Meeting in the Middle

June 2024

Happy to report:  the cosmic respite continues this month of June.  There are no seismic planetary waves to stir the ether, or trigger us.  The respite affords us space and grace to clean up from the upheaval in the first part of 2024 and move forward with our plans for the future.

We enter June fixated on resources, building what we want to grow, and investing in our skill sets. Only days into the month, our minds shift gears as Messenger Mercury turns into its own sign of Gemini on Monday, June 3rd, joining Generous Jupiter, the Sun and Valuable Venus.  This is one powerful pack for communication, self-expression and persuading those who can further your goals.  Can you say sales and marketing?

These four planets in Gemini for a full week through June 9th are the equivalent of having your own personal public relations and advertising firm.  Endless opportunities abound to get your point across.    Gemini is not shy about boldly making its case or big asks.  Think giant bull horn.

Key to know about Gemini’s duality:  we are very familiar with this sign’s dominant twin, the media influencer and information sharer; but it’s the passive Gemini twin which gathers information, listens, hears and integrates, that is equally important.  In our urge to get the message out, be sure that you have heard all sides before opening your mouth.

In the midst of this week, the New Moon in Gemini occurs on June 6th, further heightening the power of language.  With fully half of the planets, five out of ten, in communicative Gemini, we are given tremendous influence to shape our future through clear intentions.  Carefully handwrite three to five goals you seek to manifest over the coming season.  The more detailed you are, the better.  Then plant your goals in the ripening earth.

What is your message?  You know what you want; so ask for it.  The time is nigh. As the saying goes:  if you don’t ask, you don’t get. 

On Sunday, June 9th, Motivating Mars turns into earthy Taurus.  Over the next six weeks it gradually joins Radical Uranus energizing our resources, inclination to invest in our talents and be discerning about how we spend our time.  Through mid-June, Mars challenges its older sibling Pluto in Aquarius stretching how we focus our desires; meaning:  do we dig our heels in sticking to the tried, true and traditional or push and stretch our resources and skills into new arenas?

You can fairly hear the clash between younger and older sibling:  “it’s always been done this way, I’m not wasting my time and money trying something new,” says Mars, while Pluto challenges:  “stagnate or grow.  Innovate or die.”

Mars and Pluto both deal with drive, motive and desire. Without these, we would not try anything different, go anywhere foreign to us; in short:  we would not evolve.

Bear in mind:  no one alive has experienced Pluto in Aquarius before.  The last time transformational Pluto cycled through Aquarius was 1777-1798.  Pause and think about what was happening then.  Oh yes, the American and French Revolutions.  Pluto is the transformer while Aquarius rules groups, teams, networks, is the inventor, innovator and humanitarian of the zodiac.  Together, Pluto in Aquarius equals upheaval. Its goal:  mass-scale humanitarian change. But at what price?

That is precisely what Mars in show-me-the money Taurus wants to know during mid-June.

The college protests in late April gave us a taste of this planetary conflict.  If we learn anything from history and the grand societal upheaval 250 years ago, don’t just scream protests into the void, have a purpose, an understanding and end goal to work toward. 

You can hold up a stiff middle finger all you want but where will that really get you?  Garnering attention for attention’s sake serves no purpose. Will you achieve the results you desire without pissing everyone off?   Probably not.  The trick is not to throw the baby out with the bath water:  to save what works while adapting to new demands and offend the least number of people in the process.

In other words:  compromise.  Meet in the middle.

But the middle is often very, very messy.  And human beings do not like chaos or mess. Yet that is where the real work is: sorting through the ugly piles, doing the hard shadow work (Pluto rules the shadow), sifting through the dirt to reveal the treasure.

Lest we forget, both the emerging United States and post-revolution France were extremely uncertain and unsettled landscapes. Both nations were navigating uncharted territory, creating countries from scratch, establishing rules and guidelines as they went along; distancing themselves from ancient feudal pasts.  Grand experiments both.

That is precisely what we are invited to remember in mid-June:  we are a work in progress; a creation in the making.  We are never truly “finished”.  Especially important to bear in mind:  so is everyone else, a work in progress that is; so best to hold off on rushing to judgment. We are each doing the best we can, to live up to our potential.

In a time when it seems all of the rules have gone out the window, please remember, there is still only one rule that really matters:  do no harm.

Fortunately, Motivating Mars begins to rotate away from Pluto as we enter the third week of June.  Energetic changes are afoot as both Messenger Mercury and Valuable Venus turn into Cancer the Crab on Monday, June 17th.  Later that week the Sun will join this compassionate crew, marking the summer solstice on Thursday, June 20th.

Notice the difference between the mercurial, communicative early weeks of June and the caring, family and home-oriented focus in the latter two weeks of the month.

The energetic contrast is marked the Full Moon in Capricorn on Friday, June 21st.  Capricorn draws the line in the sand, highlighting what works versus what is not working.   Opposite the Sun, Venus and Mercury in Cancer, this Full Moon asks:  are we allocating resources most effectively, including our time and talents as well as our money?  Are we looking after our own needs in proportion to taking care of everyone else (a Cancerian pitfall for sure)?  Are we taking a stand for our family and homeland?

We all know very well what is at stake for the United States now; the same is true individually.  Voting for ourselves is not selfish when it gives us peace of mind and a quiet conscience. Capricorn plays the long-game.  It sees down the road and asks us to do the same.

Sure, there are more expedient ways to satisfy others, achieve, win the game.  But not if it means we cannot look ourselves in the mirror or our children in their eyes.  Like no other, this Full Moon spotlights essential needs, bare necessities, for our very survival.  These essential needs include emotional, psychological, spiritual and intellectual necessities as well as financial.  Ask: does status or influencing really matter if you cannot pay the rent?  Is giving to others to the point of total depletion so that you have no energy left for your own well-being actually healthy?  The Capricorn Full Moon clearly, firmly says NO.

This lunation occurring so close on the heels of the Summer Solstice is a precursor to Saturn turning retrograde.  The ruler of Capricorn, Saturn slows down the last week of June shifting into reverse gear on June 29th.  While we do not feel this motion as we would say when Mercury, Venus or Mars turn direction, Saturn’s retrograde message is similar to the Capricorn Full Moon:  set limits; be real and realistic; take small steps to achieve goals; be resourceful.

Warm and fuzzy?  No.  Exciting and joyful?  No.  Built to last and stand the test of time:  you bet.

Consider yourself and your goals worthy.

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