September brings a shift of the lunar nodes from fiery Sagittarius to the water sign Scorpio.  The nodes are directional points, determining the push and pull of our lives.  Think of them as a compass:  north and south poles on a map.  They stimulate us to release what no longer serves us while pushing us toward our potential, scary sometimes though that may be.

The nodes’ shift into Scorpio has a penetrating effect.  We are asked to go really deep and sit with what we may have avoided; then harder still, change what we’ve avoided changing.  Scorpio can have a take no prisoners feel to it if we try to run away or escape.  It says we really don’t have a choice in the matter.  Time to face the music and dance.  If nothing else, Scorpio is very psychological.  You may already feel it is way past high time to examine and explore matters that you have carried from early childhood into adult life.  You may want to open up the doors to yourself; look at patterns, habits and choices that you have resolutely clung to but are in no way healthy or helpful now.

Often we cling to habits based on what we were taught as children, or these sometime arise as coping mechanisms to get us through difficult situations.  Or, we may develop habits knowing full well they are unhealthy and not in our best interests.   Changing habits is no easy task.  It can be as simple as finding time for exercise or proper sleep, to more demanding habits like division of household labor/chores, or quitting smoking, altering diets and patterns of eating, as well as drug or alcohol consumption.

Ethereal Neptune continues to make a challenging angle to the lunar nodes this month.  One of the difficult characteristics of Neptune is it can envelope us in what feels like dense fog.  However, once we do the work it requires of us, we can cut through the fog and reach places of pristine insight about ourselves, others and life situations.

The good news is right now is ripe for delving inward to figure out what patterns work and don’t work for us; in doing so we can come to crystal clear understanding to help heal old wounds and grow into our potential.  We have several forces helping us out in this process.

Venus encourages us toward our highest self through September 9th along with Uranus, planet of change, catalyzing us until mid-month.  And, as they have for so much of this year, Saturn aligns with Neptune.  I call this the “dream-maker” pairing, since Saturn is the architect of the zodiac and enables us to build life step by step, while Neptune is the stuff of dreams:  music, film, our subconscious.  Time to go build the future of your dreams.  You are on the threshold!

At mid-month there is a giant push forward allowing our transformation to become the selves of our hopes and desires.  You might even feel that energy now…kind of like sitting in a stationary car or plane when the engine revs.  Pluto, planet of desire and transformation is about to turn direct on September 16th at the same time as the New Moon.  Set your intentions.  Once you set your sights on something you desire, be it a new job, new home or way of life, etc., the wheels of transformation are set into motion.   Aiding and abetting us in this movement forward are nothing short of the Sun (our Will) and Mercury (how we think and communicate).

It takes 60 days to change or create a habit.  This is an excellent time to break a habit, launch a project or establish healthy patterns.  Repeating affirmations are especially helpful now.  Start small and build toward a goal.  By applying your Will to how you Think in positive and constructive ways, you can accomplish anything!

Toward the end of September, titanic Jupiter weighs in with all the abundance we can handle, alighning with Venus, planet of love and money, and enhancing our power of positive thinking via Mercury.  At the same time, just as a reality check, Venus challenges the lunar nodes, asking us:  are you really sure you want to go in this direction?  What is this change/transformation we seek really worth?  Is it valuable, helpful, healthy?   What will happen if we continue clutching to patterns that are not working anymore?

Do a double take in the mirror just to make sure of what you want.  Stagnate or grow, the choice is always yours.