Forget what you’ve heard about the Mayan prophecy. The world is not coming to an end in December 2012. The most logical explanation for the Mayan calendar ending on 12/21/2012 I have heard is that they simply could not see beyond that date thousands of years ago when carving it on to a stone slab. Such a point in the future must have seemed like eternity, so far in the distance the day might never arrive. As fate would have it, the Mayan people vanished long before 12/21/2012. Perhaps if their civilization had survived, a new, extended version of the calendar, created say on paper…, most likely would have charted a calendar through this millenia and a few more beyond.

Sleep soundly and fear not. For 2012 brings good tidings! In Chinese astrology, this is the Year of the Dragon, a truly magical time. And 2012 has the makings for dreams coming true.

The first weekend of the New Year brings a full moon in the home-loving sign of Cancer the Crab. Come in out of the cold on Saturday and snuggle down into your toasties. Put a pie in the oven and curl up by the fire. Really, is there anything more delicious? Yum. This weekend is a warm, relaxing culmination after all of the holiday excitement and frivolity. Take advantage of the quiet time to share your thoughts, ideas and dreams for the future: both titans Jupiter and Saturn cast a beautiful angle to Mercury, communication planet. For the next week, Jupiter magnificently amplifies whatever you are saying; while Saturn gives your message structure and resonance. With Mercury finishing up in the fiery sign of Sagittarius, aim your arrow well. Now is the time to make yourself heard.

The good vibes of the full moon continue to heighten through MLKing, Jr. weekend, as Venus and Neptune pair up in Aquarius. These are the love planets. In Aquarius, sign of the unconventional and group conciousness, you may find yourself on an unexpected romantic weekend or the recipient of long-overdue recognition by a group you belong to: SURPRISE!

Accept such beautiful cosmic love graciously and use it to support your dreams. Because this is dream-building time. Adding to the Venus-Neptune match is the harmonious energy between Saturn and Neptune. Saturn is all about putting one foot in front of the other, building slowly, surely, effectively. But illusory Neptune could not be more different. It is ephemeral, like irridescent vapor. Think fame, dreams, film, and yes, addiction. Things you cannot catch with your bare hands that delight the senses, make you high. So when Saturn and Neptune align, it is similar to a master filmmaker at work: shooting a scene each day, then, after three months of hard work (Saturn), pure entertainment is created…a movie (Neptune).

So ask yourself: what is your dream? More importantly, why do you want that dream. If you understand why you want something, the what and the how are easier to fill in the blanks. Right now, Saturn and Neptune are in the signs of mental signs of Libra and Aquarius. This planetary grace is particularly beneficial to art, relationships and invention. What art can you create? What dream relationship do you want? How can you reinvent yourself? When you know why you want to pursue a certain dream (Neptune), doing the work (Saturn) becomes a step-by-step guide.

Plant your dream during the New Moon on Monday, January 23rd, then plan to work hard. And you could have to work extra hard, as fiery planet Mars turns retrodgrade on the same day. Since Mars is cycling through the work and health sign of Virgo, you may feel bogged down as though a heavy weight is on your shoulders, or that your wheels are spinning but not gaining any traction. Take care of your health this winter. Do not skimp on exercise or eating and sleeping well. Rest assured, pun intended, if you invest the time and energy in your dream, by mid April things will really start moving forward. Progress! Hooray!