As we turn from April into May, our awareness is heightened by the waxing Moon.   Under its strong light, old issues are dug up to look at beneath the inescapable glare, especially involving family:  either your own or the larger human family that we share.  
For the past two years in the United States, the centuries-old disgrace of racism has been scrutinized as scenes of police brutality (white police harming or killing black males) repeatedly emerge from every region of our country.  Just when you think it cannot possibly get worse, something worse occurs.  The scourge of racism is just one example of a seemingly buried/solved/ignored (insert word of your choice) problem continuously claiming our attention, to be reviewed and ideally, corrected and healed.   Such crises are occurring on an individual and collective level everywhere.  It is the continuing fall out from transformer Pluto’s challenge to radical Uranus but now highlighted in extreme by the approaching Full Moon on Sunday, May 3rd.

In deep, dark Scorpio, this Full Moon (our emotions) pulls into an exact challenge with Jupiter, and both challenge the Sun in Taurus (our will).  Big and grand, Jupiter slices precisely in between our emotional selves and exterior identities, pushing and shoving its way to get our attention.  The Scorpio moon cuts like a gut-wrenching, emotional laser while the Sun in pragmatic Taurus says get real.  Let’s look for realistic solutions.   Usually, generous Jupiter smooths over our concerns to help find solutions.   Now, however, in this difficult configuration Jupiter only adds to the harried juice as it cycles through Leo.  Drama rules the day, exacerbated by Jupiter’s otherwise helpful alignment to Rebellious Uranus.  Immense drama combined with outrageous rebellion is never a good mix.  The result:   horrific tumult in Baltimore.   The loaded cosmic cocktail rants, raves and rages like a giant toddler.  It pulls out all the stops to make us pay attention.  And as any two year old knows, negative attention is better than no attention at all…right?!    We are forced to SEE what we have refused to look at.    “So you thought that [racism]problem was solved?” asks this planetary trio.  Really…?  “Well, look again!”      See all those disenfranchised, unemployed youths wailing away, destroying Baltimore?    Dramatically taking their angst to extremes.  Making us feel their emptiness, pain from lack of purpose.  Such is the effect of this planetary punch. 

And, the cataclysmic earthquake in Nepal (Uranus rules earthquakes) is another result of this combo.

On an individual front, if we have ignored our emotional work and life lessons, this Full Moon glaringly demonstrates what we still have yet to do.   The energy of April’s last week and the first week of May is hammered home by taskmaster Saturn and messenger Mercury.   In truthful Sagittarius, Saturn demands honesty and integrity while opposing Mercury in flexible Gemini looks for innumerable ways of answering, speaking, or responding.  Or, a way out.   Gemini Mercury tends to play both ends against the middle, acting like a magician, maneuvering deftly through sticky situations; whereas, Sagittarian Saturn demands we tow the line, period.  Be sure you speak in equal parts from your heart and head, honestly, carefully, adeptly, adroitly.  Due to the BIGness of these cosmic effects, there is a sense under this Full Moon that “all eyes are watching” right now.  So speak the truth OR the truth will be spoken for you, in front of you, to spite you, to ensure right language and intent are conveyed by all. 

Just remember:  you can run but you cannot hide.   Karma will bite you in the fanny if you but try.
Other notes to watch during May’s opening salvo:  Jupiter in Leo wants to party hard.  So aim for fun but be careful of your intake, both with alcohol and food.  Accept a designated driver, leave the party at its peak when everyone is having a good time.   With the Sun and Full Moon’s beneficial angle to both transformer Pluto and asteroid Hygeia in nurturing Cancer, there is optimal healing available.  Go slow.  Take your time.  Exercise emotional patience and tolerance.  Count to FIVE before answering.  You’ll find steadier ground to stand on when you do.
On Thursday, May 7th, Venus moves into tender Cancer nurturing relationships, work and projects we care for.  Over the next two weeks, Venus forms a hugely helpful angle to Neptune, heightening our intuition.  Trust your gut!   If something or someone does not feel right, follow that lead 100%.  If you are already committed but have grave doubts, flexible Mercury in Gemini will help you talk your way out of a binding agreement.  But be sure of the direction you do want to go because once Mercury turns retrograde on Tuesday, May 19, words, contracts, situations get way trickier to negotiate and navigate.
Mars enters talkative Gemini on Tuesday, May 12th, gradually joining Mercury for the remainder of the month.   Mars is action and Mercury is how we think and talk.  So be mindful that this combination, especially with Mercury turned retrograde, yields prickly words and sticky language.  Do your part to speak and live honorably.  Venus in caring Cancer helps smooth out feathers that Mars/Mercury in Gemini may ruffle up.  Still, it is key to remember now:  once words are out of the mouth, they cannot be taken back.  Thinking before you speak is critical as we head into Mercury’s reversal the following week.  Harness the planets for better instead of worse; use the energy to your advantage:  the Mars/Mercury combo is great for research, writing, meditation, reviewing language, thinking things over.  All of the Retrograde words come into play at mid-May:  read, relax, rewind, renew…
The New Moon on Monday, May 18th, the day before Mercury turns retrograde, is perfect for contemplation, goal setting, putting out intentions.  Sit still.  Make like a fixed Taurus New Moon and park yourself on the spring green grass beneath a tree.  Immerse yourself in quiet solitude even if for ten precious minutes.  Close your eyes.  Calm your mercurial thoughts.  Breathe into them.  Chant a mantra. What do you feel?  What do you hear?  What do you know? 

With Jupiter at a powerfully strong degree, 15 Leo, making super beneficial angles to both Mercury and Uranus, envision the person you can be and step into those shoes.  Believe you are that person and so you shall be.  With Mercury/Mars in Gemini, it is essential to align and infuse your thoughts positively.  Carefully guard and protect your thoughts from negative energy and yourself from negative people who may pull you, literally, in the wrong direction.  This planetary combination manifests reality like crazy so only aim for what you do want, not what you do not want to create. 
Just days later on May 21, the Sun enters Gemini too, joining Mercury and Mars, maximizing our magician-like abilities to create our own reality and be optimally flexible.  It is toward positive manifestation that we must point ourselves as we enter the final week of the month.  Of note:  Mercury crosses back over Mars, mixing up and sharpening words and language from May 25-28th.  If ever there is a time to bite your tongue, swallow words before speaking, hold off on signing significant contracts, documents and purchases, this is it! 

After Mercury turns direct motion on June 11th, go for broke.  In the interim, do your research (Re!) homework.  Look for the best possible deal.  Dig beneath the surface and ask questions.  Even if those questions seem invasive.  It never hurts to ask up front what is under the hood:  of an appliance, a relationship, a contractor, a prospective employer, etc.  After June 11, dive in to products and projects.  The extreme benefit of Mercury/Mars/Sun in Gemini the last week of May is the gift of thinking and rethinking.  I’m not one to recommend over-thinking anything; but this month, we are prone to do so and with good reason.  With all of the tumult and conflict in our world, this month is an exceptional time for Reflection and contemplation:   what steps will you take to create your best self?  To create your most inviting reality?

The uber harmonious alliance between generous Jupiter and radical Uranus continues throughout the summer, granting time to harness its wildly exciting opportunities.  With time to ponder now, why not accept May’s invitation to slow down, dig into the earth, the soul of yourself and reveal buried treasures lying in wait?   Just waiting to wind past the gates of summer so you may flower into your full potential.