November is typically a feisty month.   This month is noexception.  However, after the rock ‘em sock ‘em ride of October with Mercury retrograde and its double eclipses, November 2015 will feel relatively calm.
To be clear, this month has the characteristic Scorpio intensity.  You will feel the bite.  Never one to lay low, lay back and refrain from sharing its opinion, Scorpio pushes us to dig into our core to find new, better methods of responding to people and life. 
What was initiated on the New Moon eclipse last October 23rd, continues into November.  The first week of the month the Moon’s North Node (what calls our name to pull us forward) pairs with Messenger Mercury in Libra.  You will be heard just as others will make their voices heard.  This duo happily aligns with Giant Jupiter in Leo.  After October’s seemingly endless deliberations and negotiations, the time has come to decide, act decisively, choose sides.  Think creatively and speak your truth.   
Just as the people will surely speak on November 4, when, under a heavily waxing Moon, the United States holds mid-term elections.  Not for the faint of heart or those who prefer the status quo, this election has something to sayAnd LOUDLY.  With Messenger Mercury still bound to the lunar North Node in Libra, equilibrium, balance, fairness and justice are key notes of this election cycle.  It is the voters’ turn to speak.  This election, they are sending an unmistakable message.  They are sick and tired of the stagnation and quagmire in Washington DC.  What is wrong in Congress and our government must be righted, say the people.  With Venus (women) at a highly attention-getting degree and wedged between the Sun (our Will) and Saturn (our Responsibility) all in power packed Scorpio, Warrior Women take center stage.  It is their spotlight moment to make their mark with an indelible stamp.   I am woman hear me ROAR! 
Not only is our will and sense of responsibility aligned to create change, motivating Mars and transformer Pluto conjoined in Capricorn (government) further incite voters as this pair squares off with the Moon (homeland) and radical Uranus (surprise!).  Ready for a little Congressional upheaval?   This is it.   The upset of GOP darling Eric Cantor who lost in the primary is just a taste of what the November 4thelection has in store.  Watch for shake ups, shake downs and radical shifts.  Prepare for major upsets, the loss of long-held seats and stunned silence.   Out with the old, useless, blockheaded establishment and in with the new challengers.  Make way for the possible.  Does it make you feel uncomfortable?   Think of it like a giant change in air mass.  More than just a breath of fresh air, an entire continental front rolls in.  Stale, hot, stifling air switched for invigorating, delicious, energizing winds.  It is a pivotal moment in our nation’s history.  There is nomore time to dawdle.  Dare we lead?
The election occurs only two days before a Full Moon on November 6th.  Voters catch the waxing tide which strengthens their message that much more.  Individually and collectively, Full Moons bring to fruition and culmination what has been building energetically.   What is coming to the forefront of your life asking you to pay attention?  The Moon and Sun oppose each other in super strong degrees of Taurus and Scorpio.  These are the money signs of the zodiac, one personal and the other collective, or shared.  The Moon is exalted in the earthy sign of Taurus making tremendous nurturing energy available.  Take advantage!  Taurus is about personal property, our money, inner resources, in short:  our values.  The Full Moon asks what do you value?  Earthy Taurus also asks how we treat ourselves and especially our earth, the environment around us.  On the opposite end of the spectrum, Venus (love and money) and Responsible Saturn are tied to the Sun in Scorpio at Full Moon time.  Scorpio rules desire.  Values.  Desire.  Values. Desire.  Are yours in balance? 
Are your values and desires limited to possessions, what you can touch, own, hoard…OR, is there something missing, something more to life that you desire?  A lot more?  Perhaps relationships, connection with Mother Earth, yourself, to be valued, nurtured, taken care of and repaired so one may adequately be shared with a harmonious give-and-take?  On a personal level, what do you possess that is being called forth to share for the greater (and your own) good?  This Full Moon is hardly shy.  Its bright light calls us out from our shadows where we’ve been hiding.  You have talents, resources, hidden or not, that the world needs now.   Say yes.  Agree to share all you have and all you are with those who will benefit from your knowledge and power.  Yes you.  Powerful you.  Let others draw light from you.
