A universal truth is that all things are difficult before they are easy.  Such is the transition we find ourselves in this Springtime between March and April.  Rarely is there a month where astrologically, so many blessings and opportunities may be found and seized.  This month is a very exciting time.  It will be hard to be anything but wildly optimistic.

The planets flooding into dreamy Pisces last month have now burst into fiery Aries.  Now we are truly awakened, energized and ready to take on our hopes, dreams and challenges.  Aries is the sign of the warrior, the trail blazer, great initiator and pioneer.  Often visionary and impulsive, Aries energy is fabulous for starting projects and relationships but a word of caution:  be sure not to lose yourself to its impulse, rush in tackling more than you can manage.  In short, be practical.  Try not to bite off more than you can chew.

The first week of the month finds us catalyzed by Pluto’s challenging angles to four, yes four, planets.  As Pluto moves through pragmatic, earthy Capricorn, we are urged to follow our desires, build a future methodically, step-by-step.  The contact between Pluto and radical Uranus, the Sun, Venus and Mars this week sparks us to get a move on.  I dare you to resist!  You’ll have a classic case of “Don’t just stand there.  Do something!”  After the penetrating insights, albeit lethargy, of last month, fresh energy calls us to act and act now.   Very few of us will opt to sit out or sit still.  The fire lit under our fannies urging us to get things done continues through mid-month.  Go and do!

Several forces help us move toward and achieve our goals in April.  First, change-agent Uranus conjoins with our Will, the Sun, to make a very beneficial angle to abundant Jupiter springing happy surprises on us.  You may very well surprise yourself as this period is all about trying something brand new, breaking out of ruts and molds, traditions holding us back from progress, evolving.   Feeding this energy are helpful alignments between Pluto, Saturn and Neptune.  This troika asks, “Aren’t you tired of the same old, same old?” and hard questions about what is broken in our lives while pointing the way to fixing problem areas.  All of this sets the stage for the New Moon on April 10th. 

The harsh winter many of us in North America endured gave ample opportunity for introspection.  Been there, done that.  The door to your future and growth has blown open.  Like paratroopers ready to jump from a plane:  go, go, go, now, now, now.   He who hesitates really will be lost if you don’t use the New Moon on April 10th as your own personal Carpe Diem.  Plant those ideas, seeds for growth.  The fertility power of this month and this week in particular is difficult to underestimate.  Wow.

Nurturing and watering our fertile ground the rest of this month is the grand trine alignment of Ceres, Chiron, Neptune and Saturn in the three water signs, Cancer, Pisces and Scorpio, respectively.  While Saturn plugs along in Scorpio baring parts of our lives we’d rather keep hidden, healer Chiron and cleansing Neptune wash our wounds clean even as Ceres feeds our souls.  These gentle but strong-to-the-core female energies hold us safely now to do our work that must be done.   Work we may have avoided or saw coming down the pike.  Do not be afraid.  All will be well says this combination.  Astronomers elevated Ceres to planetary status not long ago and her motherly embrace could not arrive at a better time.  Naturally a nurturer, Ceres is completely at home in the sign of Cancer the Crab where she can focus on child-maternal matters, house and garden.  Bask and glow in this slow, loving, tender and warm kindness where you can allow yourself to ponder:   what is in the best interest of our child/ren?  How can we best foster their dreams and/or that of our inner child?   What is best for our family and extended clan?  How better can we care, feed and nourish ourselves, take care of our elders?  

At mid-month, April 16th to be precise, the moon and Uranus challenge each other.  Expect the unexpected with this super-charged, explosive pairing.  Accidents, or conversely, breakthroughs are likely, especially involving emotions or psychological arenas pertaining to children, our mothers, family, estate matters.  Fortunately, the troika outlined above will hold us close.

Toward the end of the month, from the third week forward, love and money planet Venus is at home its earth sign Taurus as it nicely aligns with Pluto.  The focus will be on money and finances.  Material goods.  Beauty and clothing.  Pleasure.  Investment.  Invest in yourself and/or what gives you joy.  What has the potential to give you joy, bring rewards.  Not just temporarily but for the long-term.    Mars and the Sun join Venus in Taurus to hammer this message home with growing intensity.  It is a “show me the money” Jerry Maguire sensibility.  Mercury and Uranus pair up at the same time in fiery Aries pushing our boundaries and us out of our comfort zones.  Job offers may abound now.  There is a leap before you look quality to this pair.  Be bold and go where no one has gone before.  Be fearless and pioneering!  Take the offer leading you on the road less traveled, one that provides a stable income and highlights your hidden talents.  Where you may stretch and grow.  There is nothing like this combination to manifest what you planted last fall, last year, last month. 

A lunar eclipse on April 25th’s full moon ends this active month, spearheading a spring season of three eclipses.  Lunar eclipses mark endings, what needs to be put to final rest.  Let go of what no longer serves you.  And be mindful to avoid signing significant documents or making major purchases on this or any eclipse day.