It is safe to say that many if not most of us are glad to bid farewell to 2018.  If you weren’t challenged personally this year with a crisis or pivotal life event or crossroads, then you were stuck and mired when trying to move forward.

We were bombarded by cosmic activity this past year.   The outlook for 2019 certainly appears smoother, with far less planetary gear shifts.  HOORAY!  So we will feel less bumps in our path as we progress.  That said, our feet will be held to the truth during 2019 and honesty, ethical dealing and gratitude are the keys to success.  Good ol’ hard work and diligence.  Yup.  It isn’t sexy or glamorous but you know what is?  Staying power.  And January provides the solid building blocks to create what we desire:  joy, happiness, love.
If we haven’t learned yet that there aren’t any quick fixes by now, you can guess what your lesson for this year will be:  do over til you get it right.   I’m not talking about perfectionism but rather taking pride and satisfaction in work well done.  Deep contentment arises from the knowledge that you have done your very best.
On Day 1 of 2019 our actions ignite.  Motivating Mars enters its own sign of Aries just before midnight on New Year’s Eve.  You can fairly hear the roar:  Ladies and Gentlemen, start your engines.  BOOM!  Mars and the sign it rules Aries are fire.  We are on fire to do, to be.  Aries is the first sign of the zodiac and it’s rarin’ to go:  initiate, blaze new trails, pioneer, be brave, a warrior.  Action-packed and catalytic are the watch words for January and portends how 2019 will follow.  Whatever your aim to accomplish, there is an immense body of energy supporting all efforts now.
Meanwhile the lunar north node, our directional calling, aligns beautifully with Venus (love and money) and the Moon (our feelings) are in psychic Scorpio.  While Mars doesn’t take no for an answer, Venus-Moon leave no stone unturned.  They dig deep to find answers; and both aligned to the lunar North Node in Cancer point us to the most beneficial outcome for ourselves, families and yes, our nation (no matter where you live).
Combined, this is sensational energy to start the New Year!  It tees us up wonderfully for the upcoming New Moon on January 5th.  And what a New Moon!  BANG.  If ever there was a time to lay the groundwork for what you seek to accomplish, this New Moon cycle is it.  First, it is a solar eclipse, a marker of significant passages in our lives if it connects to your astrological chart. 

The message of this eclipse is about getting clear:  get clear in your mind about anything in your life. Its strength should not be underestimated.  Both the Sun (our will) and the Moon (our emotions) are sandwiched between planetary heavy hitters Saturn (karma/dharma) and transformer Pluto, all in businesslike Capricorn.  This is stark, black and white energy:  what works and what does not work in our lives.  Capricorn is the veritable architect of the zodiac, the building block energy.
Imagine and visualize that you are at the base of a mountain you’re about to climb.  Now apply that to anything you want to build or accomplish.  One foot in front of the other.  That’s Capricorn.  It isn’t festive Leo or talkative Gemini.  But guess what?  It gets the job done.  It builds to last…forever.  Capricorn is focused, pointed energy.  Cold, yes; calculating, you bet.  Its watchword is:  I use.   Not exactly warm and fuzzy but terrific for tackling goals.
Capricorn rules business, big or small.  Where its energy is focused, Capricorn gets down to brass tacks:  what makes your life function?  What is it you want to achieve?  With four planets concentrated in Capricorn at this eclipse, you will meet and perhaps exceed your goals. Harness this power!  Mars in fiery Aries aligned to Venus (our motivation plus our love/money/relationships) supports our efforts now.  Set your intention by handwriting 3-5 goals or wishes you aim to get done in January or in 2019.  Then plant these in the ground or release into a moving body of water. 
Emphasizing the power of this eclipse, both Messenger Mercury and Radical Uranus shift on the very same day.  A potent message will be delivered on or around January 5th.   Mercury enters realistic Capricorn just as change agent Uranus turns direct motion.
Awake yet?  If not, these two will kick your pants out of bed.  Great Awakener Uranus switches forward, triggering us into motion while Messenger Mercury makes sure our thoughts, ideas and voice are all put to good use.   Seven out of ten planets, plus the lunar nodes, are in catalytic signs on this eclipse.  AND all planets are now forward motion.  Drive, drive and more drive.   There is no hanging around waiting anymore for the bus, for others (or yourself) to show up.  BOOM!  Action is upon us.  We are called to act like never before.  Stand aside, this pattern commands.  Because if you are not clear about where you want to go, what you want to be or accomplish, you will get pushed aside by those who are clear in their direction.  Simple:  if you don’t act, another will.  

So the first few days of January, focus.  Get clear about what you want.  Then do it.
Two days later, on January 7th, Venus shifts into adventurous Sagittarius, gradually joining Generous Jupiter over the next weeks.   Both Venus (love/money) and Jupiter (abundance) are beneficent energies.  The magnificence of this pairing is gorgeous.  First, Jupiter is in its own sign of Sagittarius.  Both rule adventure, education, seeking, spirituality, life experience, travel.  Jupiter is the Titan of Abundance and invites us to grow and expand our world.  Venus, on the other hand rules love, money and relationships.  In fiery Sagittarius, she seeks people who will broaden our lives and opportunities to line our wallets.  Traveling together from mid-January thru the rest of the month, Venus-Jupiter deliver joy, opportunity, love, knowledge, adventure and money in ample supply, depending on where they fall in your chart.
What is most remarkable about this duo is that the very day of the Full Moon, the lunar eclipse on January 21st, Venus and Jupiter are tightly conjoined and helpfully aligned to Mars.  Wow. Wow. Wow.  For those seeking your true path, you will find your way.  For those seeking justice, it will be granted.  For those looking for awareness (education, teaching, enrolling as a student) you will be guided.  For those seeking love, you will meet your match.
Remember, Full Moons are about fruition and culmination.  Its bright light shines on all we do and are, are yet to be.  The same day of the lunar eclipse, the Sun shifts into inventive Aquarius, opposite the Moon in festive Leo.  Our attention turns to alternatives and creativity for unusual solutions to problems we may have carried for a long time.  As part of this eclipse, Venus-Jupiter in Sagittarius say it is time to break free, completely, for whatever has kept you down, confined…perhaps imprisoned.  For those who have avoided the truth or shaded it with deception, illusion or darkness, your time is up.  (This eclipse does not bode well for Donald Trump). 

With three planets still in Capricorn, our message is crystal clear and cuts like a sharp knife:  time’s up.  Capricorn and its planet Saturn rule time.  Tell us there is no time to spare let alone waste.  If you are not here to do the work (whatever you decide and designate the work to be) then get out of the way so another can.
Part of this eclipse pattern includes Jupiter-Venus challenging Neptune in Pisces.  Truth vs. illusion.  Freedom versus escapism.  If you don’t understand the distinction, the spotlight of this Full Moon will make sure you do.  Think about it.  The truth sets you free; illusion eventually winds into disillusionment.  On one hand is knowledge, education, learning and understanding;  on the other is pretending and delusion leading you down the garden path, avoiding true work to be done.  The difference is a steep contrast that stays with us the rest of the month.
The question before us boils down to worthiness:  Are you worth it?  Are you worth investing in, following your true path (no matter what others or that voice in your head say)?  Are you willing to do the work over the long-haul?  Or, would you rather delve into and dance with seduction, give way to temptation, delay with your choice of distraction?
Yes, one path definitely requires focus.  The truth always does.  But if you follow its light, you will be guided along your way.  You are in the driver’s seat of your life.  The decision is yours.