Planning and Preparation, not Perfectionism

Planning and Preparation, not Perfectionism

As autumn sets in, four planets in earth energies, two of them in practical Virgo, keep us grounded and real.  Humble and hardworking Virgo is perhaps one of the most misunderstood zodiac signs.  So it’s helpful to better understand what she’s about.  I say “She” because Virgo is a feminine sign.  Her glyph is the Virgin, which some may misconstrue with the Virgin Mary or the mythical Vestal Virgins. But this second earth sign isn’t about religion; rather, she strives for purity, of health and wellness.  She rules, routines, systems and practices.  In short:  habits.  Virgo asks:  what are yours?  Are your daily habits working for you? If not, consider re-evaluating them and implementing new ones.  Thus, Virgo is a mutable sign, meaning flexible and changeable.

Virgo rules animals, work, health, our routines and most of all service.  Virgo is here as a servant and to serve.  Whenever I see a chart laden with Virgo energies, the client has a bent toward service.  This may take on many flavors:  public service such as the Queen of England or regular postal worker, any health care and wellness professional in the medical or metaphysical fields, or day laborers in construction, hospitality or childcare industries and more.

Virgos are notably humble.  They do not actively seek the limelight like “Look at Me” Leos. Virgos often work and work hard, behind the scenes making sure life runs smoothly.  Efficiency, cleanliness, detail-oriented and diligent work ethic are their watchwords.   “Practice makes perfect” says Virgo.  And if there is any downside to this earthly sign, it is the quest for perfection; for the polarity or sign opposite Virgo is Pisces which rules illusion, delusion and disillusionment.  So it is wise to remember that perfection is an illusion.  Try not to lose the forest for the trees by getting so caught up in the nitty-gritty details or trying to make yourself “perfect”.  Remember:  you already are!  Take a breath, change up your routine, and stop beating yourself up…for along with perfectionism, guilt is another useless trap for Virgos.  For every problem there is the solution and herein lies the outlet for Virgo.  Routine.  Virgo rules routine.  When you find yourself spiraling on a mental merry-go-round going nowhere, YOU have the keys to change.  Even micro changes to your practices will help.  All you need to do is try.

Which brings me to the astrology message for September:  planning and preparation are Virgo’s super power.  When we make a plan and stick to it, we accomplish our goals.  One foot in front of the other and 60 days later, voila! Your new routine sticks!   Then, one year later, look back and see how your life has changed for the better.  Sometimes we pinch ourselves when we reflect on how different we are a year later on after embarking on our self-improvement efforts. 

With all FIVE of the outer planets retrograde this month, and Mercury slowing down for its last retrograde cycle of the year, September is an excellent time to review and revisit what works and does not work in our lives. We want to understand why, too, some facet of our life does not work and how best to make effectual improvements; to cleanse and purge that which does not serve us in order to streamline our daily lives, bringing us to our fullest potential and healthiest well-being on all fronts:  body, mind and soul.  This is Virgo.  She works diligently behind the scenes keeping each part operating smoothly.  Think of your body and soul like a car running at maximum efficiency, a well-oiled machine.  For each of us is a physical instrument, a container for our soul. Virgo gets this.   She wants us in peak condition for the job and journey ahead.

If you are ready to improve your life in any sector, September is your month!

From the beginning of September, a grand earth trine, creates a flow between heavy hitters transformer Pluto, motivating Mars and radical Uranus to shift our narratives, in attitude and approach. We are grounded, revved and ready to do the thing.  These Earth energies supply our needs, whether people, finances, support, or otherwise.  We also catch a break and bit of a breather this month as titans Uranus and Saturn distance themselves.  They’ve been boxing all year; but this month, they retreat into their own corners for a rest.

The first week of September lays the ground work for our re-set.  We approach the New Moon in Virgo in the wee, small hours of Tuesday, September 7th…wouldn’t you know, the very day after Labor Day.   So like Virgo, planning to perfection, we head back full steam to work, school and life following summer; both Sun (our will) and Moon (emotions) align to the Uranus-Pluto-Mars trio already in place.  Remember to hand write 3-5 goals you seek to accomplish over the next month, season or year.  During this earth sign New Moon, I suggest planting your intentions into the ground.

