The full moon on Thursday, September 23 is indeed a Harvest Moon!

Every full moon brings heightened sensitivity and awareness. Projects and life experiences come into complete flower and fruition during the brightest light of the moon. However, the potency of this Thursday’s full moon is especially strong.

Contributing to this moon’s intensity are Jupiter and Uranus, planets of expansion and invention. The combination of these three are potent in and of themselves. But this troika also falls directly opposite the Sun and Saturn in Libra. Libra rules relationships and art. So expect the unexpected from those you know and love. People you may have thought would never budge on certain matters will make surprising shifts, catching you off-guard. These shifts occur seemingly overnight and may not feel beneficial at the moment; but in time are realized as the necessary push for soul growth. The symbol for Libra is Lady Justice holding her scales. Injustices or legal matters resolve, find their way into court or erupt.

Your inner artist might truly be sparked now; ideas and interests put off for years are finally committed to action. And artists of all stripes may find that projects seeded long ago are suddenly drawing long-awaited attention. Reap what you have sown during this abundant harvest moon!