The Iceman Cometh

January 2023

The New Year begins very, very slowly.  Much like the frozen northern hemisphere, life stands still.  The dead of winter is upon us now.  Both Motivating Mars, planet of action, and Messenger Mercury ruling communication, are cycling retrograde motion as January 2023 begins.  Retrograde planetary cycles give the illusion that planets are moving backwards.  This is an optical illusion from our position on earth.   Yet while it appears that nothing is happening, underneath the surface of life:  everything is happening.  Like retrograding planets, we just can’t see it from our vantage point.  

I remind clients that if we never slept, how functional would we be in life?  The first half of January is exactly this:  a natural sleep cycle.  Winter compared to summer.  While it may feel like we cannot get anything going or moving forward during the first two weeks of the month, that perspective is also an illusion; for when used wisely and well, this time is very rich indeed. From January 1-18th, planning and preparation hold the keys to the spring.

Best to employ the RE words:  rest, review, research, relax, restore, renovate, reclaim, etc.  You get the idea. Because from MLKing weekend onward, we feel like we’re on a rocket ship.  So take advantage of life moving in first gear as January begins.  Think of it as a warm-up or dress rehearsal for the following three plus months of bustling activity.  It is truly is the perfect time to percolate ideas, your dreams, to build the life you’re envisioning.

While I was too young to understand the message of Eugene O’Neill’s Iceman Cometh when I saw it as a child, the story plots the need for people to perpetuate their dreams, whether fantasy or reality-based.  I mention this because it describes the on-going dance between Neptune and Mars since last fall and which continues into the spring. 

In January, Mars and Neptune are taking a break, dancing away from each other, cycling a distance apart until they clash again later in February.  Their break time affords us increased clarity and clear insight which we haven’t had in quite a while.   Supporting this energy are significant grounding forces to focus our attention.  No less than six out of the ten planets are passing through earth signs as January begins, accentuated by the lunar north node in Taurus.  This is real deal energy that productively directs our time, talents and resources.   What you put in really is what you get out, now.  Think ROI (return on investment) later on down the road.

While it seems we can’t get any measurable traction, focus on what you can accomplish.  Set a goal (or more); make a plan; ask questions if you don’t know the answers; network; deep dive research; rest (yes this is essential for even the most extroverted of us).

Our awareness heightens moving into the Full Moon in nurturing Cancer the Crab opposing Capricorn Sun-Mercury on Friday, January 6th.  Emotionally we are empathetic, in tune and intuitive, even as our thoughts and actions are goal oriented.  Heart vs. Mind joust in vivid Technicolor; but remember:  it doesn’t have to be one or the other, either/or; rather, think:  both/and.  Use this distinction consciously and wisely, allowing your feelings to inform your deeds, letting your emotions guide your initiatives.  Think of this process as left hand and right hand, mind and emotions, playing collaboratively together in seamless coordination.

Boosting our mindfulness as the Full Moon waxes, Valuable Venus shifts into inventive Aquarius on Tuesday, January 3rd.  Aquarius lends detachment to our perspective.  Innovation and unique strategies abound for managing our relationships and resources through January 12th as Venus aligns to Mars.  This alignment couldn’t come at a better time as Mars finally turns direct motion after two and a half long months!  Ideas, communication, groups, networking and technology shift forward; we inch onward at first; then like getting our wheels going beneath us, we start to feel in the flow of life again.

One full week later, strap in for a series of sizeable planetary gear shifts. First, on Wednesday, January 18th, Messenger Mercury turns direct motion in practical Capricorn. Notably, on the same day, the Sun makes its annual conjunction to transformer Pluto.  This is one powerful stretch, as remarkable as it is potent.  Like double espresso strong.  Two days later, the Sun enters innovative Aquarius and the following day, the New Moon in Aquarius occurs on Saturday, January 21st

Heading into the holiday weekend of Martin Luther King Day, pay attention to thoughts and words, both yours and others. This is the fourth consecutive New Moon occurring in the first degrees of a sign; meaning:  expect all new beginnings in every sector of our lives.  These early degree New Moons continue throughout 2023 indicating that we have the opportunity to plant what we want to grow whether at home, work, relationship, family, money, health, and much more. 

It is absolutely no accident nor coincidence that these lunar cycles occur now after the deconstruction of the past few years, the pandemic of 2020-21 and destabilization of 2022.  Virtually everything is on the table to revise, renew and/or release.  Capricorn Mercury and Pluto cut out the waste and what is no longer wanted or needed; while the Aquarian Sun and New Moon point us toward alternative and non-traditional techniques and methods to harness.  Anything is possible now says this New Moon.

The updraft and massive tail wind brought on by Mercury-Mars’ push forward simultaneous to the New Moon affords the opportunity to carefully set intentions for the coming month and year.  Hand write three to five goals, prayers or wishes you seek to manifest.  Then set alight in a safe container, either fire pit or fireplace, or bury in the earth if you live in a warmer climate. 

Our wishes are the Cosmos’ command as Change agent Uranus turns direct motion on Sunday, January 22nd marking the fourth and final cosmic gear shift of the month.  The significance of these tightly clustered planetary changes not be overstated. Think of an enormous 747 jet airplane revving its engine for take-off and you get an idea of how massive the energetic thrust forward is now. For those paying attention and making use of the powerful energy this weekend with goodwill and compassion, you’ve got the whole world in your hands.  While the calendar may indicate that 2023 began three weeks prior on New Year’s Day, the energetic cosmic calendar actually starts the third weekend of the month.   

From January 23rd through April 21st, all planets are GO.  Every single planet is moving forward motion.  The frozen energy of early January now gives way to a 3-2-1 launch pad pushing up and onward in every direction.  GO GO GO.  Time to sign major deals, documents and contracts; purchase the large ticket items, list your home for sale; or book big travel arrangements.

The time for rumination and contemplation is over.  It is time to move and move on. Especially to bring your dreams to life. Where the beginning of January was filled with a whole lot of speculation, musing and reflection, the remaining ten days of the month are about doing the thing to knock off the proverbial to-do list.

As a final generous gesture and signature to the month, Valuable Venus enters selfless Pisces on Thursday, January 26th.  In dreamy, mystical Pisces, Venus is an honored guest.  Here, she graces our relationships and resources with benevolence and compassion straight from our hearts and better angels.  She concerned in making sure everyone has what each needs, to live, love and thrive.

Although still deep in winter’s grasp, we now approach Imbolc on February 1st, marking the half way point between the winter solstice and spring equinox.  Imbolc literally means “in the belly of the Mother” because the seeds of spring begin to stir in the belly of Mother Earth.  Earth and heart are spelled with the exact same letters.  Ask now, what stirs deep in your heart to give life when spring arises?

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                                                          “Mingle the starlight with your lives and you won’t be fretted by trifles.” – Astronomer Maria Mitchell













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