Welcome to the Underworld

Welcome to the Underworld

Compared to the cosmic roller coaster of October, I am thrilled to say that November is much calmer.  We are now working out the kinks stirred up by the planetary dust storm last month. The dust hasn’t completely settled. And it will not for a while yet. 

Many clients and friends have remarked that 2021 has been much more difficult than 2020.  In many respects, it has been for sure.  Last year, life came to a screeching halt.  Most of us didn’t make a move or many decisions either.  We confronted, then stumbled through what is called “a new normal”.  Much as we hoped, 2021, however, has proven that there is no normal, in fact.  This has shown to be a year of fits and starts, beginning with to vax or not to vax, of resuming travel and work, of friends or even family falling away, making continual adjustments as we try to find a pace, tempo or rhythm to life again.  And most challenging for all of us is facing some very clear, hard truths.

Which brings me to November:  the month of Scorpio, ruled by Pluto, god of the underworld.  We have arrived, in the underworld, that is, each of us wading through muck and mire we’d much prefer to turn a blind eye on.  With both the Sun and Motivating Mars in Scorpio, and Messenger Mercury joining on Friday, November 5th, our energy, thoughts and words intensively dig down deep beneath the surface of life.  We become detectives and psychologists searching for answers, root causes, to get to the bottom of matters. 

This is Scorpio.  It leaves no stone unturned.  And the stones it does turn over reveal treasure of all kind:  some which you may take to the bank, some that you can use to understand the great riddles of life, and some to build a new foundation upon after spending quality time in the dark night of the soul.  Because Scorpio and its planetary ruler Pluto govern the shadow, our shadow.  Both sign and planet say, “ignore your dark side at your own peril”.  Meaning:  if you continue to deny, cover up or ignore what lay underneath the surface of yourself, it will only grow larger, thicker and more troublesome. 

During this month of November, when we pause to look at what is revealed, we may address the source and cause of repeating patterns, then move forward unencumbered.  Freer. Healthier. Purged and cleansed.

Which is what 2021 is all about:  the big purge.  To think that we were going to come to a grinding halt via pandemic last year and simply paper over our behavior then move right along as before, is just not real.  2021 forces our hand.  Makes us deal with the dirty stuff, down under, below. Says:   you will look at this whether you like it or not. Some of us will do the work, repairing damages and making necessary changes.  Some will whine and complain.  Some will resist and deny with all their might. 

Either way, the former paradigm is DONE.  The old structures and previous programs are over:  Deconstructed.  This is Scorpio’s heyday.  Can you say transformation?  There is no turning back now. For any student of history, the period we are living through now is similar to before World War I and afterward.  Gone were the monarchies and dynasties to make way for new industry, technology, art, lifestyle and super powers democracy, autocracy and communism. 

We are deep in the midst of deconstruction now; we have yet to know what will emerge from the cauldron and crucible of transmutation.  What I do know for certain is that this is an incredibly fertile and creative time. Literally:  ANYTHING IS POSSIBLE NOW.  This is Scorpio:  deep, dark, delicious.

The same day Messenger Mercury turns into Scorpio, on November 5th, Valuable Venus shifts into Capricorn where she is not especially comfortable. Venus is sensual, relatable, and well, cozy.  Everything the stern sign of Capricorn is not. What is notable about her passage through Capricorn is that she will be here until next March 2022!   Why so long you may ask?  Well, next month in December Venus turns retrograde for 40 days thus protracting her cycle in Capricorn.

So let’s take a closer look at Venus in Capricorn.  First, Venus rules love, money and relationship; art, beauty and balance as well.  Venus doesn’t just want to relate, she IS the art of relationship.  Whereas Capricorn, is stark contrasts:  black and white, linear, limits and boundaries:  you stay on your side of the fence and I will stay on mine.  Capricorn and its ruler Saturn govern hard work, responsibility, integrity, honor, and the great ledger of life:  debits and credits.  You either did the thing or you didn’t.  Capricorn never blurs the lines. 

So you can see how soft and sensual Venus would feel on edge in such a literal sign.

And here we have this combination for the next FOUR months through March of 2022.  So, how do we manage this energetic mix? 

Getting real.  First with ourselves.  Taking that long, hard look in the mirror.  Finding what works and what does not work in our lives.  Then eliminating what does not work so we can focus on and grow what is working.  Venus is good at that: investing in and growing more of what we do want.  This reductive process offers an outline for your life.  For it is easier to identify what is not functional, what can be purged in this month of Scorpio, in order to distill the good stuff.  The parts that you want to keep, that work well and efficiently.

With four whole months ahead as Venus passes back and forth through Capricorn, 120 days and nights, we buckle up to get a handle on our primary relationship with our SELF.  Once we get a firm grip on exactly who we are, our other relationships will follow suit.  Enter Capricorn.  Its formal, linear, black and white, no nonsense quality determines IF we still have anything in common with our friends and loved ones.  Who shall stay and who shall go.  It’s that simple. Note:  I did not say easy.

