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May 2018 astrological outlook

While there are the usual planetary sign changes during the month of May, one in particular makes us stand up and take notice.  Uranus, planet of rebellion, genius, invention and the unusual, has been cycling through fiery Aries for the past seven years.  At mid-month, Uranus shifts into earthy Taurus.

As Taurean Barbra Streisand says:  let’s talk. Uranus is change.  It is called The Great Awakener.  The planetary change agent, Uranus spins vertically rather than horizontally like all the other planets.  That’s how a-typical Uranus is.  It says to us: what’s so wrong about that?  I do my thing and you do yours.  Its role as awakener serves a key purpose in our lives:  to show us a truly alternative perspective.  One we may never have thought of, considered, or could even conceive of.

To do this, Uranus often acts radically.  Sudden, surprise events and moments, both positive and challenging are ruled by Uranus.  Since it literally rules earthquakes, lightning (and electricity), Uranus shakes us up and shakes us down.  It jolts our world.  Think break ups and break throughs.  Eureka!  And the veritable Ah-Ha moment.

Moving from fiery Aries into earthy Taurus, Uranus takes on a whole new flavor.  Think back over the last seven years of your life.  Where did the greatest changes occur for you?  At work, in health, with relationships, family or your home, finances or neighborhood and community?

Aries is the first sign of the zodiac, known as the Initiator.  So many firsts occurred over the last seven years.  In the United States for example, the Supreme Court approved gay marriage and upheld universal health care; we had a vast increase in mass (Uranus) gun violence (Aries); a dramatic change in presidential administration from our first African American President to the controversial Donald Trump; a rise in terrorist attacks, the rise and fall of Al Qaeda/Isis; numerous scientific and technological discoveries including self-driving cars, CRISPR genome progress and the widespread use of drones.

Now as Uranus enters the very different quality of Taurus, we may expect other kinds of changes.  Taurus is the first earth sign of the zodiac and is most closely tied to Mother Nature. Taurus is springtime and Uranus is change.  Together, they manifest the bursting flower blossoms and new leaves on trees.   Ruled by Venus, planet of love and money, Taurus oversees beauty, our personal resources, money we earn through our skills and talents, our self-esteem, values and worth.  Taurus wants to know exactly what it is getting for our hard-earned dollar.

Practical Taurus says what you sow, so shall you reap.  So be very careful what you plant, wish or pray for.  As we have treated Mama Earth, so shall she treat us.  Since Uranus is the change agent, in Taurus we can expect fluctuations with our money, the stock markets, climate events, plus new applications of our talents and skills both individually and collectively.  This is key:  Uranus rules groups, networks and friends.  It stands as a reminder:  as goes the individual, so goes the collective.  Uranus is the pebble tossed into the status quo, generating ripples.

Expect ripples, shifts, in your life wherever Uranus in Taurus cycles through your chart.  To prepare for this, be open in all aspects of your life – open to new ideas, people, and creative concepts.  Guard against stagnation, the same-old-same-old, the daily grind.  Change it up!  Even just by taking a new route to work.  There is a time and a place for tradition…such as the holidays we celebrate.  And there is also a time for altering and tweeking customs, routines and habits.

That time is now.

With this in mind, let’s look at the first two weeks leading up to Uranus’ shift into Taurus.  As May opens, three planets cycle through pragmatic Capricorn, lending a whole lot of ballast and drive to our efforts.  Capricorn is the ultimate achiever, setting its sights on a goal, it doesn’t demur. Three planetary heavyweights in this sign (motivating Mars, transformer Pluto, and karmic Saturn), align with the Sun (our will) and generous Jupiter during the next few weeks will get any job done.

Allow your humor and ingenuity to flow as the lunar north node in festive Leo dances with Venus in versatile Gemini.  Much like April, cosmic activity really gets moving the middle of the month.  On the 13th, Messenger Mercury joins the Sun in Taurus, fixing our minds on realistic and worthwhile endeavors.  Again:  be open to anything new – alternative solutions, people, modes of thinking.  This is vital:  Open minds and hearts willing to receive do reach breakthroughs.  Cures, answers, healing.

Ask:  what can you do differently to change the outcome of a stubborn or resistant problem or concern?

May 12-16, the answers start arriving, just in time for the New Moon on May 15th in Taurus.  The Sun (our will) and Moon (our emotions) align beautifully with Pluto (our desires) and Mars (our drive).   In other words, go for broke.  Plant your wishes like crazy:  hand write five or so goals you hope to manifest over the next few months and year.  With six planets in earth signs, master manifesting energy is primed and super ripe.  Plant baby plant.  Water carefully, then step back and watch it all grow.

Two days later, the big shift occurs.  Motivating Mars moves into Aquarius, sign of invention and Uranus turns into Taurus.  These two have challenged each other for the better part of May and will continue to do so through the entire summer.  The truly intriguing part of this challenge is that Mars (our drive) will be in the sign Aquarius, ruled by Uranus!   With both planets cycling through fixed signs (Aquarius and Taurus), we are really being pushed to change long-held and stubborn areas of our lives.

Aquarius is about communication, invention, new modes of thinking and being.  Taurus is deeply rooted in its values and resources.  Uranus asks us to find new ways to add value and fresh resources to harness to resolve obstacles in our path forward.  New applications and new skills, talents to increase our worth.  Think about that.  Uranus in the money/value sign of Taurus is the ultimate entrepreneurial genius. While Mars in Aquarius pushes us to find non-mainstream modes to solve resistant problems.  Each of us is imbued with skills and talents no one else quite has or applies in the exactly the same way.  How could you bring your skill set out to share with others?  Uranus is the group:  how can others benefit by what you know or do?

When applied with focused energy, this combo is the Mother of Invention, pushing through the most obstinate of problems.  Breakthroughs will occur.  The key is to keep trying until success is at hand.  As Winston Churchill said, “never, never, never give up.”

Two days later, on May 19th, Venus enters the nurturing sign of Cancer.  For the next month, until mid-June, our attention is drawn to home, family, food, nurturing anyone or thing we care for.  It is a terrific time to get house projects accomplished and beautify your flower box or yard.  The next day, the Sun shifts into flexible Gemini.  Infinitely versatile, the Gemini Sun finds clever ways to address immediate needs and long-term concerns.  Gemini is the master communicator.  So you will find yourself talking a whole lot to your neighbors, co-workers, students, family and friends.  Just make sure you do not talk yourself into or out of anything you aren’t 100 per cent sure of!

The Full Moon in Sagittarius falls on the 29th, broadening our outlook, searching foreign landscapes (literally, spiritually, on the internet or in our imagination), for answers.  The Sagittarian Moon says don’t fence me in, while the Gemini Sun wants to discuss every possible angle and outcome.  This is a generous, gentle and sensuous Full Moon underscored by a grand planetary formation in water signs.  Generous Jupiter in Scorpio (abundance) aligns with Neptune in Pisces (inspiration) and Venus in Cancer (nurturing).   This alliance is the building block of Faith.  Belief. “Faith is to believe what you do not see; the reward of faith is to see what you believe.” – St. Augustine

With broad minds and open hearts, no obstacle is too great to tackle.  The world is truly ours for the asking.




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