We survived April’s grand cross and two eclipses.  Hooray!  Life just feels…lighter.   We are not quite out of the woods just yet.  The effect of April’s activity is still at play, lingering on.  Significantly reducing the sting from last month, however, May opens with one of the kindest celestial aspects:  the Sun (our will) makes an incredibly helpful angle to transformer Pluto, both planets in earth signs Taurus and Capricorn.  Also mitigating the havoc of last month is the Sun’s lovely aspect to Jupiter (abundance) giving us a soft pillow to land on during the first week of May.

Where the grand cross pushed us out of old patterns, stretching us to the breaking point, Jupiter, the Sun and Pluto offer us the most fertile soil possible to plant our desires (Pluto).  Sow now what you seek to reap later on; especially on the heels of the New Moon eclipse, it is a highly powerful time to manifest desires in spades during the coming months.

At the same time, we are cautioned by a “be careful what you wish for” pair.  Mercury in earthy Taurus opposes Saturn in Scorpio.  We are asked to think and evaluate our values.  Mercury rules words, how we think and communicate.  Scorpio Saturn drives to the root of the matter, insists we look deeply, be absolutely sure of our desires.  Language, words, the right language are at play here.  As are the correct use of verbage, language that can be heard, messages sorely needing to be delivered, feeling our language is insufficient or inefficient, making mistakes with words until we get it right.  Try, try again to make your point, get your message across.  There is a Mercury retrograde feel to this aspect as we are cautioned to be positive about what we really want before putting words into place, planting for permanence.  When you are sure, go for it!

Egging us on to get down to the business of the life we really want, is Venus’ entry into Aries on May 3rd.  Where Mercury and Saturn plod along in fixed signs, all discipline and diligence, Venus in fiery Aries stokes our hearts, inflames and burns a fire under our feet to get going.   Leap, seize the day before it disappears, impatiently says Venus in Aries, signaling a check and balance to our lives.  Over analyzing details and facts (as Mercury opposing Saturn is prone to do) prevents us from grasping what lies right in front of us, beckons Venus.  Take hold of the very solutions you seek to deeply embedded concerns.  There are distinct advantages to Carpe Diem (seize the day), leaping first and figuring it all out later on;  letting pieces fall where they may, sorting out and working through details over time.  This is one of those moments.  Grab the brass ring and hold tight to it.  See where the magic carpet ride carries you.  Satisfy Mercury-Saturn by writing it all down as you go so you can discern the meaning when the time comes.

Life really shifts into high gear when Mercury enters Geminii on May 7th.  In its home sign, Mercury (how we think, speak and communicate) operates at warp speed.  Your mind now clicks on all cylinders.  Ideas, thoughts, conclusions and solutions that felt sluggish, out of reach, or intangible, now miraculously seep into our minds.  For the brave and courageous who do seize chances and opportunities, Geminii Mercury delivers the how to part of the equation:  how to make it all work, how to do it, like a veritable operations manual, suggesting, “try it this way or that way…”

The second week of May, the Sun slides into opposition with stalwart Saturn, testing our will, making sure we do not make rash decisions, continuing to monitor the checks and balances of our lives to counter Venus in Aries and Mercury in Geminii.  This is particularly helpful as Messenger Mercury challenges hazy, dreamy Neptune.  Illusion, disillusionment, deception are watchwords with this pair.  Under their spell, it’s best to ask:  what is real versus what is illusion?  Make sure you do not buy something that sounds too good to be true (it probably is), over commit yourself, or buy into a fantasy you cannot afford.  The flip side of Mercury-Neptune offers a moment to stop, harness clarity and pristine insight instead.  Know what you are getting yourself into.  Take on only what you can manage.  At the same time, Mercury makes a beautiful angle to Mars in Libra bolstering our energy to tackle what is on our plate, especially in the relationship arena.  Creative ideas and solutions emerge to cut through the fog and disillusionment Neptune wields.

We will need all the help we can get via Mercury-Mars on the relationship front as mid-month gets particularly dicey.   Venus challenges Pluto asking, “Is this the kind of person I want to be with?”  Or more incisively, “Is this the person I want to be?”   Thunderbolt insights and awakenings, surprise relationships occurring or surprises IN relationships and plot twists extraordinaire ramp up exponentially as Venus conjoins Uranus (planet of surprise, shock and awe), both challenging Pluto.  You may feel the cosmos is pulling a massive joke on you but there is no escape under the intense  glare and emotional gymnastics rendered by the Full Moon on May 14.  Wow.  Trigger happy comes to mind.  Expect explosive moments now both on the individual and collective level.  Rash, brash, unpredictable acts and incidents, relationship “accidents” (you know what I mean:  affairs uncovered and/or unclaimed relationships emerge, etc) all come into play.   At a minimum, mid month delivers relationship change.   Think:  band-aid ripped off a wound.  This can be wildly unforseen or erupt after boiling under the surface for a long time.  Bear in mind too that there is also an amazing quality to this time:  meeting the man/woman of your dreams, huge money found/recovered/won, lottery winnings, hitting the jackpot, business deal bonanzas….

