It’s easy to say, but it is not something we always do. This month though, especially during the time of Thanksgiving, is terrific to begin a practice of gratitude.

Messenger planet Mercury conjoins Venus, planet of love and money, in adventurous Sagittarius for the first three weeks of November. Spiritual, educational and travel journeys are on the docket. It doesn’t necessarily mean you need to leave your home to learn and enlighten ….perhaps begin a journey inward, that meditation practice you’ve always thought about. You may explore new spiritual opportunities or take a class that broadens your horizons and where you meet new people.

Whether or not you do meditate, consider saying daily words of thanks to Source, Spirit, God, or whatever you name as the higher power. You don’t even need to reserve special quiet time to do this. You can be driving/commuting to work, preparing a meal, even showering. It is simply important to acknowledge all that you have been given. When the north node of the moon joins Mercury and Venus next week, the direction you intentionally set is emphasized. Like a Sagittarian archer, aim your arrow at exactly what you want in life and then fire away.

During November, we all share in the bounty. The much-talked about date 11-11-11 next week bears immense blessings. In metaphysical circles, this number is very special, a number of the angels. Eleven-eleven-eleven is a true attention-getter, calling us to realize how loved we are, enveloped in angelic goodness and light. The angels are here to help us to manifest our potential and become our highest and best selves.

So isn’t it amazing that on the magical day 11-11-11, planetary energies align to deliver our needs and dreams? Since May, Jupiter and Pluto have been making a beautiful angle in the earth signs of Taurus and Capricorn, fostering our material desires. On November 11, action planet Mars will move into Virgo to enhance the strength of powerbroker (Pluto) and titan of abundance (Jupiter).

This configuration will be with us for a while: mid-November until March 2012. Now you will reap rewards for all you have sown over the past months and years. At month’s end, Venus will join Pluto in Capricorn to heighten this planetary troika, bestowing further blessings, possibly honors granted in a very public forum for work well done. This is also an excellent time to plant seeds for the future to manifest dreams you have always thought about but never put into motion. And because of the time of year, it is literally a good time for harvesting the earth as well as planting in the ground what will flower next springtime. For those struggling with health concerns, you may now find long-sought relief as Virgo rules health.

As always in life, there is ying for every yang. Mercury turns retrograde on November 23, the day before Thanksgiving. You might think this is a cosmic joke, falling on the heaviest travel day of the year, as Mercury rules short distance travel. Helpful as mercury will be in early November, look out between November 23 and December 12, while the messenger planet doles out its notorious communication snafus. Best to tread lightly. If you don’t have to travel, this year might be better off laying low and staying local. Eat turkey at home; maybe have the neighbors over since Aunt Betty’s flight could be delayed…

If you do have to travel over Thanksgiving, plan really well in advance and be sure to have extra fuel, cash and essentials on hand. Try to remember that the point of the retrograde phase is to slow us down, not to “do” so much but to “re”flect, “re”fresh, “re”new…partake in any of those “re” verbs. This might be especially hard as we gear up to the Holiday Season. However, if we are truly “re”laxed over the retrograde three weeks and practice gratitude, heading into the Season of Light and the New Year will all that much easier!