December launches one shift after another, preparing us for the next step in evolutionary growth.

This month, two significant events involve Geminii, sign of communication. First, Mercury turns retrograde on Friday, December 10 until the 30th. It is an excellent time for reflection, gathering yourself inward to prepare for the new year ahead! REmember: mercury retrograde periods are best focusing on “RE” tasks, REview, REnew, REfresh, etc. Cleaning out files and closets, getting rid of unused or unwanted items; taking time for a spa or salon treatment; RElaxing with friends and family you may not have seen in a while.

Often people think of Mercury retrograde as a negative time when communication is foiled and plans delayed; however, it is the universe’s way of REminding us to slow down. Think about new ventures to unfold, purchases to be made. Hold off on signing contracts right now but do take advantage of this great time to plan anything: travel and trips, creative ideas, business models, are some examples, so that at the end of the three week phase, plans can be implemented January 1st!

The second Geminii event occurring later this month is the eclipse at the powerful 29 degree point. Think of any eclipse as an opening or portal to a certain area of our lives. In this case, the portal will open to communication as the eclipse falls in Geminii. Conversation is highlighted here, be it via phone, email, or internet. Uranus and Jupiter will form a challenging angle to the sun and moon during this eclipse further catalyzing us out of where we may be stuck as it relates to words and talking.

Earlier this week on December 5th, Uranus, planet of innovation and change turned direct. It is moving closely together with Jupiter, bearer of blessings and higher learning. These two are finishing a cycle in Pisces, the sign of music, self-sacrifice and dreaming. Working in conjunction, Uranus and Jupiter have been moving each of us to develop where we want to be in the next phase of our lives. Consider this to be a final phase akin to the dark of the moon, planting the seeds for new, initial work you will undertake when both planets enter Aries next spring. Aries is the time to initiate any new endeavor as it leads the way for a whole new zodiac cycle. Mid-month, Mars will challenge Uranus and suprises may erupt.

Finally this December, there is a gathering of planets in Capricorn. Mars joins its higher octave Pluto. As it passes over these two, Mercury will bring messages about power, reputation, and possible abuse of power in work-related arenas, big business, defense and government.

Best wishes to all for during this holiday season and the New Year! Consider giving the gift of an astrological reading for a loved one. See my website: to learn more.