Saving Graces

March 2024

Cosmic momentum sweeps us forward as March begins.  Every single planet continues to cycle direct motion for the entire month ahead.  Use this forward thrust to initiate projects, relationships, launching products and major purchases.

March notoriously roars in like a Lion and rolls over into April like a lamb; at least as far as the weather is concerned.  The same applies to the roaring cosmic energy on March 1st.  Watch that any push and pull does not turn into a tug of war, or worse, conflicts over resources and power dynamics.  A difficult tangle between the Scorpio Moon, Venus-Mars in Aquarius and Uranus in Taurus may have people dug in, refusing to compromise or fighting mad.  Take a breath. Hit the pause button. This resistant energy dissolves by March 3rd.

As the month begins, think before you respond, lest you say something out of turn that has long-term consequences.

Fortunately, in this same moment, we are enveloped and surrounded by four planets in gentle Pisces, offering a saving grace, an ocean of support indicating all will be well.  The Sun, Messenger Mercury, Taskmaster Saturn and spiritual Neptune pull us along the river of life in their boat of dreams. They remind us to believe, to keep the faith, that there is indeed a wiser, invisible divine hand at work.  Do you believe?  Will you trust?

Amidst our conflicts and struggles it is vital to remember when it is better to let go rather than continue pressing, pushing and hammering onward.  Think of a time when you’ve stewed over a vexing problem.  SO frustrating!  Then, you go to sleep and the next morning, freshly rested, the solution to your problem surfaces, seemingly out of nowhere, like clouds parting after a rain storm letting sunshine stream down.  This is Pisces, that invisible divine collective wisdom.  Soul, spirit, consciousness itself. 

While it is human nature to charge forward with life, the month of March offers an invitation to surrender to the greater timeless knowledge always available to us.  Surrender and flow with what comes are the primary themes all through March. This requires blind faith, believing that everything will work out for our highest and best interests, whether despite our best efforts to make life happen, or sometimes in spite of our efforts.  Realize that we are operating on divine timing rather than our own contrived schedules and plan.  As the Yiddish saying goes, we plan, God laughs.

Our guiding star is a continuous thread of Yang and Yin, also known as the Masculine and Feminine principles.  Some may feel a battle between energies, that they are pitted against each other, Yang versus Yin:  the strident urge to move onward conflicting with the need to let go and flow.  Heading into the New Moon on March 10th, we feel these energies wrestling mightily.

The Moon joins the Sun and Saturn in Pisces just as Messenger Mercury shifts into impulsive Aries. Talk about Yin and Yang in cosmic action!   Aries Mercury urges our minds and mouths to really get on with life now; yet not so fast say the Pisces trio.  It can feel like an ON and OFF switch, or a heavy gas pedal and brake.  The trick is knowing when to press that gas pedal and go for it and when to coast along on the brake.  Good timing comes with maturity and life experience. 

We are wise to combine the quickening impulse of Aries and the considerate inspiration of Pisces Sun, Saturn and Neptune while handwriting three-to-five intentions and goals for the season ahead.  Plant your written goals in the softening earth or alight safely in a fire proof container.

Only days later Venus joins the Pisces planets on March 12th.  Here, Venus is considered exalted, meaning, she generously and selflessly shares her gifts of love.  Can you say compassion?  Earth angels abound.  Soak up the love.  Humanity certainly can use all the angelic love that Venus has to offer through the rest of March.  The week between March 13th and 20th is one hopeful window where humanitarian crises and concerns may be resolved.  May all war end now.  So be it.

Music and water are vital to our well-being now.  Make use of their gifts as much as possible:  listen to magical mood-shifting music to re-set yourself, your thoughts and frame of mind.  Walk by a body of water, kayak or canoe, swim, water or snow ski to shape shift out of who you no longer are into the person you are becoming.

The Spring Equinox is upon us.  Wednesday, March 20th the Sun turns into fiery Aries marking our exit from winter into warmer days just as Motivating Mars now joins the three other Pisces planets on Saturday, March 23rd .  These are heady days indeed. Especially as we move toward the first eclipse of 2024 on Monday, March 25th

As a reminder:  eclipses are neither bad nor good.  They are windows, like portals of energy and IF they connect to a planet or angle in your astrology chart, serve as a significant marker or turning point.  The lunar eclipse of March 25th occurs in Libra; so relationships, judgment, decisions and balance are drawn into sharp focus.  If you have any planets at 5 or 6 Aries and Libra, you will feel this eclipse!  Watch for key decisions you are making, especially those involving relationship or partnership.  Be sure to factor your own needs into all decisions as Libra tends to forget about itself.

Make the most of the final few days in March. We are between eclipses now, with the second of the pair occurring on April 8th and Mercury turning retrograde in between them.  Uneven energy leading to dicey days lay ahead. If you can hold off now on purchasing large items such as homes, cars or appliances, it is best to do so until the end of April. 

The ocean of life always contains us, safely holding us in her waves with the stars above to guide our way.  Steer your boat with great care.

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