Lunar Eclipse June 26, 2010

The eclipse on Saturday heralds the “summer of transformation”. Major planetary forces are afoot. Jupiter, planet of expansion conjoins Uranus, planet of change and rebellion, and both oppose Saturn, ruler of responsibility and karma. All three of these make stressful angles to Pluto, the transformer.

Wherever these angles happen to fall in your astrological chart, you will feel surges to do away with what no longer serves your best interests. This might include relationships, careers, belief systems, possessions, etc. The cycle this summer is one of: out with old, in with the new, in a clear cut, uncompromising way.

Eclipses are trigger points and this Saturday’s lunar eclipse finds the moon conjoining Pluto in Capricorn, so emotional transformation is the watchword. Especially look out for deep-seeded matters involving your honor and integrity, responsibility, long standing tradition, career/professional life, authority, and prestige as these are keynotes of Capricorn. Because the eclipse includes Pluto, significant power struggles or hidden maneuvers may occur with family members, particularly mother-child relationships. Other areas also touched at this time are house/home, biological inheritance, food and/or psychological roots. These are all areas ruled by the moon and Cancer the Crab.

Best to take a few deep breaths before acting or answering!