Venus’ protracted journey through Capricorn (during the winter season of course) goes hand in glove with our Scorpio deep dive.  Elimination is the watch word for both.  And both Venus and Scorpio rule finances:  one personal, the other shared/joint.  In addition to getting serious about meaningful relationships in our lives, we also scrutinize wallets and bank accounts now.  Have you checked your credit score lately?  Are you living beyond your means, racking up expenses faster than you can pay them off?  Not for much longer.

Just as Venus gets going in hard-nosed Capricorn, while the Sun, Motivating Mars and Messenger Mercury are deeeeep into Scorpio territory, the Moon enters Taurus…ruled by, you guessed it:  Venus!  A Full Moon Lunar Eclipse is upon us now on Friday, November 19th.  Tied to the natal north node in communicative Gemini on one end and Mercury on the other end, the message is crystal clear: get your priorities straight, beginning with your finances. 

This eclipse says:  You either have the money or you don’t.  If you do, this eclipse assures you freedom, as it is tied to the south node in Sagittarius.  There is no shading the truth with this eclipse.  If your financial house is not in good shape, you are made to do the work.  If your bookkeeping is in solid order, then you are free to develop your skills and talents as you see fit (Venus/Moon in Taurus).  To spend your resources, be they time, energy, talents or resources, as you like. 

The Truth shall set you Free:   The hallmark of Sagittarius, where the Sun now enters three days later on Monday, November 22nd.  Conjoined to the lunar South Node, the Sagittarius Sun pursues truth with all the fire we can muster.  We seek to understand; not because we DO understand; but rather to learn, just for the sheer adventure and exploration afforded by the journey.

Good to know, also, that Sagittarius rules the law, both cosmic and earthly.  As above, so below.  Tell the truth now.  Don’t shirk it.  Otherwise, face the consequences says Messenger Mercury entering Sagittarius on the Wednesday before Thanksgiving.  With the Sun and Mercury straddling the lunar South Node all in honest Sadge, we get the message loud and unmistakably clear.  Do the right thing. 

Live honestly.  Follow your path.  Live your truth, not anyone else’s.  As Oscar Wilde said, “Be yourself.  Everyone else is taken.”

Of Special Note:

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October opens with no less than 6 planets (out of ten) retrograde motion.  A number of my clients have asked why the energy is so sluggish.  Here is why:   Retrograde, or reverse gear, isn’t a negative thing. Rather, it is part of the natural cycle of life patterns.  It involves reflection, turning inward, and thinking rather than acting and pushing forward.  Think of it similar to the season of winter, and it is upon us cosmically now. 

The outer planets spend nearly half of the year retrograde.  Because of their distance from Earth, we normally do not feel this; however, the overlapping cycles of the three outer planets (Uranus, Neptune and Pluto) along with titans Jupiter and Saturn, from the end of August through mid-October has the effect of slowing life to a crawl.  Interior planet Messenger Mercury added to this on September 27th when it also turned retrograde. 

Little traction is gained now.  Instead, tune in.  Meditate.  Listen.  What do you hear? 

The paradigms and constructs we have known are falling away for sure.  The old and out dated are dissolving (Neptune in Pisces).  The unknown and yet-to-be are gradually taking their place.  And the unknown often engenders fear.  But while there is chaos all around everywhere we look, it is also a wildly creative time to be alive. 

October affords us bountiful deliberation and consideration of how to proceed.  Out of our retrograde reflections we will gain a clearer understanding of our values, what is important to us, how we want to spend our time, energy and resources.   The importance of this cannot be overstated.  We are given the chance to craft a mission statement for our future.

Libra energy dominates the first half of October, with the Sun, Motivating Mars and Messenger Mercury leaning our actions and words toward what is fair, balanced and yes, beautiful.  Libra recognizes that each person deserves to be treated equally and is entitled to beauty, to feel it, experience it, live it, know it.  Libra is grace; something we can all agree is in very short supply these days. 

Use the first week of October wisely and steep yourself in as much beauty and grace as you can manage.  Create a work of art; purchase a finely tailored article of clothing; visit a museum or gallery; host an event or dinner party.  Give of yourself by sharing your talents and knowledge willingly and liberally with others, all the while carefully weighing your choices and possible directions.  The tide begins turning soon enough. 

The New Moon on Wednesday, October 6th is a force to be reckoned with.  The impact of this New Moon is tremendous.  Four planets are in Libra:  Sun, Moon, Mars and Mercury.  Libra is known as the Velvet Hammer.  She gets what she wants through a charm offensive, and by applying finesse and grace.  She is a master of design: including human, cultural and product.  The trick for Libra is decision making.  To choose.  Therein lies the quest for balance, which is Libra’s key phrase:  I Balance. That in making a choice, there is compromise and consequently not everyone ends up happy.  REMEMBER to always factor in your own needs and agenda. Because Libra’s Achilles heel is often forgetting about themselves when meeting everyone else’s demands.   

