Put Your Party Shoes On

June 2023

From the title of this message, you may think all struggle and strife are over and done with.  As last month taught us, however, the work is never quite finished.  But the incredibly heavy lifting we experienced on many fronts during the April and May have passed.  We can put the weighty spiritual bar bells down now.  We squeezed through life’s eye of the needle and come out whole on the other side to tell the tale. Take a breather and savor the fruits of your labor for a moment.  It is vital to give yourself permission to live a little.

Cosmically, our feet are firmly planted on the ground with three planets and the lunar north node in earthy Taurus.  This is rock solid energy making it an excellent time to plant what you want to grow more of in your life, whether education, relationships, business, home life, etc.  It is OK to spend a bit now as you will reap a terrific return on wherever you invest your time, talents or resources. 

You may think twice about exactly how to spend the currency and fuel of your life as the Gemini Sun challenges Taskmaster Saturn in Pisces the first week of June.  We feel the push and pull of life’s obligations versus our desires and dreams; and oh yes, then there is only so much money in the bank and time in any given day.  The struggle is temporarily amplified by planets in all four fixed signs (Taurus, Leo, Scorpio, Aquarius) battling it out on June 1, which is decision day about the national debt ceiling limit.

Any road blocks in your progress will not last; this is especially important to note as we head into a Full Moon in Sagittarius on Saturday, June 3rd.   Do what liberates you is the message.  We are offered alternative routes and helpful detours if you will, afforded by Neptune and Venus aligning in Pisces and Cancer; so make sure you lean into their flow in early June.  Some may call this taking the path of least resistance.  Another name for this is surrender, or saying a BIG YES to what IS working for you rather than continuing to bang on closed doors. Embrace opportunity right under your nose.

If the last couple months showed us anything, it was to build more of what gives you PEACE, JOY and LOVE. We are at the beginning stage of a completely new paradigm in the history of mankind.  The veil is off; patterns operating on old and outdated programming and conditioning will not stand.  Anything built on the dark arts of revenge, hate, or greed simply will not work now. 

The beauty of the Sagittarius Full Moon rests in its honesty.  Truth pours forth from its bright spotlight, liberating everyone. Its energy feels like a gigantic AH-HAH!  Now I get it.  Now I understand. Any confusion or mystery will be cleared up by this educational and wise Full Moon. Sagittarius also rules the law, as above, so below.  So watch for where the rule of law applies in your life or the world at large around this time.

Aligning to Motivating Mars in Leo, this is one creative Full Moon.  Go Big or Go Home, it says.  Definitely:  go explore, go venture forth beyond your immediate world and discover how others live and do.  Let’s get this party started!  Says the alignment of our emotions (moon) and energy (mars).  Feel the release, the joy and passion.  YAAAAAAS!  We can all use the delicious juice supplied by this planetary flow.  If you are getting married, graduating or celebrating any event, the first weekend in June will be a blast!

Even if you don’t have a specific occasion to toast, put your party shoes on anyway as Valuable Venus joins Mars on Monday, June 5th, just two days after the Full Moon.  Joy is here to stay, at least for the next month as both Venus and Mars revel in Leo, the sign of romance, creativity and FUN, until July 10th.  TAKE ADVANTAGE of their combined force. 

Venus rules love, money, art, beauty and relationships; while Mars directs our energy.  Leo rules risk taking; remember, you can only win if I you play.  No risk, no reward.  So go ahead and throw your hat in the ring.  Put yourself out there and take a chance.  Luck is on your side now.  This is one fun, romantic and playful stretch that doesn’t come along too often.  With warmer weather, take time to dance, explore and enjoy.  Your adventures do not need to be expensive, or even scheduled.  In fact, the simpler and more spontaneous the better; be full of childlike wonder and imagination.  Take an unplanned detour to allow for surprise.

Messenger Mercury shifts into its own sign Gemini on Sunday, June 11th aligning to Powerful Pluto.  Our powers of observation are super sharp now.  This is a terrific time to gather and share information. Knowledge is power.  Equally, our words are on point.  Express yourself and speak your truth but be mindful of gossip and hearsay. Your words carry particular strength between June 9-12th; so choose your words and thoughts wisely.  We become what we think.

Trickster energy is afoot the week leading into the New Moon on June 17th.   Gemini Mercury challenges Saturn in Pisces as the taskmaster turns retrograde.  Watch for con artists, spin doctors, people and situations that are too good to be true, pretending to be someone/something they are definitely not.  Focus, focus, focus your attention intently from June 13th-18th.  A pervasive illusion, disillusionment and delusion, smoke and mirrors permeate everywhere along this stretch. So be sure to look under the hood.  Do not be shy about asking hard questions.  If someone becomes uncomfortable due to the questions you ask, that tells you A LOT.  Everything, actually.

Use caution during the weekend of June 17-18th when Taskmaster Saturn turns retrograde at the same time as the New Moon in Gemini.  Set your New Moon intentions with special care:  understand WHY you are choosing particular words and the reason behind your goals and wishes. Think long-term, what will happen if you reach your goal.  What happens then?  This New Moon could very well let the proverbial genie out of the bottle…so be careful what you wish for.

This is underscored by the precise alliance of the two cosmic titans:  Jupiter and Saturn. Both planets have to do with manifestation, albeit in different ways.  Generous Jupiter rules expansion, growth, learning and abundance while Taskmaster Saturn teaches and builds through life lessons.  Saturn now cycles through spiritual Pisces, encouraging us to act on our beliefs, dreams and visions, as Jupiter in earthy Taurus offers plentiful resources to plant and develop our dreams.

Both planets teach us:  Jupiter by supplying opportunities and Saturn via trials and challenges.  Jupiter offers a full ride scholarship while Saturn sends us through the school of hard knocks.  As the two align and work seamlessly together, it is deeply important to understand any motivation beneath your dreams:  why you want something or someone; because you will receive what you ask for now.  Carefully selected words and language are always important but now more than ever when inviting a goal into your life.  Choosing words well, hand write 3-5 goals or intentions to plant in the ripening earth or set safely alight.

By the end of the week, the Sun enters Cancer the Crab, reaching its apex in the northern hemisphere and marking the summer solstice on Thursday, June 22nd.   With the Moon in Leo tightly wedged between Venus and Mars, get your festive attire out.  Under the long, lingering light, celebrate life and practice gratitude for all you are and have accomplished.

Before long, Messenger Mercury joins the Sun in Cancer on Monday, June 26th.  Four planets and the lunar south node cycle through water signs, strengthening our intuition.  Your internal GPS is deeply accurate now.  Follow where it leads. Trusting divine guidance and timing never fail to deliver.  Draw nearer to water and music, home, family, food, and the mystical realms.  Dip your toe in the stream, sing a song, row your boat, build a sandcastle and watch the ocean tide reclaim it.  Life is the daydream you make of it.

Of Special Note:                                                                   

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