The Venus/Uranus-Pluto challenge also warns of fire, war and accidents.  Around your home or office, take extra precautionary measures to ensure appliances are off before leaving and smoke detectors are in workng order. Slow down your motions.  Take your time.   This troika incites a tug-of-war with time.  Ask:  what is the hurry, where are you rushing to?   The Russian front…?  This threesome could very well incite a surge in the Ukranian-Russian conflict.   Better to apply this immense energy to ask yourself the hard questions:  “Am I bringing honesty and integrity to this relationship/situation?”  Most cannot be bothered with introspection; rather, will feel compelled to pull the trigger now.  Before you snap the trigger (or allow another to pull your trigger), take a breath.  What will happen if you wait an hour, a day before acting or responding?

Giving tremendous ballast and long-term consequences to any of our actions, the Full Moon also conjoins heavyweight Saturn in Scorpio.  Remember:  our emotions trigger our thoughts which trigger our actions/words.  If you can control and effectively maneuver your emotions, you can control your thoughts and deeds.  Once you pull the trigger, there is no going back, no escape and no return to where you were before that moment.  Be sure to act in accordance with your highest good as there will be significant consequences and repercussions from your words and actions at this time.

That said, those in untenable circumstances (the oppressed, abused or vicimized) have a pivotal opportunity to break free and reach safe haven now.  Think:  freedom, especially emotional freedom.  Rarely has a better chance surfaced to stand up for yourself and your loved ones.  Once you land safely (and a net always appears to catch you), you can stop, breathe, make plans for the next hour, day, week, month.  Chart a new, healthier life now.  There is no need to be victimized any longer.

As the Venus/Uranus pair challenges Jupiter (abundance), relationship clashes (particularly on the home/family/mother front) can escalate.  Homeland/country, family, property, inheritance or estate matters can spiral into motion.  For those escaping abusive situations, stand your ground.  Do not give up.  You may feel that a mountain of obstacles stands in your way.  Remember, these are to be worked around and through.  In terms of global unrest involving our human family, the effects of the Full Moon on May 14th are still much at play, as Mars, god of war turns direct on May 20th.  The next day, the Sun enters communicative Geminii.  A war of words may ensue; what Putin began in Ukraine back in March as Mars turned retrograde, could be undone.  But not without a fight.
Ukrainian Russians (those that grew up under the old Soviet regime) are vying for position, will claim a stake of the Ukrainian homeland.  They remember the relative security of a communist blanket and fear the uncertainty engendered by free market competition and a democratic system.

At the same time, big solutions are at hand with Jupiter in Cancer (motherland, mothers, food, family, nurturing, home and country) making a wonderful angle to Saturn in Scorpio (long-standing, deep-seeded matters).  If we want them, solutions are available to us now and may be successfully applied.   Hunger abated, homes bought and sold, property exchanged, inheritance gained, homeland defined and defended.  It all depends on our willingness to open to possibilities.  And then apply some elbow grease.

The Sun’s challenge to Neptune during the final week of May can help us with this.  The Sun represents our Will and Neptune is the Unifier.  The offer us a question:  will you remain closed, shut down and turned off, or are you able to soften, become inclusive, seek answers you have not considered before.  A word of caution here:  this duo lends itself to fantasy.  Be careful of sly temptation in all varieties, especially being talked into [staying in] unhealthy situations or relationships, whether at work, partnership, family.  Turn Sun-Neptune’s potential into healthy, imaginative solutions when problem solving rather than pressing the escape button.  Deal with the underlying cause.  Be realistic.  Think about what you can actually accomplish in a certain time frame.  Try not to bite off more than you can chew.

On May 29th, Venus moves into its own sign of Taurus and Mercury shifts into maternal Cancer.  These are highly complementary energies and will promote self-care and nurturing for those people and projects we are invested in.  Our friends, our family…even if your family is not defined by blood relatives.  And make sure to include yourself on that list.  Venus-Mercury enhances and enriches our imagination:  how do I best take care of myself?  How do I most effectively nurture the people, ideas, career, home that I love?

A walk along the water’s edge helps enormously to promote imagination.  In the hustle-bustle of modern life, we’ve come to believe that taking time off is a waste of time.  Au contraire.  Venus-Mercury reminds us otherwise.  A walk in the woods, near water, alone anywhere, is the most valuable time of all, to re-charge, let go, dive deep, explore, discover the wonders of our world, most especially our self.   Fresh insights gained deliver magic solutions to what once befuddled and confused.  Walk in good health.