Peace Offering

May 2024

You can fairly feel the collective exhale following last month.  It is my sincere pleasure to share that May 2024 will be infinitely calmer than the roller coaster ride that was April.  The cosmos seemingly wanted to get all of its energy out in one fell swoop between March 25th and April 25th.  Jostled, tossed and tattered, we land hard with bumps and bruises to show for it.  In the wake of such tremendous turbulence, we pull ourselves to standing. Dust yourself off. Pause to get your bearings. It may take some time to re-orient ourselves to our new landscape.

What has come before, in memory and existence, was real, and did indeed happen.  Although it may seem hardly relevant to where we stand now.  Our perspective has shifted 180 degrees pointing us in an entirely different direction, to face an altogether unknown future, surrounded by the completely unfamiliar.

Peace follows any storm.  It affords grace to gather ourselves together and assess where to go from here.  The good news is:  we can go anywhere now, do anything.  We could before the storm but most of us did not realize that.  When all the constructs, restrictions and rules are removed, liberation of immense proportions begins to dawn on us.  Now what?  It is really very exciting.  AND:  we are in the month of May to boot!  May, with its deeply delicious rich soil. May offering warm sunshine and cool rain to nourish the seeds of our desires.

What will you plant?

Recognizably, the world is in dire need of peace, love and fertile resources which thankfully, the Taurus Sun supplies in abundance. May your efforts and desires be planted with ample strands of these qualities.

Powerful Pluto turns retrograde in Aquarius on Thursday, May 2nd.  We do not feel the gear shifts of outer planets as we do those closer to planet Earth.  So Pluto’s reverse motion is more of a reminder to check on those desires we are cultivating so readily now.  Ask:  what is it you hope to accomplish with your goal?  Why do you want it so much?  Where will your goal lead?

If you do not know or cannot answer these questions, Pluto retrograde invites us to look under the hood, beneath the veritable carpet where so much of our psyche, our deeper urges are often swept.  We have time, a full week to consider the purpose and reasoning behind our efforts, before the New Moon in Taurus in the wee hours of May 8th.  For some, this New Moon occurs late on May 7th or just after midnight for those on the East Coast of the United States.

The seeds of this New Moon contain the motherlode of fertility with five out of ten planets in earthy Taurus:  the Sun, Moon, Valuable Venus, Generous Jupiter and Radical Uranus, making for an incredibly ripe and opportune time to plant what you want to grow. The Sun pairs closely with Jupiter and Uranus to infuse our desires with overflowing resources to manifest the fruits of our labors.  Resources may include actual money, or raw materials, people, products, and capital.

Taurus is the first primal earth sign of the zodiac offering endless stamina, strength and good ol’ fashioned grit to see endeavors through to the finish.  In short, Taurus doesn’t quit.  This never-say-die quality may be known as stubbornness in some, or dogged determination in others. Either way, when used well during this New Moon, what is begun now will stand the test of time, built to last producing benefits for generations to come.  Knowing that, it is imperative to set your New Moon intentions carefully, handwriting three-to-five goals you seek to manifest.  Bless your words with love, peace and beauty. Then plant your intentions in the deliciously rich and fertile soil to ripen over the next month, season or year.

Taurus rules beauty, an often a much-maligned or overlooked quality these days.  Sidelined is the treasure beauty actually is:  the sweet music that calms our nerves, serene nature inviting us to stay a while longer in its glow, the depth of an artistic work that takes our breath away, treasures all. To be celebrated rather than minimized, beauty blesses each of us, whether in quality of character, talent or physically.

During the heart of May, from the 8th to Monday the 20th, beauty overflows, fairly tripping on itself. Look for it in yourself and others; especially as Messenger Mercury joins the planetary power pack in Taurus, on Thursday, May 16th.  Where are you rich in treasure?  Through service, resources or talents dedicated to benefitting others? In this deeply opportune moment, the possibilities are endless. Consider how you can spread your beauty to lift the lives of those in need.

Energetic shifts are afoot the third week of May.  The cosmic public relations megaphone kicks into high gear beginning Tuesday, May 21st when the Sun shifts into communicative Gemini, followed in short order by Valuable Venus and Generous Jupiter on May 24th and 26th.  Talk about an information powerhouse!  You will feel this energy pivot from considerately cautious Taurus to lightning fast Gemini.  Our minds sharpen our tongues into swift swords.

The energetic sea change from lumbering to fleeting speeds is highlighted under the Full Moon in Sagittarius on Thursday, May 23rd.  What news do you have to share? You will be seen and heard in the farthest corners now.  Launching any endeavor will harness the Full Moon’s spotlight this week. Think of it as free advertising and promotion. Curiosity is piqued:  Inquiring minds want to know and fully understand every nook and cranny, each what, why, how, where, and when about your plantings earlier this month.

Jupiter is the planet of expansion, truth, freedom, abundance, education and the law. For the past year it has cycled through earthy Taurus.  For a full year ahead, Jupiter tours Gemini, the opposite sign it rules, Sagittarius.  Gemini is the communicator of the zodiac; like a radio, the information gatherer and disseminator. In Gemini, Jupiter wants to share and disseminate, the knowledge it has gathered.  When used wisely, Jupiter excels at effective messaging, whether speaking, writing or social media influencing as well as listening while learning and gathering information.

 In the Western hemisphere, we are all too familiar with the information sharing/dissemination aspect of communication.  Unlike Eastern hemisphere cultures, the other half of communication, information gathering is often not nearly as valued in the West.  The importance of hearing, listening, reflecting, and integrating information is often overwhelmingly dominated by the imperative to overshare.

So as we enter June and Gemini season, be mindful of listening in equal measure to talking. Knowledge truly is power. And the only way to gather knowledge is to ask questions followed by deeply heartfelt attention to the language of others.

Say what?

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