Take Me to the River

March 2022

 As happens cosmically speaking, occasionally most of the planets cluster in just a few signs.  March 2022 is one such a time when eight out of ten planets gather in three signs for most of the month.  The effect of this directs our energy in a particular area of life.  In this case, the final three signs of the zodiac:  Capricorn, Aquarius and Pisces.

The last quarter of the zodiac has to with the greater good.  Thus, we find ourselves focusing on concerns beyond our immediate needs, past our jobs and yes, even our families to the collective:   how our actions affect others, perhaps everyone combined.  This energetic thrust is practical, humanitarian, innovative and benevolent.  I think we can all agree, we certainly know what does not work by now.  It is time to try something completely different and maybe even radical.  To reach across what divides us and find common ground.  To achieve greater understanding.  To realize that what bothers and bogs us down, also probably bothers others.  What impacts me, impacts you.

March offers break through, inventive energy, as well as useful and visionary tools to solve long-standing problems.  And we couldn’t have a better cosmic stretch to tackle the BIG stuff in our lives because March is the halfway point of an unusual three-month planetary All Clear:   every single planet is cycling forward motion and undisturbed by even a single eclipse.  What does this mean for you?  It is GO TIME.

March really does come roaring in on day one.

The month opens with Venus and Mars tightly conjoined to Powerhouse Pluto in sturdy Capricorn.  Can you say drive?  We have ambition to spare.  And it’s not all about ego.  This is quintessentially bare bones energy.  Venus governs our skills, talents, and wallet.  Mars is our initiative.  Pluto, Mars’ bigger sibling, triggers our desire.  Packed together, this trio doesn’t mess around.  There’s no time to waste.  In Capricorn, they keep a firm eye on the score and ask:  do you have what it takes to go the distance?   Is this endeavor of yours something that will stand the test of time?  It is it worthy of you? And worth the currency of your life:  your time, energy and yes, money?

Meanwhile, Messenger Mercury pairs with taskmaster Saturn in Aquarius.  Mercury shines in this connective sign, proving that truly anything can be accomplished when we put our minds to it.   Aquarian Thomas Edison, still the record holder of most patents, is testament to this; as are Oprah Winfrey and Abraham Lincoln.  Different as they seem to be from each other, what do they have in common?  They link all of us together in a way we haven’t been before, through innovation, connection and humanitarian efforts.  What benefits them, benefits all.

And then there is Pisces, where Generous Jupiter, the Sun and dreamy Neptune are cycling. Go big or go home, they inspire.  How big can you dream?  What does your soul say?  Time to check in with it.  This is a grand, visionary force.  Music, water, dreams, the collective unconscious connote that we are in fact one and the same body.  Bound by and to each other, the animal kingdom, the elements.

Together, the combination of practicality (Capricorn), innovation (Aquarius) and vision (Pisces) pull us individually and as a group out of the past and into new terrain.  In short, we progress.  We evolve. We grow.

Enter the New Moon.

In Pisces, sandwiched between the Sun and Generous Jupiter, this New Moon on Wednesday, March 2nd is an invitation to dream.  Put on some music, maybe something you haven’t listened to in a while, or ever before, and hand write 3-5 intentions you seek to manifest over the coming month, season or year.  What is it you desire?  The Force is with you big time now.   We’re living a landmark moment; nothing is as it was before and anything is truly possible.  The future is ripe with every imaginable possibility.  And imagine is a key word for this Piscean New Moon.  It says we are only limited by our imaginations.

So who do you want to be?  Do that. Become her. Reinvent yourself from the inside out.

Mars and Venus guide the way as they shift into Aquarius on Sunday, March 6th.   Radically individual, this don’t fence me in energy pushes us to be every inch our SELF, regardless of what anyone else says.  Use this unabashedly unique force to design how you want to live. The only constructs are those you confine yourself to; so it is vital to give yourself permission to live outside of the box.  Venus and Mars rule relationship and drive.  Different, unusual-to-you people and ideas may surface now. Give them a whirl.  Connect to and network with groups.  Try anything once.  You never know what breakthroughs might occur if you do!

Thursday, March 10th Messenger Mercury turns into dreamy Pisces joining Neptune, Jupiter and the Sun.  We are in the flow now.  You can fight against the tide OR surrender and see where it takes you.  I suggest surrendering.  Ask yourself:  do you really have the amount of energy it takes to hold back the tide, push against the unrelenting current?  Why would you want to anyway?   With seven out of ten planets in either Aquarius or Pisces guiding us toward the answers we seek, curiosity and wonder are key.

Lately, one aspect in extremely short supply is wonder.  To allow for the element of surprise.  Our divisions sprout from staunch certainty that we are right; that we have all of the answers; that there can be no other way to be or do or live.  Instead, mid-March prompts us to be curious about what’s around the river bend.  That perhaps if we allow time and nature to gently lead us, we might just arrive at an infinitely finer solution or destination than we could ever imagine, much less contrive ourselves.

After all…How big is the ocean?  How infinite is the sky?  How large can you dream?

The days leading up to the Virgo Full Moon on Friday, March 18th will push our buttons to flow with ingenuity.  We can feel the wheels of innovation churn, grinding against each other sparking solutions.  Venus and Mars in Aquarius challenge change-agent Uranus in earthy Taurus.  This energy poses two alternatives:  to dig our heels in and resist the possibilities at hand, or, … open to greater “what ifs”.  Such as, what if we said yes instead of no.  What if we took a risk, maybe risked being disliked, or worse, thought of being different, instead of always conforming, mostly likely to someone else’s rules.  What if we spent our time, talents and treasure differently instead of shutting the lid on new ideas and resource investment?

Our guide here is the Virgo Full Moon.  She says:  control what you can; while the four planets in Pisces opposite the moon say:  let the rest go.  Let go and let God; Goddess; Source, Spirit. Your soul.  Your soul knows the way.  Step out from behind the curtain of your ego which perpetually and loudly claims to know it all, when actually though… your better, wiser, higher self knows in fact, there are other ways altogether of being.  It’s time to flow with your soul.

Just a few days later, the Spring Equinox heralds the arrival of a new and brighter season on Monday, March 21st.  In the Northern Hemisphere, we begin emerging from reflective wintertime.  As the Sun moves into fiery Aries, followed by Messenger Mercury on the 27th, our will, thoughts and words courageously leap to action.  We know now exactly what to do.  We are the architects of our deepest dreams.  Go now and do.

Of Special Interest:

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