Nothing says, “jump down from that fence and make a decision” like the current line-up of planets! Wow!

Saturn is slowly percolating through the art and relationship sign of Libra. The sign of the scales, Libra also rules balance and judgment. Choices abound right now…which direction to take, deliberating what will happen if you follow one path and not another. Relationships are hugely at play too, figuring out what you value in each, how to balance and maintain them all, be they at work, home, school, or community.

Over the next weeks, three planets bring enormous focus and emphasis to Saturn and its big push to swing life into alignment. The Sun, Venus and Mercury are in close contact with the Taskmaster, all in Libra, pushing our will, as well as relationships and money, and how we think and communicate, to decide, decide, decide. Because Libra rules art and design, it is a highly creative time. And for those with courage, there is rarely such a perfect time to leap into new ventures: Go For It!

Helping you to branch out into new territory is dream-maker Neptune which makes a beautiful angle to Venus this week, assuring that for those who have faith in themselves, what is focused upon will become real. The challenge is thinking you can do it all. Hence decision time. Taking on too much right now will break the veritable camel’s back with just one extra piece of straw. You may find yourself needing to be in several places at once more often than not this month. Smaller is better. By that I mean, less is more…if you really need to juggle and keep all those balls in the air, juggle two or three baseballs rather than four or five soccer balls.

Another great way to manage right now is to carve out time just for you. Libra rules peace, harmony and beauty, too! Give yourself a break: take a trip to a museum, walk in a garden or natural surrounding, get a relaxing facial. Afterward, you may find it easier to make that important decision or realize it really is OK to let go of something no longer serving you. Later, you’ll wonder what you were hesitating about to begin with! “What took me so long?!”

On a larger scale, (pardon the pun!), since Libra rules relationships, it also rules negotiation. Around the United States, the “Occupy Wall Street” movement is taking off. Above all, this movement is about achieving fairness, balance, and equity by calling attention to the immense disparity that exisits in our nation. One percent of the population holds 99 per cent of the wealth. People are holding “sit-ins” for three weeks now. The New York City police are arresting scores but the protesters haven’t budged. Giant Jupiter making a difficult angle to feisty, fiery Mars will make sure they aren’t going anywhere! These brave men and women are an example of those who have made a choice: they will not move until the financial titans start negotiating, bringing about change. Meanwhile, mainstream media has been woefully reluctant to cover this event, perhaps due to the close ties between media and finance.

Last, this time is about Justice with a capital J. Hooray for Amanda Knox, freed at last after serving four years for a crime she did not commit, with a complete lack of DNA evidence to finally prove it. Justice and judgment are not for the faint of heart. On an individual level, each of us is asked to determine how to live the best, most honest and creative life. One thing is for sure, life as we know it is never stagnant. So if you have been dreaming of a goal, now is the time to dive in headfirst. Be brave and jump off that fence. Leap and the net will appear!