Libra can sit on the fence debating pros and cons until opportunity has passed her by. Especially where relationship is concerned So it is a healthy idea to take the first five days of October to make up your mind.  Then at the time of the New Moon:  CHOOSE.  Set your intentions carefully.  With all four Libra planets aligned to Generous Jupiter in Aquarius, the Force is with you now.  Underscoring this powerful energy, Pluto the transformer turns direct motion the very same day as the New Moon.  Pluto challenges Messenger Mercury; our choices weigh heavily.  We realize the consequences no matter what side of the fence we come down on.   Here’s a word to the wise:  There are no wrong decisions, only learning.

We realize, though, we have only one choice:  to embody, to live, to be our Truth; especially with Venus, ruler of Libra, at the final degree of Scorpio at this New Moon conjoining the Lunar South node in Sagittarius. Meaning:  exercise the full power and might of your being with every choice and decision.  The imperative here is getting crystal clear about your relationship to yourself.  To be absolutely 100 per cent yourself.  If you don’t know who you are, now is the time to get to know YOU.  Because there is no more faking, pretending, or going along to get along anymore.  The veil is wispy thin now and each of us is seen for exactly who and what we are.   Do yourself a favor and simply live your honest truth.  Others may not like the real you; but the upside is that you will be able to look yourself in the mirror. 

The next day, Valuable Venus moves into Sagittarius. For the remainder of the month we explore what life has to offer, open up to adventure, feel more spiritual and philosophical and enjoy people who expand our reality.    Given what faces us nationally and globally, this is a very good thing.  Greater understanding and learning only leads to broader empathy for our fellow man.  That we are not so very different from one another after all. 

Giving us a few days to allow the magnitude of these cosmic events to fully settle upon us and integrate, or perhaps ingratiate itself, Taskmaster Saturn then turns direct motion on Monday, October 11th.   Two planets down, two more to go, in terms of direct gear shifts this month.  (Uranus and Neptune stay retrograde for a while yet to come).  Saturn is serious.  Never frivolous.  Its direct motion underscores the gravitas of the moment.  In Aquarius, Saturn directs us toward the collective benefit, what will help the greater good, and connecting ideas to groups via technology.

As it turns forward motion and picks up steam, Saturn aligns with the Lunar North Node in Gemini, conveying our thoughts and facilitating communication.  In short, this alliance takes the edge off Mercury’s retrograde.  We have one week yet to go until Monday, October 18th, when Messenger Mercury moves forward again.  But we can feel the momentum of life beginning to pick up steam.  We are given one more week to dig deep, research, renew, review, etc. key plans and decisions before we act on them. 

Use every ounce of time to finalize details because Messenger Mercury turns direct motion on the very same day Generous Jupiter moves forward as well; and, their combined thrust ahead occurs only two days before the Full Moon on Wednesday, October 20th.  Mercury sends the message while Jupiter magnifies it; together, we can expect to receive very large messages.  Think Times Square BIG.  Under the light of the waxing moon, information is unmistakably clear. 

To make things more interesting, this will be a highly combustible Full Moon.  So fiery that it should come with a warning label and wrapped in yellow CAUTION tape. This Aries Full Moon brazenly challenges Powerful Pluto and opposes Motivating Mars conjoined to the Sun.  One clear meaning:  Out with the Old and in with the New.  Watch for explosive relationships, situations, information, or desperate people who will use just about any tactic to make their voices heard.

It is not hyperbole to say that we stand, individually and collectively, on the brink of a historic paradigm shift; the immense sort of cultural pivots that mark distinct BEFORE and AFTER periods, such as those we have heard our forebears talk about…like, before World War II and after; before the fall of Rome and after; before Christ and after, and, before or after the Covid Pandemic.  Yes, we are on an immense threshold.

Some may feel as though they’re being observed or watched, not in a paranoid way but rather due to an increased awareness that their language, actions, thoughts and intentions actually have consequences and impact.  Well, they do!  Increases of heightened awareness may be symptoms of spiritual ascension.  A fuller understanding that each of us is truly connected to the other, even if we don’t personally know the other person or group, indicates growth, expansion and development. We are learning that we do in fact create our reality from our thoughts, and our realities ripple out in waves touching all other lives. Such is the magnitude of this time. 

Saturday, October 23rd the Sun turns into Scorpio, excavating and turning over what needs to be seen, revealed and dealt with.  During the final week of the month, a test of wills, stamina and fortitude emerges as the Scorpio Sun gradually boxes with Saturn in Aquarius.  Watch for a “my way or the highway” attitude, a digging in of heels and stubborn resistance, belying much personal inner work yet to be done.  Helping us reach across what divides us, including getting over ourselves, Messenger Mercury assists greatly in its alliance to Aquarian Saturn and then Jupiter during October’s last days.  Not only does Mercury relay messages but it wants to relate while finishing up its tour through Libra while a stark Darwinian reality stares us down:  Adapt or die. We can adamantly cling to the old. But change is a-comin’ whether we like it or not.  Best to shake the hand of the future and face it squarely in the eye.

Of Special Note:

Friday, October 15, 2021

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