With mercury, planet of thought and communication, now in full forward motion as of May 11, you may find tasks and projects easier to accomplish and fewer glitches arising, especially technical ones. It is OK to go ahead and sign contracts and give the green light to those areas of your life that you may have been holding off on or gathering more information about.

The universe is never static and certainly not our own planetary system. Along with the direct motion of mercury, the next few weeks will see a major shift for two planets: Jupiter and Uranus. On Friday, May 28th, Uranus, outer planet of change and ingenuity, will shift signs. For the last seven years, Uranus has been swimming through the watery sign of Pisces, an imaginative, dreamy and sometimes foggy, chaotic sign. With Uranus’ dramatic move into fiery Aries, your motivation to initiate change into areas of your life affected by this planet will literally light up. Uranus rules electricity! Areas where you may have found yourself drifting or confused will now shift forward into overdrive, for Aries is all about action with a capital “A”.

Joining Uranus at OO degrees Aries on Thursday, June 6, is the beneficent titan Jupiter. This is the planet of blessings and expansion. So whatever Uranus is seeking to change in your life, often suddenly and unexpectedly, Jupiter will greatly maximize this. In some cases, the combination of Jupiter and Uranus will bring massive abundance (winning the lottery comes to mind). Other situations involving areas of stagnation, places where you have been stuck in a rut, may find you blasted into change, any change, like it or not.

The watchword Uranus is: surprise. Combined with the enormous effect of Jupiter, this summer, get ready, get set for it!