As we ease into “reopening” our world, eclipse season greets us this week of June.  Eclipses are neither good nor bad; rather, they are markers of significant events depending on whether they impact your astrological chart.  If they do, eclipses offer gateways and thresholds for you to cross:  sometimes we go willingly by choice; often we struggle with events at hand.
June marks the opening of an eclipse series, three over the course of one month.  Two occur at Full Moon and one at New Moon.  We barely scratch the surface of June when the first eclipse happens on the Full Moon of June 5th at 15 Sagittarius. 

It is important to note other planetary positions during any eclipse as the energy they carry impacts us.  If you have planets near the middle of Sagittarius, Gemini, Virgo or Pisces, you will feel the ripples of this particular Full Moon eclipse on June 5th as Neptune and Mars in Pisces challenge both the Sun and Moon.
Whether or not you have planets at these points, how will you feel and what does it mean for you?
First, all Full Moons are laden with emotion.  In Sagittarius, we yearn for freedom.  Most of us understandably yearn to be free from quarantine restrictions, to simply get routine errands done such as our car washed and haircut.  We also seek truth and honesty both emotionally and factually, especially as the Moon opposes the Sun and Venus in communicative Gemini.  We are wise to watch ourselves, our thoughts and words through this stretch.  Challenging both Moon and Sun is Neptune in Pisces.  An unbridled pursuit of freedom, illusion, fantasy, and escapism, caution may be tossed to the wind and substance use or abuse let loose.
The open end of the eclipse (no planets) always holds the key to what we are to learn.  In this case, the open end is Virgo.  Health, work, diligence, routines, service are the answer.  Yes, we are all tired of monitoring our behavior and understandably want to be free of limitations.  But the clear message of this eclipse is applying effective systems that serve our wellness in all we do as we dip more toes into life with Covid.
With Neptune challenging both Sun and Moon, spin doctors and con artists are working overtime.  Watch where your thoughts travel…  What you choose to believe and how you gather information.  Ask:  what are the sources?  Are you learning what you want to hear, selecting only that which fits your narrative?  Or are you open to differing angles of knowledge?  Nothing less than your health and that of your loved ones, friends and co-workers is at stake.  So don’t hesitate to look under the hood.
The virus is not going anywhere and it is not done with us by a long shot.  The open end of the eclipse in Virgo says: do not forget the lessons already learned this year. Pay attention and stay vigilant.  Be mindful of health and work precautions.   The Full Moon in Sagittarius exposes and demands the truth as well as demands honesty in our actions and speech.  Sagittarius is the law, both earthly and cosmic.  We see the law for all it is now, for good or ill.  This includes the law of ourselves:  honoring our own truth, our own path, what we know to be right, honest and true.
The Gemini Sun continues to tangle with Mars-Neptune in Pisces through mid-month.  The positive use of this clash is versatility, creative imagination, inspiring flexibility and adaptability.  Meditation, yoga, silence, peace, listening to integrate collected information must be done in equal measure to talking, opining and sharing information.   BEING in balance with DOING.  Singing, music, water activities (including showers and bath) swimming, boating are perfect outlets for the first half of June.  These steer us mindfully away from fear, negative thought spirals, substance escapism, scapegoating or being victimized.  You can try to run but there really is nowhere to hide from yourself under the glare of this Full Moon eclipse. Remember:  wherever you go, there you are.
This message is driven home like a red flashing light as Messenger Mercury slows down and turns retrograde on Thursday, June 18thin Cancer the Crab.  Our thoughts turn inward now through July 12th.  For the next three weeks, practice the RE words:  Review, Rest, Restore, Research, especially as it pertains to the home, our nation, family and food sector of your life.  Your mother or how you mother/nurture yourself and others, house/residence, cooking, ancestry and heritage (including psychological and genetic) draw our focus thru early August.   Our thoughts will be more intuitive, empathetic and sensitive.  This gives us plenty of time to cautiously consider our next moves.  Hopefully we will take a cue think how our words might land on others’ ears.   In short, we think like a Crab moves:   deliberately.
Acutely imaginative, our Cancerian mind drifts gently, daydreams and fondly reminisces.  Allow for this especially during Mercury Retrograde:  practice radical self-care equally to the care you devote to others.  Three days later on June 21st, dream time is underscored, as the Sun enters Cancer for the annual Summer Solstice.  This is no ordinary solstice. 

The second of the three summer eclipses, the New Moon occurs simultaneously as the Sun shifts into Cancer, both at a strong, attention-getting degree.  Cancer the Crab also rules our homeland, the land of our birth, as well as life endings.  First: our nation. Our country.  Deeply divided it is.  Wounds in need of healing for sure. It is time to tend to long-standing divides and solve them once and for all. Second:  Life endings.  These include the definitive end of an era, people passing out of your life by choice/moving/divorce and yes, by physical death.  ALL are natural passages.

As it is, Messenger Mercury’s retrograde in Cancer during the time of the June 21st New Moon solstice eclipse, along with the third eclipse on July 5th in Cancer-Capricorn, there is tremendous emphasis on our feelings, how we care and for whom, including ourselves.  The pace of life downshifts into low gear now and you will notice the change.  It is unmistakably softer, quieter and contemplative.  From the beginning of June to month’s end, we have evolves from Gemini’s frenetic mental energy to tenderness. 

On June 23rd, Neptune turns retrograde in its home sign Pisces, accentuating the ebbing tide we feel.  With three planets now in water signs, Sun, Mercury and Neptune, our will, mind and soul are in absolutely no hurry about much of anything, to go anywhere or make decisions.  Instead, the last week of June and first two weeks of July, we feel like drifting, perhaps on a float in a pool or a kayak on a lazy river or simply resting upon your imagination at home.  We crave soaking up, steeping in serenity, floating to nowhere in particular, watching time and space fall away with our worries. For just a moment, we forget the world, any universe but the dreamy one we inhabit.
Two days later, Venus rolls forward motion in Gemini on June 25th.  For the past 40 days and nights, after reviewing our relationships and finances, we resurface.  What were some of the key lessons learned?  Hopefully, you emerge with greater insight and awareness of yourself and significant relationships.  Ordinarily, I would say proceed with large purchases and investments; however:  Messenger Mercury continues its retrograde through July 12th. 

Helpful to note as we are in the middle of three eclipses, it’s best to hold off on signing major contracts and documents of significance until mid July.

 If you do need to buy big items of value (car, home, boat, etc) be sure to read ALL of the fine print, understand the warranty and return policy; in short, know your rights as a consumer and buyer.  If you can hold off on these purchases, use the next two weeks to research and review your options.
You may find yourself chomping at the bit to get going; especially as Motivating Mars moves into its own sign of Aries on June 28th.  Giddy up!  Feel that fire under you?  We want to go-go-go now.  Taskmaster Saturn aligns to Venus-Mars these last few days of June and our ingenuity cranks higher on all engines. If you find yourself backed into a corner, plenty of solutions abound.   Look around and ask questions.  Consider new tactics and methods.  Talk to people relevant to your situation.  In such unprecedented times, it is the wise who understand there is nothing to lose and possible success waiting round the bend.