December begins in the midst of two celestial events: mercury retrograde and an eclipse cycle.

The retrograde period ends on December 13 so any plans and activities that are stalling or hitting “re”peat will now move forward full steam ahead for the next several months. After mid-December is a great time to mail packages and cards for the holidays. Projects and travel plans should unfold smoothly.

The second major event this month is the full lunar eclipse occurring on Saturday, December 10th. Eclipses act as portals, openings that allow energy to pour through. These are often tied to fate and while in ancient times were considered unfortunate, modern astrologers view eclipses in broader terms…significant benchmarks, endings, or beginnings. Lunar eclipses, such as the one on Sunday, are tied to endings, since the full moon culminates what was started during the months or perhaps years before. For example, in 2004 the Red Sox baseball team won their first world series in 80 years on the night of a full lunar eclipse, breaking the “curse” Babe Ruth was believed to have put on the team when traded to the Yankees years earlier. Clearly, this was a most fortunate event (although St. Louis Cardinal fans may disagree, losing the series 0-4) that ended a long cycle of the Sox losing in the playoffs and world series.

Saturday’s eclipse will occur at 18 degrees Geminii…so all forms of communication are impacted as well as short distance travel (by car especially), and matters involving siblings. Your life will be affected depending on which house the eclipse occurs in your astrological chart. It is best to hold off on signing anything during an eclipse cycle. Especially this month with Mercury in retrograde to boot. Sign on the dotted line after the 13th if possible.

As we delicately dance through life, there are some really beautiful planetary aspects this month. Saturn (builder/structural energy) is making a lovely angle to dreamy Neptune. Dreams really will come true this holiday season. See your dreams turn into reality: anything that you have taken the time to carefully develop and grow will manifest before your eyes; conversely, it is a terrific time to plant dreams for the future. As both these planets are in air signs (Libra and Aquarius) ideas, communication, and particularly inventions and the arts benefit now. Creativity unleashed in all its glory!

Helping this wonderful energy is the earth grand trine between powerhouse Pluto, titanic Jupiter and action planet Mars. All three planets are in earth signs. And what comes from the earth? Treasures to be mined. Capricorn, Virgo and Taurus have to do with manifestation. Literally reaping what you sow, as in days of yore at harvest time. This troika continues to help us through March, particularly in the New Year after Jupiter, planet of abundance, turns direct on Christmas Day. During this Season of Light, ask and you shall receive.

A note for this week only, Mars and Venus are harmoniously aligned. Relationships bloom and grow as male planet Mars directs his energy toward womanly Venus, ruler of love and money. Mars is cycling through Virgo now. Planning, precision, work and health rule the day. Take advantage of its alignment to Venus in Capricorn, where she is preoccupied with building, status, profession and integrity. One of the blessings of this angle are that any health issues that have been brewing could be resolved beneficially now.

Last, revolutionary Uranus turns direct on Friday, December 9th, right in time for the eclipse and Mercury turning direct motion. Uranus rules rebellion, lightning, electricity, earthquakes, and change. In other words: anything unpredictable. Think Occupy Wallstreet. Uranus is at an attention-getting degree as it begins a whole new cycle in Aries. What in your life is calling for change? The more we ignore something, the larger it can grow. Wherever we have swept things under the rug, Uranus will shake it out. Better to surrender than resist. A tip from the Universe: allow. You have permission.