February offers us a bit of a break.   It feels so nice after the push and pull of planets in January and the hustle-bustle of December’s holidays.   This month, not a single planet turns retrograde or direct motion out of retrograde which affirms our sense of where we are going.  With the exception of Jupiter, all planets are moving forward in February.   So we feel less struggle and more directed.  YAY!  Not that there isn’t work to be done (there always is…); but we will feel as though we are actually getting somewhere, making tracks, accomplishing our goals. 
Underscoring this are some really helpful configurations.   For starters, Generous Jupiter and the Lunar North Node (our true calling) continue to travel together in Virgo, focusing and delivering our goals in the health and work sectors of our lives.  This power couple finishes details to an astonishing level of perfection and will not skip over a single item of note. 
Forming a gorgeous alliance to Jupiter-North Node are Messenger Mercury tightly conjoined to Transformer Pluto in constructive Capricorn, matching our minds, messages and desires.  Messages will be really strong now, both those you receive and deliver.  Pay attention to what is said and what you say.  Capricorn is all about solid foundations, creating that which lasts the test of time.  What are you trying to create and manifest to sustain yourself and loved ones?  Envision. By the end of the first week (Feb. 7th) beneficent Venus joins this pair complimenting and cheering on our efforts; all three align with Jupiter-North Node to plan and execute to the final detail.  Build baby build!   
The trick is managing the unexpected.  The curveball.  Because challenging the Capricorn planetary trio is Radical Uranus.  This is the game changer.  All of us find we must reinvent ourselves, our methods and routines to accomplish what we seek.  No exceptions.  What used to work no longer does.  This can be a break through period for those willing to go out on a limb and take chances (see below).  You will be rewarded.  For those clinging to worn out ways, little movement occurs.  An example of this out-of-the-box climate is the highly tumultuous political scene in the USA.  On both the Right and the Left, the Capricorn Establishment is facing complete upheaval.   Donald Trump and Bernie Sanders are shaking down the traditional system and offering something totally different. Keep an eye on the Iowa Caucuses as an indicator of how much change voters demand.
So while we have a tremendous amount of cosmic support this month to get where we want to go, do make allowances for surprises.   When we aren’t caught off guard and staying on track, February is a time to roll up your sleeves and really nail down the format and details of your desires.  Mars accentuates the messages from the Mercury-Pluto duo:  trust what you are hearing and seeing.  As February begins, Motivating Mars is at a critical degree of Scorpio telling us to dig deep.  Keep looking, searching and hunting to leave no stone unturned and each detail accounted for. 
(A cautionary note about Mars at such a notable degree in Scorpio:  watch your wallet.  Fortunately it is aligning helpfully with Mercury-Pluto in practical Capricorn.  So balance and settle accounts. Ask:  do you really need that extra such and such?  It is always a good idea to pay debt off first.)
Scorpio is the master intuitive so trust your gut, your instincts and your hunches in all cases.  The greatest art has been produced by artists following their intuition.  Some of the most profound and significant scientific breakthroughs have occurred by scientists following their hunches.  The trick is stamina.  To persist and keep at it even when you think you have no energy or ideas left.  Try not to let failure or disappointment dissuade you.  You have gut instincts and hunches for a reason.  Make like a Scorpio detective and put your nose to the grindstone.  Hard work now will indeed pay off.  It just isn’t always for us to know when or how.  Trust the flow and allow.  Take a break when needed. Just when you believe all paths have been exhausted, that’s when Mighty Uranus and Saturn step in by offering an Awakening, a Surprise, a breakthrough. 

Because the engines of invention and innovation are working overtime now, firing on all cylinders.  Wow.  We can hardly ask for more!  Radical Uranus in fiery Aries beautifully aligns with Saturn in adventurous Sagittarius fueling our mind, body and soul through the entire month.  Working late to solve a problem?  Feeling like you are on the edge of landing that job, healing old psychological or physical wounds but just don’t know if you have steam left to pull it off or are overwhelmed by the task ahead?  The Uranus-Saturn alliance is your friend for sure.  It’s like having an endless supply of gasoline to keep the car running.   Turned into yet another dead end?  Uranus-Saturn delivers miraculous ways of looking at something, a fresh round of resources you never knew you had.  It is very cool indeed.  Saturn in Sagittarius is all about trust:  believing even though you can’t yet see results.   Like agreeing to something or someone with a handshake and a whole lot of blind faith and just knowing it will all work out.  Uranus-Saturn say go ahead and make the deal, try something new: you have nothing to lose.
