Today, March 4, has been designated a Day of Peace. For twenty four hours, we are asked to think kind thoughts, refrain from speaking against others, put out positive intentions for ourselves and our community, be it the neighborhood, nation and/or world.

Today is the New Moon in Pisces. Any New Moon is an excellent time to plant seeds for the forthcoming month which may then grow over the year and time to come. That the Day of Peace falls on the New Moon in Pisces is magical. Pisces, a water sign, gives us the opportunity to cleanse ourselves and our thoughts in order to dream and imagine, follow our intuition, the ultimate goal being unity, with ourselves, our fellow man and our God center. This is the message of John Lennon’s song, “Imagine”, and as he sang with Piscean Beatle bandmate George Harrison, “Give Peace a Chance.”

As human beings evolve, we learn we are not so different from one another: That we share common traits and differences; that what we dislike in someone else is the very aspect of ourselves we disown and do not see. As the last sign of the zodiac, watery Pisces reflects the collective conscious and unconscious. It is the totality of humanity, good, bad and everything in between. Not only are today’s Sun and Moon in Pisces, these are joined in by asteroid Chiron – the wounded healer, Mars, Mercury and Uranus, creating a powerful group of planets to cleanse and heal our world.

Like bookends, activating all of this energy on either end of the planets in Pisces are titans Jupiter and Saturn. Jupiter, planet of blessings and goodwill, leads the charge through Aries, blazing a trail for us to follow. Opposite Jupiter is Saturn in the sign of Libra, ensuring balance and justice…that any change and upheaval will be kept in check. In the middle of these two, Pluto keeps watch in Capricorn, overturning and exposing anything hidden to maximize honesty and integrity, especially in government and big business. In otherwords: keeping everyone honest.

Consider the recent events in North Africa. Long-standing dictators in Egypt and Libya are deposed or on the brink of being toppled. This revolution has been an enormous Piscean wave surging through the continent, beginning with tiny Tunisia and threatening to spread in the other direction toward Iran.

At home in the US, utter chaos and bedlam has broken out in Madison, Wisconsin, where the statehouse was occupied by protestors continuously for the last two weeks, while the governor seeks to slash an unprecedented four billion from the budget, targeting government worker unions that he claims will bankrupt the state. All of this activity builds to a head toward March 11, when Uranus moves into Aries, joining Jupiter. The effect will be like lightning striking dry grass.

Prepare for surprises in your world; things get shaken or stirred in the next month! May blessings abound. Remember, this immense momentum is to prompt change and new growth. At this pivotal moment on the New Moon, take time to set your intentions for the highest good. Envision your dreams and goals and then create them in reality!