Occasionally in the calendar year there will be a cluster of eclipses. This next month is one such stretch. There are three, yes 3, eclipses between June 1 and July 1! Like bookends, the eclipses on June 1 and July 1 are solar eclipses. The middle eclipse on June 15 is a total lunar eclipse.

An eclipse is the full or partial obscuring of the Sun by the Moon (solar eclipse) or the full or partial obscuring of the Moon by the Sun (lunar eclipse). Solar eclipses occur at the New Moon phase and Lunar eclipses occur at the time of a Full Moon. The effect eclipses have on individuals is likened to an opening, or portal, of energy. Through these openings, we feel greater emphasis and heightened focus occurring in certain areas of our lives. Eclipses can mark significant periods, or endings and beginnings of events involving the area of life where the eclipse takes place. For example, if the eclipse occurs in a person’s second house, financial matters may require attention.

The June 1 eclipse occurred in the sign of Geminii. Communication, short journeys, and siblings will demand a larger focus in the coming months. This eclipse made a beautiful angle to transiting planet Saturn which is excellent for building and strengthening anything it touches, thus supporting the noted qualities of Geminii.

The June 15 total lunar eclipse also involves Geminii and the sign Sagittarius to a lesser degree. This eclipse is in very close proximity to the planet Mercury, ruler of Geminii. So the media, communication, short and long-distance travel, life lessons, legal concerns, religion and matters of faith all take precedence in the future year.

Last, the partial solar eclipse on July 1 occurs in the sign of Cancer the Crab. How we nurture others, our house and home, the relationship to our mother and/or children, psychological roots and biological inheritance all come into play now. Due to the angles this eclipse creates to Jupiter, Uranus and Saturn, we will experience expansion and new growth in this arena, as well as be required to balance and juggle what surprises and unexpected turns life will deliver.

The cosmos is asking a great deal of us now. It is truly important to remember during times like these, that if you do not grow, you stagnate. Challenges occur to incite our development. May the force truly be with you!