Push Comes to Shove

February 2024

Refreshing!  February is truly a breath of fresh air, a much needed break offering even-keeled, harmonious rhythm which is most welcome in the unsettling times we now live. Within this rhythm, growth and opportunity promise to unfold.

There are two noteworthy reasons for this. First, ALL planets are now cycling in forward motion!  Be sure to take advantage of this clear cosmic energy.  The all-planetary thrust ahead stays with us through the end of March, giving us just over two months to initiate projects, relationships, launch ideas and products.  In short:  GO FOR IT!  The next 60 days is go time.

Another key factor for February’s stability is that just three zodiac signs dominate most of the month:  inventive Aquarius, spiritual Pisces and earthy Taurus.  Aquarius and Taurus are considered “fixed” signs, meaning resourceful with dogged determination, aka, creative and stubborn; so it is a very good thing fluid and flexible Pisces is part of this picture, especially at the end of February.  Wherever you can lean into your imagination, especially using water and music to pivot and redirect your thoughts or vibes, do so.  Both tools are immediately accessible, and it is amazing how a shower or playing your favorite songs changes our head space and switches our frequency for the better.

All ten planets cycling direct in just a few signs makes for a fairly calm month.  How best can we use the next few weeks?

Where possible, choose group activities, even with one other person, particularly those of a humanitarian nature. Look for what is outside of your comfort zone, the non-mainstream or unusual. This is your month to try something different and what you’ve never done before.  Surprise yourself!  Since January, Powerful Pluto and the Sun turned into Aquarius, inviting us to celebrate our differences, reach across the illusion of our separateness by joining together to problem solve and innovate. 

We may have little choice, because over the course of the next few weeks, all three interior planets, Mercury, Venus and Mars turn into Aquarius as well; so that by mid-month five planets, from the Sun all the way to Pluto, guide us along uncommon vibrations.

With 5 out of 10 planets in this avant garde sign, let’s talk Aquarius.  Ruled by Radical Uranus, the only planet that rotates vertically instead of horizontally, Aquarians march to their own drum.  They harken to their own tune, often one that no one else can hear.  And that is perfectly fine with them!  Notable Aquarians include humanitarians, artists, scientists, and eccentrics of pure genius including Thomas Edison, Abraham Lincoln and Oprah Winfrey.

Uranus is known as the Great Awakener.  So February will mark breakthroughs, breakdowns, and significant Ah-Hah moments.  After all, both the French and American Revolutions took place when Pluto cycled through Aquarius.  If Uranus connects to a planet in your chart, watch for anything unexpected.  These may not necessarily be negative.  Such passages can deliver windfalls, long-sought solutions to nagging problems, and answers to our prayers.  

If we are off-path in any facet of our lives, Uranus redirects us often quite suddenly.  The planet of change pushes us to live up to our potential, our soul contract.  In other words: what we came here to accomplish in Earth school.  It’s just that human beings like predictability. So, what to watch for, the caution with all of this Aquarian energy? 

Getting comfortable with discomfort, taking a chance we never considered before, speaking up and speaking out, breaking free of what keeps us down.  The flip sides of this stretch is:  Rebels without a cause. Radical situations. Unruly behavior.  Particularly between February 13th and 17h

Fortunately, the cosmos walks us slowly into this unconventional energy.  Just a few days into February, Messenger Mercury turns into Aquarius on Monday, the 5th, where it is considered “exalted”, meaning deeply skilled and highly favored.  Here, Mercury is able to gather and share information on steroids.  This is a good thing.  We gain impartial, accurate data enabling wiser decisions.

By the end of that week, the New Moon on Friday, February 9th adds to the mix.  With the Aquarian Sun and New Moon challenging ruling planet Uranus, look out for “my-way-or-the- highway” attitudes, stiff resistance with heels dug in hard.

Push has come to shove. 

At this point, there are those who are never going to change their minds and definitely not change their ways.  The ship is sailing and many prefer to stay behind.  You won’t be able to persuade them, no matter how vivid the facts or evidence.  Remember:  they need to live their own lives through their own choices.  Say your piece and move on.

Key now is the opportunity this New Moon presents:  carefully hand write three to five goals, intentions or wishes that you seek to manifest over the coming weeks, months and year. 

The following Tuesday, February 13th, Motivating Mars enters Aquarius, joining older sibling Pluto.  Can you say drive?  Whatever problem seeks a solution, this pair offers no-hold-barred grit.  Creatives and STEM folks will shine now and really produce results.  Mars-Pluto refuses to take no for an answer.  They will find a way.  And it may not be pretty.  Those with an axe to grind may take to the streets, loud and proud.  This is one dicey stretch of February through Friday the 16th.

Over President’s Day weekend, calmer, softer waves begin to gather on Saturday, February 17th when Valuable Venus joins the Aquarian combo.  Here, she is particularly detached, able to remove herself from the fray and offer impartial, logical assistance.  In Aquarius, Venus says to those stirring up trouble:  you do you.  I will be over here doing my thing, solving world hunger and climate change.

Days later, on Monday, February 19th, the Sun shifts into imaginative Pisces.  Here, the Sun wants to know what all of the ruckus is about.  It asks:  Why don’t we hold hands and sing songs of peace?  Rays of hope sparkle. When Messenger joins the Sun in Pisces by Friday, February 23rd, we begin composing gentle tunes.  Like a balm to our souls, we sure can use some sweet music now. 

Under the bright light of the Virgo Full Moon on February 24th, collective health and well-being come into clear focus.  This efficient Full Moon wants details and facts, full accountability and an outline for the future; while the opposing Piscean Sun dreams the impossible dream of communal bliss.  Sun and Moon are not mutually exclusive.  One fantasizes, the other plans.

Sitting at distinct polarities, they invite us to do the same:  hold the dream in our heart and manifest with our mind.  Control what you can and surrender the rest.  Humanity is at a turning point and so are we.  What is your dream?

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