher octave of our physical senses:  touch, taste, smell, sight, and hearing.  Better known as the clairs, our metaphysical senses: clair voyant, clair audio, clair cognizant, clair sentient, may be developed and used to navigate our world in much the same way as our physical senses. Cathy and I talk about how to recognize and cultivate the clairs. 






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