November Blessings

November is the month for giving thanks. This year, November began with two beneficent planets, Venus and Jupiter, in retrograde motion. Retrograde periods are often perceived as negative; however, these are natural phases in life that occur, even for planets. Such phases provide a chance to rest and review wherever they occur. Many people have heard of Mercury Retrograde simply because of their frequency along with warnings or points of blame: “no wonder the computer broke…”

In the case of Venus and Jupiter, these planets typcially bear blessings and bountiful energy in our lives. Venus rules love, money, art and beauty. The expansive planet of Jupiter brings abundance to whatever it touches, ruling higher learning, spirituality, publishing, and freedom. These two planets have been in retrograde motion and both will turn direct within two days this month.

Venus has been moving backward through the sign of Scorpio, touching areas of deep psychology, money, sex and death. We are now witnessing the trials of Elizabeth Smart’s kidnapper as well as the verdict for Connecticut’s Petit family murders. Both of these trials involved issues relating to Scorpio. Now as Venus is about to turn direct in Libra on November 19th, we see a balancing of the scales of justice.

On November 18th, Jupiter turns direct in the sign of Pisces. Like Scorpio, Pisces is a water sign, infusing life with crystal clear, murky or stormy waters. Since Jupiter is an outer planet, it has been moving backward for a longer period of time. Its titanic energy coupled with Uranus, planet of change and upheaval, that have been traveling together for several months, has brought us tsunamis, hurricanes, and the recent cruise ship debacle. Uranus rules electricity. A massive power outage on a Carnival cruise ship stranding the passengers at sea is a prime example of these energies bumping into each other.

Next week both Venus and Jupiter will once again be moving forward, spreading their beneficence and abundance during the season of Thanksgiving and the holidays. Look at your life patterns for examples of how these magnificent energies work to help you.