By week’s end, Valuable Venus enters seductive Scorpio. Our spidey senses and intuition kick into overdrive as well as our libido, since Scorpio rules lust, sex and desire.  We also want to know what we are getting for our hard earned money.  Think worth.  What investments of our time, energy and resources worth?  This attitude rules through the end of the month.  As Venus helpfully aligns to the earth planets, Sun, Uranus and Pluto, pay attention to how she directs your relationships and evaluates how to spend your invaluable skills, talents, time and finances.  Venus in Scorpio says:  These are not to be taken advantage of or given away.  She reminds us that there is a price for everything.  Do NOT sell yourself short!

Evaluation and weighing are the operative words.  They play even stronger roles when motivating Mars enters Libra, the sign of balance and equality on Wednesday, September 15th.  For the next six weeks, through the end of October, we ask:  what is fair and right?  We focus on peace and harmony, art and beauty.  Combative Mars is not comfortable in Libra which so concerned with relationships.  Others.  When used well, this energy is driven to establish order from chaos, peaceful solutions and artful environments.   It often forgets to factor our SELF into any equation.  Libra’s key phrase is:  I Balance.  So it is vital to remember our own needs, desire and agenda along with the others we are so concerned about.  Remember to save a slice of pie for yourself!

With Mars in Libra, the trick is not to alienate others on our quest for fairness and equality. Mars is not graceful nor gracious.  If we offend others doling out equal slices of pie, we risk missing our goal altogether and potentially lose ground, support and resources. Again, carefully weigh your options.  Libra is about decisions and choices.  Choose wisely.

Helping us select from our buffet of choices is Messenger Mercury, also cycling through Libra. It also softens our words and smooths the ruffled feathers Mars stirs up.  The caution with Mercury in Libra is endless mental debating. Which side of the fence is better? Just remember to avoid the “disease to please” or forgetting about your interests while trying to create harmony for everyone.  Peace at any price invariably ends up disgruntling all involved, especially ourselves in the end.

Our balancing act becomes more evident as Mercury prepares slow down for its final retrograde cycle of 2021, especially as we approach the Full Moon in Pisces on Tuesday, September 21st.  All Full Moons are laden with emotion as they mark culmination.  This particular Full Moon is rife with potential confusion or pristine clarity, depending on your efforts and focus leading up to it.  Visionary Neptune (or Nefarious Neptune as some may call it) conjoins and rules this Full Moon in Pisces, opposite the Sun and Mars.  Known as the Harvest Moon, it is vital to ask:  what is it you want to harvest, yield or release?  It is worth spending time to contemplate and meditate on this.  Clarity may be difficult to come by as Messenger Mercury makes a wonky (inconjunct) angle to Moon-Neptune and challenges powerful Pluto during this Full Moon.  So it takes mental elbow grease to discern what is real, what is illusory and discern the direction to take.  Invest time to understand the various perspectives in order to make fully informed decisions. 

With the Sun in the final degrees of Virgo (health) this applies to how you respond to Covid as well.  To mask or not to mask?  To vaccinate or not?  That is the question.

We may continue sitting on the fence considering this question and many others as Mercury turns retrograde the following week on Monday, September 27th.  Due to its retrograde cycle, the messenger planet has an extended tour through Libra for two months.  As a result, we continue weighing vital matters under consideration. Mercury’s gear shift brings six planets into reverse gear the final days of September into the first week of October.  As a RE minder, retrogrades are best used for:  RE flection, RE view, RE search, RE visit, RE member, RE pair, RE store, RE new, etc.  During the stretch between September 26th and October 18th it is particularly wise to engage in any RE activity. 

Given the magnitude of what faces us individually, nationally and globally now, this is a particularly helpful retrograde passage.  We have A LOT to think about and reflect on that is for sure.  It is also best to avoid major purchases and signing significant contracts or documents.  With three planets in Libra (Sun, Mars and Mercury), weigh your options carefully.  It is definitely NOT a time of “he who hesitates is lost” but rather “know thyself”.  Understanding the motive behind any decision, the “why” and not the “how”, leads to better self-awareness and wiser choices.

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