This past Sunday, January 23, Jupiter entered the fiery sign of Aries. As the initial sign of the zodiac, Aries brings fresh energy, expanded even more so by the titanic planet Jupiter. How does this manifest for us? It means initiation, big time! Making your mark in this world is a signature of Jupiter in Aries. Depending where Jupiter is moving through your chart, the urge (perhaps urgent urge) to start a project, business, relationship, or make a major investment or purchase is likely to strike. The watchword is major and so whatever you undertake in the next few months is likely to have a stamp of permanence in your life for some time to come. Choose carefully and wisely. There is often the tendency to “leap before you look” with Jupiter in Aries, a feeling of invincibility, so please remember to consult and gather advice before signing on the dotted line.

In Roman mythology, Aries is the god of war, so this sign carries many flavors of the warrior. Places in our lives where we have not stood up for ourselves, hesitated or been a shrinking violet: Be Gone, says Jupiter in Aries. Now is the time to stake your claim, make your voice heard, refuse to take “no” for an answer. Think: Aries the Ram…pushing forward. There is a catalytic energy to Jupiter as it enters this new cycle of the zodiac, a take no prisoner flavor to Jupiter in Aries, especially with its challenging aspect to Pluto in Capricorn.

The potential combustibility of these two planets forces us, or any obscurity, out of hiding. One thing is for sure: all attempts to sweep things under the rug or keep them hidden will be useless. Expect to be exposed. You may receive invitations to speak and/or appear in public or in front of large groups as Jupiter in the first critical degree of Aries carries a highly public signature. Jupiter tells the truth. In Aries, it tells the whole, raw, unfiltered truth. And like a bulldozer over the next three months, Pluto will unearth any secret waiting for truth’s shining light.

Two recent news items are examples of this: Oprah Winfrey just discovered she has a half-sister her mother never revealed. After meeting her new half sister, Oprah introduced her to the world on TV this month. The other news item also involves a family mystery: a woman searching for her birth mother discovered she had been kidnapped as a baby from a New York City hospital 23 years ago. She recently united with her birth family and her “adoptive” mother turned herself into the FBI. These are huge secrets kept for many years. In both instances, the children, as grown women searching for their identity, uncovered enormous lies and shared them with the entire world. Jupiter vs. Pluto!

The other big news this January 2011 involves the second titan in our solar system: Saturn. It turns retrograde on Wednesday, January 26th. With Saturn cycling through Libra now, sign of justice, relationships and art, we will be given the opportunity to review relationships of significance and bring these into balance. These can be personal, business or educational relationships. This will heighten as Venus makes a challenging aspect to Saturn over the next month. Any areas of our lives that are out of kilter will be a focal point so that we pay attention and restore harmony and equilbrium once again.

Last, the new moon in Aquarius on Wednesday, February 2nd affords each of us the opportunity to create inventive solutions to problems we may be facing, particularly solutions benefitting the whole rather than a few. Blessings to each of you!