This gorgeous, fiery energy is in place on February 8thfor the New Moon at 19 degrees Aquarius.  Talk about the Mother of Invention and out of the box creativity…Wow!   Smack in between both planets, the New Moon forms a very helpful angle to both Uranus and Saturn, aligning our emotions, will, effort and creative intent.  There is a “your wish is my command” expression to this New Moon.  The caution here is the challenging angle between the Moon/Sun in Aquarius and Motivating Mars in Scorpio.
We must reach far deeper than we expected, re-examine exactly what we’ve gotten ourselves into to achieve our goal.   In fact, we must ask if our goal is in line with our soul purpose.  In other words, are we really certain our goal is what we need for our best and highest good?   Have you thought about what you will do when you attain that goal?  Then what?  We definitely have an endless supply of energy to get us across the finish line now. It is within reach:  you can see it just in the distance.   If your mark is in fact soul-aligned, you will attain it.  Keep moving toward it with everything you have. 
On Valentine’s day, Messenger Mercury moves into group-oriented and detached Aquarius.  And the Messenger planet in this airy sign loves springing surprises; with Venus in status-conscious Capricorn, expect the rather large and unexpected ­­­­­­­­_________ fill in the blank.  The moon is exalted (super honored) in earthy Taurus all weekend forming a gorgeous angle to Transformer Pluto and Jupiter-North Node.  What may seem to begin as an ordinary date night on February 13-14 could very well carry particular, positive and weighty significance.  Ahem.  Any proposal will be most heartfelt.  The ring accompanying it, BIG. 

Three days later beneficent Venus joins Messenger Mercury in Aquarius helping us to detach emotionally from any difficult relationships we may be ensnared in.  Incline toward folks who are new to you, can help you see through a different lens and/or enjoy group activities and networking for the rest of the month.  Aquarian Venus is humanitarian by nature and reminds us that we are all one, with souls and beating hearts.   Through detached interaction, we can more easily bridge the differences among us for better understanding of our fellow man.  This connectivity increases as Mercury-Venus travel together to the end of February.
On the 19th, the Sun moves into self-sacrificing Pisces.  Known as the Mystic, Pisces directs our will (Sun) to believe.  Believe in our ideas, our fellow man, our loved ones, ourselves, what we create, increasing as the Sun joins Neptune, the ruler of Pisces.  It is an excellent time for creativity of any kind…to day dream and let your imagination run wild, to listen to music and enjoy any kind of water activities (from a soak in the tub to swimming in the ocean).  Have fun and see where the flow takes you…just remember to come back to earth!  Because the polar opposite of focused belief is escapism.   This is the caution with Pisces.  While Pisces imbues us with faith and imagination, it is best to strike a balance between reality and our fanstasies.  Fortunately, the earthy and ever-pragmatic Pluto in Capricorn and Jupiter-North Node in Virgo trio keeps our feet on the ground even while our head wanders through the clouds. 
This effect is highlighted on the Full Moon, February 22 with the Sun in dreamy Pisces while the Moon is realistic, analytical Virgo.  What we have sown blossoms into fruition now.  With Messenger Mercury exalted (specially honored) in Aquarius, it is a particularly great time for announcements of significance.  All Full Moons are key periods to make a splash and get noticed.  But the Full Moon on the 22nd is a particularly ripe time.
The final week of February (and we get an extra day due to leap year!)  both Messenger Mercury and beneficent Venus move through a very noticeable degree of Aquarius.  So the spotlight you garnered on the Full Moon will carry over until the end of the month.  It is an excellent time to share news, build a network, grow the work force and expand building on all that hard work you have accomplished to date.  Mercury-Venus in Aquarius have a magical connectivity power.  So what you unleash and release to the masses can spread like wildfire.  Conversely, any information you are not prepared to share is best kept to yourself since Aquarius loves a surprise and can catch you off guard.  Whatever the case, may the Force be with you!
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