The Currency of Your Life

May 2022

May opens the day after the first eclipse of 2022.  We are now deep into Taurus the Bull terrain, the first primal earth sign of the zodiac, with the Sun, Uranus, Moon and its north node tightly clustered together in this sign of value.  Since the lunar nodes moved into the money signs of Taurus and Scorpio back in January, we are drawn to evaluating and learning what we value, in ourselves, others and life.

Whole tomes have been written on actual currency and how it originated from barter systems…I’ll give you this, that I value for that which I need or want.  And in many ways, humanity is back to the drawing board in this class, reviewing and remembering what constitutes worth.  I could recite many adages here:  time is money, money is power and you can’t take it with you….whatever the proverbial IT is that you value so much:  that treasured jewel, that beloved home, that car, motorcycle, or fill in the blank.

For some, the whole lesson here on earth is there is more to life than money.  For others, their whole lesson is learning to manage, wield and control money.  Neither end of the spectrum is bad or good; rather, the direction we are called, the spiritual or the material each serve purposes.  And 2022 guarantees one thing:  each of us is being deeply schooled in our relationship to worth, its meaning and role in our lives.

All four eclipses of 2022 occur on the Taurus-Scorpio axis.  Taurus rules our individual skills and talents, how we earn a living, thus both our inner and outer resources; while Scorpio rules shared resources and joint finances such as with a spouse or the taxes we pay.  Taurus is tangible assets.  Scorpio is power derived from joint assets.  Or not, as the case may be, if the resource meter is on empty.

The world bears witness now to how those with tremendous power and position choose to wield it such as:   Mackenzie Scott (formerly Bezos) underwriting life-changing scholarships at historically black colleges; Vladimir Putin invading and destroying neighboring Ukraine; Vladimir Zelensky standing up to Putin’s unwelcome invasion rather than fleeing for personal safety.

The entire year of 2022, the eclipses and the month of May in particular ask us:  if we were in their shoes, had their riches or power, what would we do?  How would we spend the currency of our life:  our time, energy, talents, and resources.  In philanthropic circles, this is known as the Triple Ts:  time, talent, and treasure. In the wake of the first eclipse, with the second eclipse still two weeks away, Messenger Mercury steps gingerly into its home sign of Gemini on May 1st.  Our minds click into overdrive, connecting ideas and concepts with alacrity.

Valuable Venus greatly assists Mercury with fearless leaps and initiatives as she shifts into fiery Aries on Tuesday, May 3rd.  Venus unabashedly links people and resources to our efforts….the right helpers and tools appear at exactly the moment we need it.  Take advantage of the seamless connectivity between mind and matter during the first week of the month!  You will be glad you did as Mercury shifts gears shortly thereafter on Monday, May 9th.   The Messenger planet spins in reverse for the next three weeks until Friday, June 3rd.  So any major purchases or contracts that you need to implement are best done prior to Sunday, May 8th, before Messenger Mercury turns retrograde motion. 

A particular stretch to avoid buying big ticket items or signing significant documents is from May 9th to Monday, May 16th.  That week is an energetic black hole as it is both the period between two eclipses and retrograde Mercury to boot.  The best use of our energy that week is exercising the RE words:  research, review, renovate, restore, renew, etc.  You also want to hold off on booking and paying for any travel plans if possible in that time frame.

Getting our attention, Generous Jupiter turns into warrior Aries on Wednesday, May 11th.   Planet of expansion, growth and development, Jupiter is particularly at home in Aries.  We feel now that anything is truly possible.  Our customary fears or inhibitions subside as we aren’t afraid to try activities, people or things new to us.  Jupiter in Aries may serve as the breath of fresh air we so badly need.  It emboldens and empowers.  The caution here is impulsivity and leaping before we look.  Good thing, perhaps that Mercury is retrograde, slowing our trigger hand a bit.

We feel the energy thicken heading into mid-month as the second eclipse occurs on the Full Moon, May 15 or 16, depending on your location.  Not a light and frothy time harkening back to past springtimes; this time around, the current May of 2022 bears down, signifying a time of gravitas and import, the densest, thickest part of primal Taurus earth, as the strongest and heaviest Bull energy levels us dead on.

Both change agent Uranus and Gigantic Jupiter are at attention-getting degrees (15 Taurus and 00 Aries) at the time of the second eclipse.  Events stop us in our tracks.  You are seen and heard. Pay special notice to what you do and say on or around May 14-16th.  If you are off path or out of alignment in any sector of your life, you will be made to course correct now.  The Full Moon in Scorpio reveals it all and shows everyone for who they really are.  Don’t even think about hiding or trying to sweep anything under the rug.  It is a waste of time and energy.  You can run but you cannot hide; and anyway, why would you want to?  For wherever you go, there you are.

This energy works both ways as it is raw, powerful and deeply karmic.  It is a psychic roto-rooter to beat all.  So anyone who has been victimized or unjustly persecuted for anything, your time has come.  Prepare to be made whole and made good in a profound way.  The Jupiter-Neptune in Pisces during April cleared the way and washed clean any past residue.  Now, with Jupiter’s move into a whole new cycle at the initial degree of Aries, we start completely fresh. 

By the end of the week, the Sun, our will and how we engage with the world, enters Gemini on Saturday, May 21st.  We seek to get our message across now but it is equally important to listen and hear what others have to say; particularly as two days later, retrograding Messenger Mercury, re-enters Taurus. When the communication planet reverses back into Taurus, our thoughts become more cautious and careful.

Taurus Mercury slows our impulse; we are not so quick to the draw, especially when it comes to spending our hard earned dollar.  We muse a bit more over the cost of things, both material and immaterial.  We ask:  what investment of our time, energy and money is required by any person or proposition?  With Mercury still retrograde for yet another ten days, do your homework and ask the hard questions.  You will be glad you did!

A slower hand helps to counterbalance Motivating Mars’ shift into its home sign of Aries, on Wednesday, May 25th.  Joining Jupiter, these two fire up our engines, both literally and creatively.  Use Mercury’s mental deliberation to temper any rash decisions.  A big caution here is to watch your use of fire or anything mechanical.  Make sure to turn off any heat-born appliances, including the washer-dryer, before leaving your house.  Any outdoor fires or barbeques over the holiday weekend should be extinguished when turning in for the night.  Take care and use common sense with any electrical devices or anything with a motor. 

Plan on a lovely Memorial Day weekend as Valuable Venus enters her home sign of Taurus on Sunday, May 29th just before the New Moon in Gemini the next day on Monday, May 30th.  Ready, set, write your carefully considered intentions and either plant them in the warming earth or safely burn alight in a safe container.  In only a few days, on June 3rd, Messenger Mercury turns direct.  Reflect now, during the final days of May.  Contemplate and prepare.  For soon enough it will be time to set your dreams and desires into motion.  

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