Money, Sex and Power: Transformation at Hand

November 2017 astrological outlook

I’m always a bit skeptical when I review the month ahead and don’t see much happening in our galaxy.  The lack of celestial events pushes me to look harder, deeper at what is actually occurring and how our lives may be affected.  This November is a particularly quiet month celestially.  There are only three planetary sign changes and just one planet, spiritual Neptune, which shifts direction.  So let’s take a closer look.

For those of us in the Northern Hemisphere, November starts preparation for winter:  closing down and pulling within.  And certainly as the month opens, we have three planets in Scorpio, the deepest, most secretive, intuitive and psychological sign:  the Sun (our will), Jupiter (abundance) and Messenger Mercury (communication) shape our thoughts and internal guidance.

Scorpio energy digs down underneath layers that we or others use to shield or hide feelings, intentions or perhaps, less than honorable actions. The highest form of Scorpio is to bring to light what is hidden and transform it.  Only a few days into November, the Full Moon falls on the 4th, shining an enormous light on everything and everyone.  Scorpio rules resources, including property, taxes, bank accounts, while the Taurus Full Moon opposite the Sun deals with the money we earn from our skills and talents. These are the money signs, one very personal (Taurus):  how we earn a living; the other, our collective resources (Scorpio).

This Full Moon exposes any efforts to conceal finances or illicit transactions (think tax fraud).  Congress is aiming to restructure the United States tax code this month; and Special Counsel Robert Mueller just indicted two men with dubious financial ties to Russia.  It is an incredibly revealing and intuitive Full Moon and we are pushed to trust our inner voice and better angels.  It’s best to refrain from doubt and second guessing during the first week of November.  Trust your gut.  See where the trail leads and what information is revealed to you now.  Are you shocked by what you learn?  How can you use the knowledge you uncover?

Scorpio also rules regenerative processes:  sex, death and rebirth, whether physical, mental or spiritual. Your interest in sex may very well heighten now; and/or you may fully examine with that famous Scorpio X-Ray sense what parts of yourself, your relationships, your habits or career, etc., need to “die”, be transitioned out so new life may grow.  And, Scorpio rules power, the right use or abuse of it and the karma tied to its use. Just as Jupiter entered Scorpio in early October, powerful men in Hollywood, the media and business have fallen like dominoes from sexual harassment and assault accusations.  The misuse and abuse of sex and power toward women, and men, can be soul damaging.

Scorpio’s X-Ray glare the first week of November can make us feel like we are being watched.  And in many respects, we are.  Our children observe our every move.  Our co-workers see our behavior.  Our clients and patients watch and hear us.  So, pay particular attention to your thoughts, words and deeds now.  When you do, this Taurus Full Moon is super practical in a down-to-earth and realistic way.  She intuitively shows us the buried parts, our shadow, pieces we deny or what has been intentionally hidden from us by others.  So now that you know, now that you have the information, the Full Moon asks, what are you going to do about it?

Take stock, take inventory of your worth, finances, talents and skills, sexuality, personal power.  What do you bring to the table?  Know your worth so you know what you have to effectively mobilize, how to efficiently marshal your resources. Because two days later, Messenger Mercury moves into adventurous Sagittarius.  Here, our thoughts and words are directed to tell the Truth, with a capital T.  As Scorpio digs up what is buried, Sagittarius shines the light of truth on it.

Don’t be surprised if you find yourself blurting out the obvious, well obvious perhaps to you.  Where before you may have held back, now you speak your truth.  Go ahead, say your piece.  No doubt you are saying what others need to hear as well as speaking up for yourself.  No worries.  Motivating Mars cycling through gracious Libra, diplomat extraordinaire, works to consider the effects on your relationships and strives for balance.

The very next day, November 7th, Venus joins the Sun and Jupiter in Scorpio pushing us further.  Scorpio is about desire ¦because through our desires, we transform ourselves consciously or not.  With the two benefic planets (Venus and Jupiter) in the sign of rebirth and regeneration for the rest of the month, a powerful time is at hand for transformation.  What is it about your life that you seek to change?  Any habit, any goal, any facet of yourself that you seek to change and grow is now possible.  Set your sights on what you want.

With the on-going alliance between Saturn-Uranus in fiery Sagittarius and Aries, we have enough raw power to execute our plan.  The key is to make a plan.  Establish a clear goal (one or two at most) then get to it.  The great thing about the Sun (our will), Jupiter (abundance) and Venus (love and money) in Scorpio, they give you everlasting stamina to see work through to completion, accomplish the task; realize the dream.  Why?  Since Scorpio rules power, this sign is the original never-say-die energy.  Because of its unfathomable depth, you are fortified now, imbued with strength even you didn’t know you had.  So go back for one more try until success is yours.  Remember:  You are vastly more powerful than you realize.

Messenger Mercury in Sagittarius aims our arrow high.  Be sure of your target, to point it exactly where you want to go.  Because the caution with three planets in seductive Scorpio is its shadow side:  addiction, obsession and compulsion.  Mixed together you can stir up one great hangover from doing too much of a good thing.  Moderation baby.  Again:  rely on Mars in Libra, sign of balance and temperance to help center yourself, especially at mid-month when Messenger Mercury aligns beautifully with Motivating Mars.

From November 12th-22nd, we are blessed with a full ten-day run of accurately aimed action, thoughts and words.  When harnessed well, this energetic combination is incredibly effective.  Even after Mercury moves away from Mars, it joins heavyweight Saturn in Sagittarius, both aligning with change-agent Uranus to attain our goals.  The message here:  go for it!   This November truly can be a pivotal month for many.

Point your arrow well.  Particularly on the New Moon November 18th, which falls in the midst of this ten day time frame.  Write down 1-5 goals/wishes/prayers you hope to realize over the next month, season, or year. Then plant your written hopes in the earth or cast them in a moving body of water.

Days later, November 22nd, the Sun shifts into Sagittarius, merging our will and our thoughts with Saturn’s current life lessons.  This seems to significantly buoy our arrow and the direction we aim it.  The same day, mystical Neptune turns direct motion.  Gentle Neptune inspires us, is the quiet nudge we feel to create, help our fellow man, dream.  You will feel the tides of your life roll in, pushing you forward.  Pay attention.  Neptune is subtle.  What does your higher self say?  Your intuition?

Moving forward the day before Thanksgiving in the United States, Neptune asks us to tune in.  Think about the kind of connections you want to have over the dinner table this family weekend and over the winter.  Messenger Mercury and karmic Saturn align with radical Uranus in Aries prompting some to bluster loud and long.  Check your tongue.  Filter your speech.  Flow with Neptune instead, as it harmonizes with Jupiter asking:  what behavior, atmosphere, and setting will best serve you, the group, the family now?  Not just during the holiday weekend but for the long-term.  This joyous pair inspires us to show up as our better selves, to trust, have faith in our self, others and the situation at hand.

When we do trust and practice faith, it is the equivalent of putting our hands on the steering wheel of our lives.  You have all of the tools and equipment you need.  Trust, believe.  You’ve got this.


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