August opens with four planets turned retrograde motion, sparking more internal review than if these were operating directly.  Chief among these four, Venus moves back into the sign of Leo prompting review of our creativity, romantic life, sexuality and urge to take risks.  It is not a great time to get married during Venus’ retrograde or to initiate romantic pursuits.   All month long the planet of love, relationships and money cycles in reverse; so for the meantime, settle back and look over your spending habits (or overspending habits), how you can be a better partner/parent/participant, where you can be more creative, and how to put yourself out into the world in new and joyful ways.
In addition to Venus, three other planets pass through Leo during the first week.   Leo the showman takes center stage (exactly the place he enjoys being!) as four planets cycle through this passionate and pleasure-loving sign:  Generous Jupiter, Messenger Mercury, the Sun (our will) and Venus.  Leo is very direct, generous and fun-loving.  So the stickler during this first week is that the two helpful planets, Venus and Jupiter, challenge heavy-weight Saturn in Scorpio.  The effect thwarts or sparks our attempts at fun, creativity and romance.   Have you been selfishly self-absorbed?  Have you neglected or ignored your creative impulses and potential?  Have you been focused so much on pleasure at the expense of reality, budget or day to day concerns? 
We will be keenly aware of these arenas the first week of the month especially as Sagacious Saturn turns direct motion on the 2nd.   As the planet of karma and dharma moves forward into the final degrees of intense Scorpio, it beautifully aligns with Mars in nurturing Cancer.   We are asked to focus on family, food, home, profound self-care, Mom or mother-like people.   Have you been eating poorly?  Neglected elderly, children or other family members?  Does your apartment or house need repair?  Scorpio rules shared resources…so it is OK to invest in time and money in family, house and home.  Long-standing problems with trusts, family property, estates can be resolved now.  It is a terrific time to decide to eat healthier, exercise and avoid toxins.  This alliance is particularly wonderful for psychological healing, particularly of a long-standing nature, whether involving relatives, sexuality, self-care, etc.
This same week, revving our engine of ingenuity and out of the box thinking is the uber harmonious angle between Messenger Mercury (how we think and speak) and Radical Uranus, both in fire signs.  It is a fantastic combination with the Saturn-Mars alliance offering truly inventive and pioneering approaches to stubborn problems.  Mercury-Uranus says:  no idea is a bad idea, too crazy, too out there.  Just try it.   I just finished reading David McCullough’s book about the Wright brothers.  Literally everyone thought the Wrights were crazy-stupid trying to fly and guess what?  They created flight!  So make like the Wright brothers:  Apply some Saturn-Mars elbow grease, and Mercury-Uranus ingenuity, keep trying and voila!  Solutions abound.  Artists and scientists alike:  the first week of August promises amazing results.  Go to it!
The second week of August sign changes and shifts abound:  Messenger Mercury enters health and work-minded Virgo on Saturday, August 8.  The Sun in fiery Leo picks up where Mercury left off, aligning with Uranus.  Here, our will to see the big picture, power through and get things done is second to none.   Mars moves into Leo on August 9th, stoking our energy and adding fuel to this incredible mix.  Last, Generous Jupiter joins Mercury in perfectionist Virgo on Tuesday August 11th.  These two will see to every last single detail to make sure no stone is unturned, every nook and cranny is thoroughly examined and cleaned, every project is finished down to the last detail.  The sheer power of this second week is nothing short of extraordinary.  A note of caution:  given the strength of this week, be sure your energy is directed with an eye toward the highest and best intentions.  Avoid toxins and temptations.  Do your best.
All of this planetary force makes for an incredibly powerful New Moon on Friday, August 14th.  What do you want?  Envision it and set your intentions.  Light a candle and ask/pray/wish for your vision to become real.  It won’t be hard on this New Moon to do so as Venus, the Moon (our emotions) and the Sun (our will) align with visionary Uranus.  The very next day, the Moon joins Generous Jupiter and Messenger Mercury nitpicking through all the details and laying out plans to follow through on that vision.  These three make a gorgeous angle to Pluto in enterprising Capricorn.  The following week, Sunday, August 23rd, the Sun moves into Virgo, conjoining Jupiter and aligning with hardworking Saturn.   Now four planets are cycling through grounded, practical earth signs:  Sun, Jupiter, Mercury in Virgo and Pluto in Capricorn.  The time could not possibly be better for investment, in dreams, stocks, property, yourself, anything you hope to manifest.  Go for your desires.  So build baby build! 

By the end of the month, we have four key pairings of planets at the time of the Full Moon on August 29th.  First, Mercury joins the moon’s north node (our true north direction) bearing very strong messages about relationship, beauty, love, balancing our lives, and honoring our true Self.  At the same time, interpersonal planets Venus and Mars (our relationships and energy) are tightly conjoined in Leo emphasizing creativity, passion for life and love, pleasure.   Third, the Sun (our will) and Generous Jupiter pair up in Virgo to heighten our industrious nature, both opposing the Full Moon tightly bound to purifying Neptune in Pisces.  Talk about cleaning house, getting healthy and working hard!  Full Moons have to do with culminations, endings and bringing things to fruition.   Four planetary pairings pack a punch and the message this Full Moon bears is that it is time to get serious about balancing the aspects of our lives:  health, work, play, home, partnerships/relationships, creativity.  It is a very tall order but we can do it.  Say yes.  Yes you can!