As August begins, we continue to be supported by the grand trine between Jupiter, Neptune, Saturn, Mars and the North Node of the Moon in water signs Cancer, Pisces and Scorpio.  The effect of this gives an underlying, soothing safety net, cradling our efforts, like a parent helping a child to walk for the first time.  This first week, Messenger Mercury joins fiery Mars and abundant Jupiter in nurturing Cancer to emphasize our focus on family, children and the elderly, food and home.

Venus in practical, planning Virgo flows beautifully along with transformer Pluto in pragmatic Capricorn to give sound support to what we seek to strengthen, build and grow, particularly in regard to Virgo’s arena of service, health and work.  You may find yourself drawn into helping others, volunteering or managing the health or care of another.  Think human family, related or not…

Thank your lucky stars for this cosmic assistance provided now as changes are afoot.  As Pluto and Uranus continue their challenging dance, Mars acts like a trigger to both these planets, igniting us into action.  By the end of the first week in August, any family relationships, home or food concerns will have to be dealt with.  If these have gone unnoticed or intentionally ignored, no longer can they remain so.  Mars persists, demanding attention.

The Sun aligns with Uranus, bringing our Will to bear on what demands change even as relationship planets Venus and Mars allow us to go along and get along.  Just the right people seem to surface to lend a hand. Good thing too, as the Sun challenges the lunar nodes which call us toward our evolutionary goals, destiny and fate.  In short, they push us to grow.  The Sun’s angle to the nodes activates us out of our stubborness, our unwillingness to embrace change.  But change we must.  Remember:  stagnate or grow.  The choice is yours.  Prodding us even further is Jupiter’s opposition to Pluto.  Planet of abundance, Jupiter rules faith while Pluto rules desire and transformation….as we desire, so do we transform.  This combination incites us to have faith in ourselves and believe in our transformation

Thus we are invited, encouraged, and prodded to make great leaps of faith this month.  Leap into the future, your future, to create a new life for and through yourself.  Leap for your own good, your own best interest .  Leap and the cosmic net will appear.  Jupiter in the Great Mother-ing energy of Cancer the Crab gently tells us everything will be OK as we take our first steps toward the new.  Don’t worry; the Universe has got us, our back, will catch and cradle us in its giant arms if we fall.

At mid-month we might find no other choice than fall into Her arms.  Some of us may find our backs to the wall (or at the end of a rope or plank) where we may be forced to leap.  Scary place to be; but for the more resistant, ending up between a rock and a hard place is all too common, the repository for those who hit the default button once too often, expecting relief or escape but refusing to heed cosmic cues. 

Think Anthony Weiner.  The former US Congressman expects the public to keep believing that he has changed, reformed his tawdry habits; wants us to trust him, enough to vote him into leading the most powerful city in the United States.   Mr. Weiner might better learn to trust himself.  Period.  Fool me once, shame on you; fool me twice, shame on me.   As Messenger Mercury challenges Saturn, ruler of dharma and karma, saying “I told you so, that you’d end up stuck if you didn’t mend your ways,” it is unlikely that Mr. Weiner will succeed in his New York City mayoral bid.  At the time of this blog post, he is currently running a distant fourth in the polls.  The public won’t be fooled again. 

Meanwhile, helping our growth efforts is Mercury’s alignment with Uranus, smoothing changes to how we communicate.  Paving our way as well are Saturn and Pluto’s complementary angles.  These plus Pluto’s flowing angle to the lunar south node say:  set me free, why don’t you babe.  Moving away from our comfort zone, we are invited to release old habits and patterns no longer of value.  This planetary combination eases our growth, adoption of what will work.  You may have fallen down more than once as you move toward change, but try, try again.  Getting closer to your goal, the road can become steeper and more difficult.  Eventually, though, you will reach your destination.  In mid-August, success is nigh.

The catalyst may very well be Venus.  The planet of love and money shifts into Libra, its ruler, on August 17, a far more comfortable place for her.  Which is why when she forms an immensely challenging angle between Jupiter, Uranus and Pluto, a few could be catapulted into stardom.  Some will be catapulted into bliss, love, or wealth, a la winning the lottery, getting the job you prayed for, or meeting the partner you’ve long dreamt about;  conversely, some will be catapulted into movement; situations, especially relationships, may reach the breaking point and become totally intolerable.  You may awaken to realize a long-time friend really isn’t a friend and now choose other friends to spend time with.  Abused women may finally walk out on their abusers, no longer willing to be a victim regardless of cost to personal freedom and/or having children in tow. 

Whatever your situation, most of us will be catalyzed into actionSaying no is highly improbable with this cosmic combo.  Acceptance will be our likely choice.  And ultimately, saving grace.  Because that is Venus.  The emodiment of grace.  So with Venus leading the charge, think Velvet Revolution.  Often fiery Mars, messenger Mercury or the emotional Moon cause us to act.  This month, however, imminent change may come wrapped in difficulty.  Look for blessings in disguise.  At first glance, we may not recognize, or might refuse, gifts intended for us, to pull us along our path, to go where our soul needs to grow.  Like the rainbow after a storm, silver linings appear and we are the better for the experience.   Realize invaluable lessons learned.

The true value of these teachings will become increasingly evident as messenger Mercury joins the Sun, our Will, during the final week of August.  At that time, both form a beautiful angle to transformer Pluto, solidifying a firm foundation to build upon as we head home from the beach, mountains or other vacation venues.  After Labor Day, rich, rewarding work awaits us with autumn’s approach.