We won’t have much choice by November 10th when Mars joins Pluto in practical Capricorn.  Both challenge radical Uranus and oppose the Moon, our emotions.  Strong stuff this.  Look for dramatic or sudden shifts in family circumstances, dynamics, landscapes and politics.  Yes, you read correctly:  family politics.  Our family of origin is the first place we learn the rules of politics, or, how to get along and how to get attention.   Each family member has an agenda.  The baby cries to be fed, the older children learn to juggle homework, peer pressure and activities while the parents balance work, paying bills and quality time with their children.  Each member vies for attention, to be heard.  To get their needs met.
The planetary combination on the 10th indicates change on the family front.  Property, inheritance, MOM, female family members, caretakers, food all come into play now. Babies arrive, creating parents, grandparents, aunts and uncles and cousins for the first time.  Elders pass away causing siblings to take stands, switching sides, alliances over estate or property concerns.   It is the kind of cosmic signature where the cousin you hardly spoke to leaves you an inheritance.  Or a child.  What will you do? How will you respond?  Share the windfall of good fortune?  Adopt and nurture the child? 
 With the Moon tied to the asteroid Hygeia (health) as part of this configuration, look for physical, emotional and psychological shifts.  The health of your mom, how your family is cared for, how and what you feed your family, yourself (the most basic form of nurturing).  Dysfunctional systems and patterns will breakdown.   Sometimes things have to fall apart before they can fall together is a catch phrase of this period.  Uranus, the Great Awakener, breaks apart what is broken in our lives.  Once broken open, the Light shines in to make way for new, functional, and healthy patterns of being. 
An extreme example of how Uranus can suddenly strike is the recent case of a Massachusetts mother of four children, two of whom she kept secret, as in, noone knew about them, hiding the youngest even from her own live-in partner.   They were only discovered when the continual cries of the five month old baby alerted neighbors who called the police.  In the house, they found utter squalor beyond description, the two youngest children in profound states of neglect among filth and debris.  All four children were removed and the house demolished.  Through the cries of a child, Uranus broke open an untenable situation.  Complete chaos and upheaval in the short term, yes; but the possibility for health and healing in the long run for sure.
While events in your own life will hardly be so dramatic or dire, shifts nonetheless abound to clear the path you are to walk.  Just in time for Neptune to turn direct motion on November 16th.  Soft and subtle especially in its own sign of Pisces, Neptune washes away the debris.  Cleans, bathes and soothes.  She invites us to dream a little dream while we soak in her warm waters.  The same day, Venus moves into Sagittarius stirring our interest in adventure, spirituality, education and travel.  This is a great time to take a class, plan a trip, travel, learn what you never thought you could (but what you always wanted to!), discover new parts of the world, of yourself…
Inspiring us to greater heights of discovery and adventure, Venus is tightly bound to the Sun and New Moon on the 22nd, all in Sagittarius.  Not only are we enticed to travel now, we’re assured our adventures will be most fortunate.  By the last week of the month, Mercury joins Saturn in Scorpio to challenge Giant Jupiter.  Create.  Go BIG.  Grand says Jupiter in Leo.  Saturn-Mercury in Scorpio can be testy, cranky, throwing water on Jupiter’s fire.  Watch the bank account this duo warns.  Be careful not to throw your heart away on someone who won’t love you back.  Yet with Venus (love and money) happily aligning with radical Uranus and the lunar South Node, shared resources of any kind, major gifts or investments, large stock market shifts in either direction, significant risk taking, gambling, are all in the mix.  It is truly a moment in time:  ALL IN, all or nothing at all.
Fortunately, Mars is exalted in pragmatic and practical Capricorn which tempers our hand.  It picks apart the pieces of our prospects to help us make a calculated risk, educated guess, practical bet, estimated and measured venture.  Live with noregrets.  The most common deathbed regret is the chance not taken.  Be sure to seize your chance now.  Break through and say I love you to the one you never thought you could.  Take out that loan to start your new business.  Trying is something you will never say you wish you had done.  The final days of the month, Mercury joins the Sun and Venus in Seeking Sagittarius.  As we enter the Season of Light, seek the truth in another’s reflection.  Seek as much from yourself as from loved ones.  Each of us is a multifaceted complex little world unto our own.  What I am, so are you.