June always strikes me as a mini-holiday season.  Minus the cold air, hot chocolate and carols on the radio, June often finds us giving gifts…at life cycle events such as weddings and graduations. Even if you don’t have family members in school, there is something similar between the conclusion of events before summer’s hiatus and the winding down of the calendar year in December.

Today hosts a lunar eclipse, where the Sun is opposite the full Moon. Every full moon marks culmination and completion.  Think about what is currently happening for you.  Are there any significant endings or events occurring in your life?  In the case of this eclipse, the Sun conjoins Venus in communicative Geminii opposing an adventurous Sagitarrian Moon. This pairing finds an emphasis on verbal and written communication, siblings, short and long distance travel, life lessons, education and spirituality.  Are any of these areas in your world seeing heightened focus?

Eclipses mark significant turning points in life. They act as portals, doorways opening to new experiences; doorways that also close behind you, indicating certain passages in your life are now over and it is time to move on so your soul can grow.  I had to laugh noting how this eclipse is personally affecting me and my family. Today, my oldest daughter picked up her cap and gown for high school graduation. Sometimes the heavens speak so literally to us. Nothing says, “you need to move on from this place” like virtually putting cap and gown in your hands! Needless to say, this eclipse marks how my role in my daughter’s life is greatly changing as she moves out of the house and into adult life.

Intuitive planet Neptune now fosters this push and pull of new growth and letting go. It is making a difficult angle to the lunar nodes. Neptune rules water and some of us may actually find parts of our lives completely under water or washed away. If not by flooding, then perhaps by a flood of emotion, via tears perhaps.  Releasing old habits and patterns isn’t always easy. However, Neptune asks us to surrender:  accept what we cannot change and embrace new people, situations. Ask yourself what no longer serves you, habits, possessions, professions, etc. Are the people surrounding you in your best interest?

What will really push these points is fiery planet Mars in analytical, perfectionist Virgo smack in the middle of the eclipse equation. A word of caution:  now is not a time to parse words; rather, brush up your negotiation skills. Charm comes to mind. Messenger planet Mercury will really help guide your tongue the first part of June as it makes a lovely angle to intuitive Neptune. You will get a vibe of what not to say and how to turn a phrase for better reception. Like a polished diplomat, find ways to deftly charm your way through prickly conversations that may present themselves at work or home. Honey always works better than vinegar. Apply honey generously now!

Picking up where this planetary pair leaves off, game-changer Uranus makes a great angle to Venus from mid to late June. Say hello to new relationships and particularly, new ways of positively expressing yourself to people.  You may be pleasantly surprised listening to words coming out of your mouth… how truly clever you can be. This in turn will enable you to magnetize refreshing new relationships, and breathe new life into old, valued relations.

All of this activity is building toward two significant celestial events at the end of June, both involving people. The last week of June, Saturn and Venus turn direct motion. This is important as Saturn has been cycling through Libra, sign of relationships, art and beauty. And Venus is the planetary ruler of Libra. With both planets in air signs, communication is the watchword. Once both of these planets move forward out of their retrograde motion, relationships (including the most important one…that of you to your SELF) that have been out of kilter will right themselves and establish balance. Venus and Libra are all about harmony and peace. Truly, there is nothing more essential in life than the pursuit of these.